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Kimi Oct 30
Beam at me
Baby blue
My bitter moon
So far away
Your golden truth

All too easy to please me
Bring me to my knees
Until euphoria is all expelled
And I'm left bereft of reason

In too deep
Navy blue
Echo-less room
Bury all poise
In this sunken tomb

Drag me back down under
the sheets and leave me
To succumb to my delusion
It befits this physical pain

Is this love?
This bleak, black doom
That makes its way
Into my veins
When I am destitute

Implicit and distant
I should cope
On my own
But all alone
I only suffer visions of
The ways I might still try to die
It's not deception,
but it, I cannot believe.
These truths transmitting,
time permitting,
will crush me flat.
I'm not sure what to think,
in the fact's bull-rush.

Screaming out.
Damming it to be,
cardboard scenery.
In sincere

With a dash of nothing,
spicing the world.
Give me a kiss; no,
give me a twirl.
Splicing the word-weary
and thought-Leery.
Such fresh *******.

Screaming out.
Damming it to be,
cardboard scenery.
In sincere
You told me to be kind
And kind i was
You told me to be true
And true i was

You told me to believe
And believe i did
You told me to be giving
And give i did

But now
Now i can't fight

Too kind to defend
Too weak to defend
Too true to pretend
Too naive to pretend

Too faithful to take control
Too delusional for that
Too giving, i gave it all
Now i have nothing left

Why did you make me
So beautiful and bright
When i would live in a world
That would eat up all light

I didn't know i'd have to lie in interviews
I didn't know i'd have to fight when words failed
I didn't know *** wouldn't always save me
I didn't know i'd have to keep things for myself

I didn't know about the real world
But we all have to adapt to the real world i guess. I just think it's ****** up we're told as kids to be all these textbook nice things when you actually need to be the opposite to survive this ***** of an existence.
Johnson Jul 24
Who am I but a once was
Another potential that never will
Another thorn in the side of another  
Whilst the world seems to move still

Never to be born again as I was
Rather ****** back into the ****
By an existential forces violent hand
Incased in the product of my own gloom

The outside world seems lie just outside the line
Whilst populations seem to soar with the love and joy that abides
I ever more find comfort in the dark warmth
So much do I loathe finding comfort in such

Never to find a remedy for the monotony taking place
Thoughts become that of which those would make haste
And while alone you find a darker shade of life
You find an ever bleak view in the will to survive
As the sun slowly sets
The precursor to the week
With deadlines,
                            ­               Oh so bleak
The calm before the storm
  Too restless to enjoy
For everybody knows
     It's sunday's melancholy ploy

    Responsibilities loom overhead
     Our heart as heavy as the air
      The world has now gone silent
              We sit in subtle fear
Johnson Jul 8
Weeks turn into months
The months drag on for years
As the clocks hands violently spin
Time seems to eloquently disappear

Lying for what seems to be eons
In hollow shell that once was
Praying for a new tomorrow
Never seemingly comes

The suns rays gently shine through
Only tease me with a glimmer of hope
That never seems to ensue
Wishing the warmth I have felt I never knew

Visual wonder seems to blend
Into an everlasting monotone grey
Staring into the empty wall
No stimulation to relieve my pain

Joy is nothing but word
For the mere feeling is left heard
And by my hands alone I sink
Into the darkness of night I’m never assured  

For imagination can thwart the coming days
Relieve my mind traveling on an escape
But for how long must you hold fast
Slowly as it becomes a twisted decay

For what I want I try to reach to grab
Only to grasp a hold for mere seconds
Slowly slipping through cracks of my hands
Returning to a bleak existence

As you search for the good you wish to find
In those few faces that abound
Your own misanthropic views
Seem to chase away those who are sound

So alone as you are to thee you must face
As your mind tears itself apart on endless race
Slowly you try as you fight against an uphill *****
Left to your own devices endless suffering without hope
Lies became animals
And you'll be in a nuclear family.
Inside I am bleeding to songs of insanity.
Today I took my life
And blew it all away.
Pao Jun 5
Not with a smile spread across my lips
Or an energetic laugh
Making my two friends holler with joy
As I spill out a witty remark.

But rather
With downcast eyes
Glaring at the shadowed pavement
Hoodie dangling from my shoulder
Stack of binders desperately trying to slip from my grip.
The moon beginning to make its descend
Behind the towering bus stop
Teenagers huddling around each other
Whispering into the muggy dawn.

My brain fuddling with sleep deprivation
I was always exhausted
Nothing satisfied my body  
Not the ambitions
Pumping in my veins
Strolling down the bustling streets
Of the city that never sleeps
Committed to land a position
As a front page writer
For the New York Times.

This routine of waiting
For a dream so far out of my reach
Is monotonous.
A cycle I can't quit
Even if I was granted the choice
I wrote this for a scholarship opportunity during my senior year of high school. I didn't get the scholarship.
the sound echos far
gas escaping, gas returning
far through an empty hall
liquid flowing, pistons pumping
far across this barren land
wheels turning, clockwork whirring
and yet none hear, none at all

for none settle in this land
wind howling, wind moaning
at least none that live, none that feel
trees burning, dust storming
for all that lives was brushed aside
beauty fading, city's falling
to make way for a legacy of concrete and steel
All life is movement. progress, but in which direction?
Kyla Duncan May 18
without war
we wouldn't know the meaning of peace
but I'd rather stay in the dark
and not appreciate the word
than learn the hard way
how fragile it can be
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