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J E A Cole May 11
Lemon pores resemble those of human
Moon shaped skin
Thick nectar imbued beneath
This sweet cage holds back unearthly turbulence
Milky tint softens my worlds permeated with many
A crescent shell contains numerous people
Do not grasp for
The sun-eyed
Rose Apr 16
yellow lemons hang from it's branches

the sun above beams on the tree
colored gold

the sun is setting now
it's still beautiful outside

yellow lemons hang from it's branches

never to be picked

in time,
only to fall
to the ground

yellow lemons...
they used to hang from it's branches
Poetic T Feb 29
I thought you were my
                       lemonade stand.

But with every sip,
   I knew that you were

bitter upon my every taste..

And I asked for my dollar back.

You told me,

that with every lemon there
                is always pips.

but that every taste is different.
Jim Davis Jan 24
She can be
Sweet as Honey
Sour as Lemon

©  2020 Jim Davis
Toast Ghost Jan 2
Is it wrong?
To be so sad
About something so happy?
Why can't I understand?
That things end
That I'm less and she's more
Welp oof I wish I wasn't such an emotional ***** geuss I'll die than
Sabika H Jan 1
Sour scented citrus,
Sweet, slimy syrup.
That’s me!
Sour lemon,
Sweet honey.

I stare until my eyes burn.
Jealousy boils up
In acidic scent,
Sticky, smelly, messy
Sour lemon sweet honey.

The love stings and sits on cuts.
While honey glazes and gives warm hugs
As it finds a cure in the blood
Wherever it may be
With the right combination of:
Sour lemon and sweet honey.
S I N Dec 2019
Without a cup of tea with lemon I
Wouldn’t even dare in conscious fair to try
To roam throughout the day and Be
a very gay and pleasant company
Without fragrance this and hue or shade
Of lemon cake located on the plate
Maya Duran Sep 2019
To catch a boy in the wake of summer
Leave out a cup
Brimming with melon-colored milk tea and tapioca
Make sure to capture his smile
When he spills some on the counter

When it is still warm on the cheeks
And independence has yet to be fully realized
You catch a boy by offering him the futon
Night after night after night after night
You don’t think to ask your mom and
He doesn’t seem to mind the basement stench
But you overcompensate with your words anyway
You’re good at that

Kesha plays like a hymn in the cathedral
Of his boyfriend’s second car
But you catch a boy with the menthol sound
Of Cavetown at dusk in your hole of a bedroom
And he sits on the bed and watches you paint
As his notifications are piling up with passive-aggressive texts
Summer tastes like lemon and cough drops
This is the first poem in a series titled "Cavetown wrote a song about your ex and we played it all summer long." The series is about the best summer of my life, although the poems may appear bleak upon first reading. It is about falling in love and the budding of a best friendship. About seeing and being seen.
The Earl is the high Earldom of Lemongrab
Heir to the Candy Kingdom

Note: Some spread the lie that

"It is possible that he is no longer heir
to the throne"

"Because as of 'Hot Diggity Doom'
the Candy Kingdom
is now a democracy"
Ashley Kaye Jun 2019
You call
I cry
You breathe while I lie
with another.
You see while I eye
their skin.
who do you gaze

you must notice
The way that I lean
to you.
The way that I try
to speak;
it’s but a conversation.
does it pain you so
To inhale
      my air?
its tree of smoke.
lively nights swallowed
like lemons.

you disregard my hellos.
how to say goodbye?
Written June 2019
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