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Kenji May 9
I'm just a beautiful liar, with nothing but chains and whips to cover the truth.
I'm just a beautiful liar, with nothing but wounds and scars to cover the pain.
I'm just a beautiful liar, with nothing but twists and schemes, to cover the hate.
You may deny me, you may admit me, you may underestimate me.
But somehow, I have you questioning yourself.
I'm just a beautiful liar, trying to be good.
I lie with no remorse, yet, I tell the truth bluntly.
I know my capabilities, only a few I choose to use it on.
Don't trust me, and I won't trust you.
I'm just a beautiful liar, beggin, to be good.
Punish me daddy, for I have lied to tell the truth.
For I have sinned to be good.
For I have underestimated my own intelligence, to get my way.
I'm just a beautiful liar, covered in promiscuity.
Lilith (Black moon) in Gemini
c Apr 21
Tonight I burn with a reckless abandon
Both ends in embers
I am choking on my smoke
I’m sorry I’m blunt
I’m sorry I’m numb
I’m sorry I run away
From everything trying to help me
I cannot share my sadness with you.
Fọlá Feb 14
Just because its called a blunt,
Doesn't mean it dulls the edges.
It keeps everything turnt,
Giving a sparkle to the senses.

It gives you joy.
Whilst fading away your tensing.
Trips, it takes you on.
Just inhale. Take flight, take off. . .
Anya Sep 2018
I’ve discvoered
A strange pastime of mine
I like to look for flaws
Little things I am ashamed of
Then use poetry
To slowly unravel them
Bit by bit
Like the
Small intestine
We unraveled in our seventh
Grade fetal
Pig disection
Just like that
The **** flaws
Are unraveled bit by bit
Left in all their original
Blunt grotesque
In my mind
To be analyzed
And on paper
-or a screen I suppose
Into something
Beautified and attractive
Still honest despite
Holding back
To an extent
In my mind
The flaws are
Picked apart
With little probes

A finite solution
And method to
Get rid of the
Placed on
My never ending
Bucket list

More often than not-
Waffles Jul 2018
When my inner self and my outer self disagree
I tend to let my inner self free
I will not be repressed by society.

I am labeled straight forward
Some say it with respect and admiration
Others, like I have a disorder

They can call me abrasive
I'm prepared for it to continue
until my inner self fully replaces
judgement with Love

I am determined to seek empathy
I will continue to let my inner self free
I will not be repressed by society.

I have a long way to go
but, I trust me.
Pseudo-Something Jun 2018
& as we stand
the only tabs I am able to keep on you          
are the tabs open in my browser.
an indication that our love is
clearly over.
-I finally got it
sofia l Mar 2018
I don't want you to be subtle anymore
Those little hints you give
Those quick glances of approval
How your hand accidentally brushes against mine
How you avert your eyes when I notice you staring
The touch of your hand upon my arm as you laugh at my jokes
Those little side comments that imply more than what was said
I want all of you
Stop holding back
Grab my hand and hold it with all of your might
Laugh with all of the oxygen your lungs will provide you with
Openly admire me with those dark analytical eyes
Speak the first nonsense that may enter your mind
Don't be afraid of the ****** walls and guidelines society has built
Let down your guard
Dispel your fear
I plead for you
To finally let your passion mirror that of mine
And let our flames burn in synchrony
And let this loving without restraint
Take it's own course
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