Lies became animals
And you'll be in a nuclear family.
Inside I am bleeding to songs of insanity.
Today I took my life
And blew it all away.
Pao Jun 5
Not with a smile spread across my lips
Or an energetic laugh
Making my two friends holler with joy
As I spill out a witty remark.

But rather
With downcast eyes
Glaring at the shadowed pavement
Hoodie dangling from my shoulder
Stack of binders desperately trying to slip from my grip.
The moon beginning to make its descend
Behind the towering bus stop
Teenagers huddling around each other
Whispering into the muggy dawn.

My brain fuddling with sleep deprivation
I was always exhausted
Nothing satisfied my body  
Not the ambitions
Pumping in my veins
Strolling down the bustling streets
Of the city that never sleeps
Committed to land a position
As a front page writer
For the New York Times.

This routine of waiting
For a dream so far out of my reach
Is monotonous.
A cycle I can't quit
Even if I was granted the choice
I wrote this for a scholarship opportunity during my senior year of high school. I didn't get the scholarship.
HectorBrown Jun 1
That is all.
Nothing else.
the sound echos far
gas escaping, gas returning
far through an empty hall
liquid flowing, pistons pumping
far across this barren land
wheels turning, clockwork whirring
and yet none hear, none at all

for none settle in this land
wind howling, wind moaning
at least none that live, none that feel
trees burning, dust storming
for all that lives was brushed aside
beauty fading, city's falling
to make way for a legacy of concrete and steel
All life is movement. progress, but in which direction?
Kyla Duncan May 18
without war
we wouldn't know the meaning of peace
but I'd rather stay in the dark
and not appreciate the word
than learn the hard way
how fragile it can be
ST Rossa Apr 12
In a world so bleak and meaningless,
you give me purpose.
You are the sun to my moon.
You shine your rays of healing warmth and drive my darkness away.
Your touch is something I crave, to see you would be a blessing.
Could you be thing for which I’ve been obsessing?

dark eyes, filled with some emotion I can't sense. If I could, I would paint your world brighter. I would fill your life with joy, and erase all the sadness and hurt. Such a beautiful person, I adore.

Such an amazing person that im falling for, again.
BW Mar 13
Don't you dare
manipulate me
or I swear I will fuck you up so much
You will end up killing yourself

Would you want to see me, wrist slit in a tub?

I would not, but I would be indifferent.
How is it my fault? It only shows you
value death more than life.
Come on pick up the phone.
Stop being silly ok, I didn't want you to actually do that.
Look, stop being stupid, it's nothing.
Pick up. B?
Are you ok? I am sorry, I didn't actually mean it like that.
B? Come on, stop being a silly kitten.I love you.
Pick up the phone, please!!
B are you alright? Do you want me to come down? Please, talk.

They found her, they told me. Wrist slit in a tub.
Her lips were crimson, her hair like a black dahlia.
Her body bathing in blood,
Bright red as the girl I first met, who fell in love,
the same girl I pushed down
the cliff of death never to come back.
AJ Simmons Mar 12
Everywhere I go,
No matter the pull I tread low'
Low beneath the underpass and gutter
Filled with slime grime and clutter
Of mind
Of rats
And delinquents not men
Let loose in a remote controlled pen
Freer are pigs and caged little hens
We don't know we chase
An unquenchable thirst
And blindly can't see the fishing wire
That it's dangled from in front of our faces.
John D Feb 8
My life essence
Trapped inside of my soul
Surrounded by distant lands
Filled with emptiness and loneliness
My trapped soul wanders
Looking for a purpose
Inside of a desolate stricken world
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