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seychelles Mar 22
When life gives you a lemon
Make a lemonade, they said
As life gives us a chance, we should take it
But have you ever thought, why life is so sour?

Sugar, honey, caramel
Several sweets - yet life have given none
Have you ever thought life is a con?

Maybe once in a while, when life gives you lemons,
Throw them back
Maybe for once, when life gives you lemons,
Squeeze them into your enemies' eyes
Maybe next time, when life gives you lemons,
Give them to others
Maybe next time, when life gives you lemons,
Make a Martini

someone told me that I am cliche and I said why note
MuseumofMax Dec 2021
Falling asleep
in your sweatshirt

It smells like me now

I wish it was you instead of some fabric

I miss someone I barely know
Watching the clock tick

Until I see you again

But it’s like I’ve met them before
The boy next door?

I can’t wait to be around him again
Holding me close while I fall asleep
Breathing together
In - sync

I can’t wait for more smiles
Lemon boy said he’s making lemonade
I want some
I hope we can trade

Even the rainy days
I’ll be there too
We can splash around in the puddles
Or stay inside
Warm and dry
Do some puzzles?

Only a few days more
Until your mine once again
We’ll pick up where we left off

See you then

MuseumofMax Dec 2021
A small crack in a bathroom tile
You aren’t perfect
But you make me smile

A gifted mind
With a weight to bear
I hate when people
But hopefully my presence makes it
A little easier

I can hold some of your bags

I’ll like you no matter what
Riches or rags
No matter the heartache

This feels like a worthwhile endeavor

Your scars are not burdens,

They are lessons you have learned.

Despite your wishes to give up
Your feelings you wish to sever

Sometimes happiness has to be earned.

Take my hand and with it
The wheel is turned

Fortune cannot be controlled
But within our busy days a constant remains

Monster and Lemon boy
Their future untold.

Let the story
A reminder for two, who get lost in their minds a bit too often
MuseumofMax Dec 2021
‘I kissed you and your lotion kissed me back’

Little thoughts
And smiles

Big realizations
Let’s just talk

Bring more wine
And a silly mood

And I’ll go wherever
You want me to.
Something lemon boy told me that made me smile
MuseumofMax Dec 2021
My summer home

My get away

Sometimes I talk too much
Social cues not there

Mind somewhere?

Thank you for grounding me

I like it when you hold me
It reminds me
Of my purpose

Your words are confusing
But I like your soft tone

Sweet and understanding

Two boys on their thrones

You’re sleeping next to me right now
Your snoring woke me up
It’s okay though
I like it when your body is quiet

Mask off
The real you

Just like me

It’s hard when everything’s confusing
But you remind me to be smart

Look Tim (my therapist)
I’m doing art!!

I’ve been taking such good care
But sometimes I forget myself

I forgot to eat enough today
It’s okay
Tomorrow I’ll remember
Just another day
Wrote this to shut my mind up
MuseumofMax Dec 2021
Can’t control what I say
Hope that’s ok

I try my best to distract
From what is and what’s

Wolves coming from all over
During the night

Will you stay or will you fight?

I like your presence it makes me feel warm

I guess I kinda like
Being wrapped in your arms

It’s weird for me
Because I expected someone else

But no matter what
My heart will always

To: Lemon boy
Odd Odyssey Poet Nov 2021
Taste that stings lips'
Sweetest to tongue;
Refreshes my thirst:

A bite of love;
As a fruit of worth'

Bright yellow smile'
Bright red lips;
And a body wave flow.

                She's not my world'
                But she's my girl;
                Made of-
                Lemon Cherry Water.
Izzy Jan 2021
I am simply a lemon
I like to think I’m sweet
But I am just a sour soul that you can never eat

I am simply a lemon
with bright happy yellow skin
But, on the inside I am just a sin

Add a bit of sugar and I’ll be bitter sweet
But once the sugar fades away your destin for defeat

I am not a sweet little boy
I’m sour as can be
Why am I a lemon and not a strawberry

The lemon tree
Only upward it knew
Hung yellow flavours
Savoury sour its fruits
On twigs and branches
And thorns too
With a zing and zest for life
Blessed, it grew
Inspired by a lemon tree
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