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Faizel Farzee Sep 14
Emotions a raging storm
My heart now mourns
Our futile existence
OR are we just pawns
Races clashing, leaving our generations scorned
Our young ones born
In a world of hate, with no exit door
The rich stays rich
Forgetting the poor,

The world is in chaos
race race to **** race amongst us
The living unjust
When could we last fully trust
Anything the media falsely feeds us,

This is the plight of my raging words
The world is cursed
And we it’s curse
The world will be saved
When humans disperse
As long as we here
Suffering gets worse
So open your minds to this global verse,

Let the truth be told
The words I whisper, is truthfully cold
The human race suffers
As we being controlled
My emotions waver
As my child’s being enrolled
Into this unforgiving…… world
The world we live in, decaying,
Our future bleak,
Then having to raise a kid
In this world, is no easy feat.
sushii Jul 27
you said you'd come clean,
but i know it's not easy.

you left behind emptiness--
confusion and hollowness,

as we all shuffle about in gloom,
the gloom of remembering you.

maybe it's stupid, after all, i never knew you,
but i distantly care...i do.

you give me hope--
a way to cope.

i almost feel like
your voice is my home.
Pedro Vialle Jun 28
I'm tired
officially done
my mind feels broken
and my body does not respond
life became too heavy
my emotions too much to deal
the mirror shows nothing but trouble
a future seems so unreal
Maybe today, if I'm lucky
which sadly I usually ain't
will be the last of these awful
bleak, sad and terrible days
so let's just end it here
as I need to go and sleep
waiting for this night to end
and tomorrow to rise on me
Good Lord, things have not been great lately...
Hannah May 31
I am here all alone in the dark
Writing this poem; hoping idea would spark
A person full of worries
I hope I could gather and bury these ideas
I am here right now, weary  

Can't seem to find the right answer
To all these query and wonder
Am I too much?
Or is it because I decide in clutch

In this sad corner
All I want is to turn my thoughts in ******
**** the sadness and worries
Stop the thinking and cries

Why am I always thinking that I am not enough
To hide that feeling, will I just go on with a laugh?
Am I a joke? Am I funny?

Please stop, it's making me feel ******
All I want is to be loved and valued
So please take care of me
Ian Mar 26
How could you have been so foolish,
As to believe that love prevails?

How could something retain a victory,
When it exists only in your mind,
It daintily persists, so ever convincing,
That surely your fears must be an illusion.

Though, there they stay, before your very eyes,
The dismay that comes with the removal of the veil,
As the twisted husk of deceit grabs your face,
Pulling you close, your eyes glued open,
Force to glare into the visage,

Of utter despair.

Of course this is how it would go,
It always has, and why should the tale you've told so many times,
Change before your very eyes?
Johnson Mar 16
To be  guilty
Is to be ill received
To struggle within
Is that of its own effort in futility

For just as a new day dawns
Illuminates the coming of day
So is the begging of the coming dissolution
So is the inevitable distaste

Like the man at the edge of street
Sitting in the glow of artificial light
However hollowed a reality received
The weight pressed within one’s mind

It was in this worldly injustice
Founded upon the breaking of ones will
Yet in this subjective sense it seemingly shatters
While the rest remains ever still
Eleanor Feb 21
water droplets hanging
suspended on foggy glass
obscuring my vision
of a gray, hazy world
a dark eternity
why do I strain
to see out;
to the bleak
the hopeless
I wipe the glass clean
and with seeing
forlorn I close my eyes
gray Feb 4
I'll scrawl pages of your name
because every way the letters turn make my eyes burn
The night you told me i was your favorite slur
My name has turned into something i never want my children to learn
Sweet salt drips from your lips
You speak in compliments and quotes
A personality made from mistakes
I keep giving and you always take
But never more than you need
a feeling of everlasting trust
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