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Release the Kraken, rendezvous with the devil
Sully fingers pluck the strings of my harp - I revel
Unfinished glasses of wine, unmade bed sheets
I know how to change a life so void and bleak

My confidential philosophy.
My first day of online remote learning was today. I am trying to stay positive through all of it.
Ryan Clark Feb 2015
It is hard to grasp the stars,
when you stare at the dirt;
and only see your calloused hands.

You look forward;
yet see nothing.
You look behind
and feel regret.
Your body
Your mind

There is no sense of direction
There is no inspiration
starring upon your calloused hands

You, *** and bang
against the grain,
rambling on;
Not knowing
if you move,
Forward or

Time doesn't stand
Only your task at hand
starring upon your calloused hands.

Friends and family
are just a luxury.
they will be gone,
leaving you,
to grind away...

The task is complete;
Looking down to see
Nothing ... but your winkled hands.
Not my fav., but I'm trying not to loose inspiration. This is a fee form
Nylee Jul 27
I haven't even touch upon it
All I see is blackness in my dreams
This darkness follows me like shadow
Is it an indicator to a bleak future
Am I made without a cure
Tom MacDuff Apr 29
the thoughtlessness pushes them forward
an empty musical order
they go tranced with no former
with no sense of horror
nowhere and onward
transfixed tortured
bleak of notes
The result of some experimentation with interesting structure.
Skyler Reece Apr 13
the old, black moon
does not shine tonight.
he’s been eaten since noon
and gone from sight

the bright, bubbly sun
has lost his luster too.
hopes shining for none
despair opened anew

the vast, dreary void
never shined before
yet bright enough to destroy
it flares a color abhorred
Taylor Mar 22
a wandering soul
among the shattered bones of dreams
picking through the piles
just another thought while we are all in covid19 isolation
Amy Dedman Feb 24

in the eery state
of vacancy
& contortion
Cynthia Jean Feb 17
Those bleak , black  clouds

are full




Cynthia  Jean
February,  2020
atptla Jan 2
Long are the nights now
When dreams are no longer kind
Through air prowls the imminence of death
Soaks my soul, the mirth has gone
In my weariness all seem dull
Nothing to feel or imagine
Still hearing her voice, my hearse
Bedimming the memories left behind
In the moment of despair
A haunting melody pours from my lips
And fades into lurking darkness
Carving out my eyes to see
The secrets behind the shattered drapery
A journey through the lands of nihil
I've been here before
atptla Jan 2
An idle cry echoes through the void
As silhouettes root away my thoughts
Ominous whispers louden, killing the peace
Leaving no solace behind
Confined to a long-lost hope
Seeking the forlorn smile
Yet, drowning within my own breath
Above my head, dwells a hungry ghost
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