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I must confess my love,
Ships in the night, my dove,
I do but see you driving by,
I'll love you till the end of time,
But I do not to pieces to fall,
Fragments of love, that's all,
A smile, a wave, a brief hello,
I confess my love, where did you go?
Or where do you come from, my dove?
To you,  I confess my secret love..........
Feedback welcome.
Lily Sep 19
My words stick to the
Roof of my mouth like peanut butter,
Like white bread,
And no matter how hard they try,
They can’t escape.
Lucky to make it past my brain’s thick fortress,
Now they sit useless at the tip of my tongue,
Wishing to come forth but my mouth
Not forming the words.
My vowels languish in my throat and
My consonants sit listless,
All my verb phrases and direct objects
Lie in a jumbled mess,
Too disheartened to make a move.
They know that if they leave my lips,
Others will take them and cut them up,
Mince them like onions,
But the only person who will cry over them is
Eventually, too many letters will clamor at my
Lips for attention, and my throat will
Close entirely,
Never fessing,
The things I feel.
"I don't want to admit to something, if all it's gonna cause is pain" ~ Eminem, 'River'

I was inspired while listening to music today :)
Feel the rain on your skin
Let it sink into your pores,
Diffuse into your bloodstream,
Dilute the pain

It trickles down my back
Each drop a bead of cold sweat
But my skin like paper
Will tear when it's wet

My papier-mâché face
Turns up to the sky
I am pulp
I am a mushy mess
I have reached my saturation point
God, don't ask me to confess.
mythie Aug 25
creaming soda is a pleasant drink, don’t you think?
the pink aesthetic of it, the sweet taste.
the way it tickles down your throat with each gulp.

it’s like a small exciting adventure every time you drink.
few things feel as good as drinking some creaming soda.
except, being with you.

somehow, for me, it exceeds the limits.
i no longer taste that fleeting sweetness.
it’s an overwhelming flavour that melts me down to my core.

i’ve never been much good at writing.
if you keep your pen in one spot, the ink will pool.
you and i both know that well.

but for you, i keep it moving.
whether or not the outcome is good.
i move my hand and write for you.

being with you feels like a time out of space.
a place that nobody except us can reach.
where we laugh, watch and love.

i bet you weren’t expecting this.
and i understand how you feel.
i just needed to tell you.

writing is a passion of mine.
so telling you like this felt right.
plus, you always said you liked to read what i write.

i would love to take you by the hand.
and dance with you, round and round.
until our heads feel heavy ‘cause we’re dizzy.

i know you don’t feel the same.
and that’s okay.
because as long as i can stay by your side.

i’ll be alright.

let us dance.
hands joined.
in the pink waves of an ocean of love.
i'm sorry, but i love you.
Mari Aug 21
I accepted
When I least
expected it.
I was too scared to confess.
I scared to confess myself.
How much I need you in my life. How much I love you.
How much I miss you.
How much I wanna hold you in my hands.
I guess I'm coward.
Such long time I lied to myself.
Zia Jul 14
Don’t bury your love under a pile of words
Many battles had been won with swords
I’m not saying you should be like warlords
But get out there with all of your cards
It’s not a game you play to collect rewards
The only things you gotta **** are your own guards
and finally speak of what is in your heart
Shuu Jul 6
i don't want to utter
the words "only if i was "
only if i was brave enough,
only if i had enough courage,
only if i had convinced myself that
pain is better than regret.

but i'm scared too.
scared to hear any words from you.

i don't want to be rash.
but i don't want to just sit here either,
waiting for everything to be too late.
i'm scared of making a move.
i'm scared of waiting it out.
i'm scared i'll end up ******* everything up.
i'm scared you'll find someone already.
i'm scared you'll find me stepping out of line.
i'm scared you'll leave me
and nothing will ever be the same.

i'm scared, for ****'s sake.
i'm so **** scared yet,
i don't know what else to do.
to confess or not to confess
One day
I was walking
By this lonely road
Heading for nowhere
Then I thought of you

One day
I was dreaming
This unintelligible haze
Of maddening nothings
Then I thought of you

One day
I was writing
The days of my life
Where not a thing stood out
Then I thought of you

One day
I was reading
This bumbling love story
That I never related to
Then I thought of you

One day
I would say
This out loud to you
Then probably it can be a reality
And not just a thought of you
Shame becomes a hindrance
For those who pursues wrong
Its call will hush admittance
To sing one's sinful song

They then submit refrain
To mask their sharp distress
But guilt will soon sustain
Its longing to confess
We do wrong
We think bad
But we all know what's true

Just fake it
Or break it
The choice still lies on you
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