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Nylee Sep 2021
The sheer lack of lustre in life
nothing outside windows, to keep my eyes on
it is a wholesome feeling,
I haven't seen much lately, time has been frozen
I'd piece nothing of my past, no memories to live last
There is bleakness in the road ahead too,
The wheels of life are in mud
I have skipped time in many folds,
dug deeper, found no gold.
Eloisa Apr 2021
As now the darkest night subsides
The blackest and most petrifying night I had
The night that went the quietest
With most deafening voices I heard inside
For days I couldn’t hear my cry
My blistered heart stopped
My sun, my moon, my stars were gone
My happy flowers died
Ghostly shadows, whispers of death
I thought I lost my light
I knelt and prayed
I folded my hands and knelt with faith
A strong and sturdy place sufficed
My folded hands were held by The Great Healer, Jesus Christ
I missed you guys.
It’s been months since the last time I visited this site.
Praying for everyone’s safety.
Andrew Rueter Feb 2021
During the winter weeks
everything looks bleak
so I can hardly speak
looking to out-sleep
this subzero streak
of record lows
and checkered toes
from blizzard blows
the geese all go
but I stall froze
in this tundra tunnel
where the water breaks
must be signs of the shovel
and all it takes
to obfuscate
my massive lake's
frozen fate
and the cozen gate
for that chosen date.

I need to erase these bland hues
for leaves to sprout brand new
to brighten my ****** view
like I'm living in Cancun
chilling at Chichen Itza
chowing on chicken pizza
staring at the colorful sky
under which I never hide
but those are just colors in my mind
looking at the bleakness and the grime
I'm weakened by this time
I need to stay alive
to see the days get wide
and colors collide
releasing me from the darkness fog
so I won't be a heartless sod
after people start to dodge
my evil dark flaws.

Once the clouds split
they'll give me a gift
removing the ****
that makes me slip
on the ice all around me
covering the water in which I'm drowning
when my virulent vision starts browning
erasing positive colors and mentality.

This world will be less neutral
after my diffused old
infused soul
find renewal
in the sun's jewels
creating more vibrant colors
than the winter's covers
of black and white
with lack of light
and saddened sight
to mask what's right.

Once the sun brings back the day
I'll put down my gun and come out to play
but life isn't fun living this way.
Amy Perry Nov 2020
The more you look around
The more you realize
Every day people are doing
Everyday things,
Things they don’t really want to do,
But must, to get ahead, to stay afloat,
To not get knocked down.
But the more you look around,
You see the hurt, you see the failure,
You see it imminent within you, too.
You resist and you pull away, and you
Tell yourself that you are different,
You will lead a different life and have success.
But the more you look around,
The bleaker it gets.
Sometimes life is better with the blinders on.
Leah Carr Nov 2020
I want to be
a little girl


Before my
swallowed up

I don't want
to let
my childhood
I didn't think about this at all really. I just put my hands on the keyboard and let what needed to happen, happen.
SA Szumloz Sep 2020
Release the Kraken, rendezvous with the devil
Sully fingers pluck the strings of my harp - I revel
Unfinished glasses of wine, unmade bed sheets
I know how to change a life so void and bleak

My confidential philosophy.
My first day of online remote learning was today. I am trying to stay positive through all of it.
Ryan Clark Feb 2015
It is hard to grasp the stars,
when you stare at the dirt;
and only see your calloused hands.

You look forward;
yet see nothing.
You look behind
and feel regret.
Your body
Your mind

There is no sense of direction
There is no inspiration
starring upon your calloused hands

You, *** and bang
against the grain,
rambling on;
Not knowing
if you move,
Forward or

Time doesn't stand
Only your task at hand
starring upon your calloused hands.

Friends and family
are just a luxury.
they will be gone,
leaving you,
to grind away...

The task is complete;
Looking down to see
Nothing ... but your winkled hands.
Not my fav., but I'm trying not to loose inspiration. This is a fee form
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