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Riya May 22
you know all of it
all of my worries
and my thoughts..
I could never
surprise you..
because after all
you've been
in my heart
for a while.
and I
can't deny
that I wish
for you
to be here
by my side
but I know
that I'll have
to wait
a little longer..
to see your face,
to hear your voice,
to be in your arms
so close.

I can't wait
to finally
be with

for my ***.. <3
Riya May 9
I don't get why
all the time
when I say nice things
the words betray me
and attack me.
was I too much
I don't get why
my words have to mean so much
when sometimes
they don't..
mean anything.. at all.
they just read too much..
I can't help
but ruin everything.
it's a cycle.
nice words
can mean everything
to someone.. I guess.
I don't get why
I have to be
the one to blame..
I wasn't speaking
in code.. was I?
did I say something nice
to just be nice? yes.
now is that such a crime..
I didn't ask for the reaction..
but blame is still put on me.

nice words
I love you.. i guess.
I hope you guys can relate..
Riya Mar 16
Feelings are on pause..
feeling kind of lost..
don't know where to go..
kind of on my own..
I know I should be strong..
but how am I
supposed to be
it's overwhelming to feel..
am I going alone
after all..
feelings are fleeting..
why can't I
keep them
under control..
[ignore tags <3]
Riya Mar 13
I'm too much
I whine too much
All the time..
I can't sleep much
Mind is numb..
Can't think straight
I'm so unsure
How anything is
Suppose to be..
Am I really me
Or am I lying to you
About me

Am I too much..
Am I?
I hope this makes sense..
{Ignore tags <33}
Riya Mar 9
what's the point
of trying..
when I know
you're just
gonna be
the same
ya I should be
more understanding
but this time
I can't help
but think
that I'm just wasting
my time..
on you
I'm getting a little sick
sick of this
always worrying about you
when you can't
can't even listen to me
am I whispering..
are my words going mute..
do they even
even mean anything
like you say they do
to you…do they?

what's the point
of caring..
Yaaa /:
Edit: I was sad when I wrote this so it might not make sense..
[Ignore the tags <3 ]
Riya Feb 7
These tears
Will leave.
I know it.
I made them..
You just don't-
Don't know why..
They appeared
In the first place.
I've been wanting to write about what I felt and I finally did. I just had to stop thinking.
Riya Jan 28
Stay quiet.
So I can..
Think for
So I don't..
Need you
All the time.
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