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Jana Pelzom Dec 2020
The words that terrify you
But not me;
What if it is because, I don’t check mine
But you carefully handpick
And give them to me?
Maybe you’re afraid of being hurt
And so hide and not say,
But what of me?
Whose words are like a shield;
An enormous porcupine armour
that I wield;
No wonder
people, they seem to flee,
As they call me blunt,
Though I am not hurt,
Everyone around me
seems to be.
They call me blunt ©️2020 Jana Pelzom
Blunt edges aren’t supposed to cut you but I suppose it does hurt to be hit by one.
Diobimma Oct 2020
Grandma insists the nation
Is without an eye so I'm wondering
Who leads her

She says we have all
We need for the big picture
but can't simply

A proof that you're blind
is clearly the fact that
You can see

Riya Jul 2020
the time
i had
with you
was nothing
but luck..
time was
a little bit
maybe too
oh dear
i'm sorry
i had to
oh-so soon..
too soon.
i know
the time
we shared
was oh-so
even so
you got to
it was fun..
oh-so fun.
I haven't wrote in awhile.. so hope you like this one..
also sorry for the edits *-*
《ignore tags》
Dante Rocío Jun 2020
Quite often,
either joking or desperate,
I wish more and more I could shoot my mind here and now
for maiming me,
my spontaneity
and all my dignity.
Whenever it brings me to a crisis
– condemns my passions,
joyful freedom,
and “thoughtset”
– every place I come to sit,
or just be at,
becomes tainted,
with miasma for air
and like an eternally prolonging waiting room.
Waiting for what?
Probably redemption seeming out of reach at such moment
Whilst amid the dark matters.
Mostly sure that’s how Catholic purgatory would be like:
****** depression,
no God,
copper taste in the soul,
tight space,
tower of pressure,
no greatness to behold,
no hope for another day to come.
When your Mind comes to trap You and you see beyond the fourth wall of its shenanigans more or less
dailythoughts May 2020
Don't clear the smoke
Let me be in the smog of what-ifs
In my la-la land
I shall live my best life
In the heat of the blunt
I will live in the moment
Poetic T Feb 2020
You said you were the blunt,
smoking others like
                              they smoke,
  But you never inhaled back.

All smoke and now
                                 blunt rhymes.

You all gesture, hanging out with
your boys always behind
                       never up front.  

Missing in the pictures, short ****
                              behind the trees.  

I'll exhale in your face choking you
out on reality that your lost in the

No one will ever be above you,
as your always looked down upon.
     Short **** blunt rhymed hack.

lets be blunt, not the smog,  but the facts.
                       that I'll alway smoke you...
Let's Pretend

Smile For the Camera
(Nobody wants to see the real)
Cry behind closed doors
(Show them success. What are fears, tears, eyes, and  ears?)

Scream alone while everyone's asleep.
(Let the lambs sleep, you weren't meant for this)

Work hard, and smart  while others quit
(No doors are closed, when you become the key)

Focus on yourself, and you won't notice them. Be successful for you, don't get so stuck watching others. You fail to see what's wrong in front of you, if you keep looking around. Shut down, and build up
(Eat, sleep, over power them. Make this world yours, don't get stuck in the lions den.)
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