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A M Ryder Apr 23
The past
always seems
To chase after us
When I choose to lie
I've learned to never
Let it go any further
If I know
I did something
That I'm accused of
I confess

I don't want to play
Cat and mouse
Delaying the inevitable
Is the worst game
You can play
And never win

If I did it
Then I did it
And that's all
There is to it
Rhan Vincent Mar 19
I think I can handle not being your friend anymore.
I think I can live by without talking to you.

Not seeing you is fine, ignoring me? I guess I can live with that?
I stopped because my friends liked you before.

But now, so what if our friends have a history?
Doesn’t matter, I don’t care. What I really care about is you.

And you don’t have to tell me. You look busy.
But no matter how busy. Please take care of your health too.

It’s important for me to know whether you get sick or not.
If you are sick, I don’t feel good. Well, I don't know.

You keep appearing in my daydreams and dreams.
I’d say you’re the girl in my dreams, but that’s just overused.

And to be honest, we almost met face to face before.
I saw you from afar and I just couldn’t bring myself to look at you.

I stopped and crossed to the other street.
Waited a bit just to see you in person and that was worth it.

Maybe because we didn’t know each other; perhaps it was because you are a stranger. I kept being busy trying to forget about it.

Yes, perhaps because we are strangers; but when I opened my eyes.
Every morning, I still thought the same thing.

I thought as much, but what if? You can’t forget that person?
What if it keeps glimmering in front of your eyes and keeps appearing in your mind?

I don’t know. I didn’t want to admit it.
I thought it couldn’t have been the case.

Something I’ve been denying for months, turned out to be true.
My heart races because of you.

I like you.
no, not just that.

I truly like you.
Confession part 2, but this time, it's real and longer.
xavier thomas Jan 25
-The modern day is poor as people continue to act wild
-Lack of accountability been running rounds
for miles
-Marching marathons in remorse for awhile
-Watching expectations come up short as it starts to pile
-Its been a long time that its been a good time now
-Happiness is hard to be found
-Life has emotionally been roller coasting in the pandemic trials
-And time is racing pass the finish line, hoping to make this life count

-I talk pro about growth cause it’s important to me
-But letting go certain habits is a con i’m avoiding in me
-Praying towards my come up. Patience is slow, but surely
-I’ll manage to overcome those traits one day with the burning desire in me
-I know the potential is in me
-Been supporting free speech to damage people to speak out like it’s therapy
-But hold up, who’s volunteering their time for me to hear my story?

-Life’s crazy causing pressure on me
-Single making 50k yearly, but the office career is unhappy
-The girl I love right now not even mentally ready for me
-Of course I love myself but now who’s gonna love me?
-My heart holds hope while beating lonely, and yet
-Waiting patiently for something new and more
-Chances of getting married now is betting a craps game on the floor

-Can’t continue to sleep with this women I have deep feelings for
-If it’s 50/50 we’re not going to be together moving forward
-And if there’s zero chance for us in the future,
then allow me to close our paradise door
-Back to the drawing board of this single world tour
-Letting go is hard, but good for the soul i’m sure
-Healing these deep wounds is speaking straight to the primary source
-So I started writing my confessions in multiple letters to the Lord

-Hoping my sins don’t cast the next stone, which I can’t afford
-Asking God how further away am I from my reward?
-Once I take that first step to obedience, then his light will shine from the door
-This the start when I stop “starting over” and gain a little more
-This the start when blessings touch my hands as they begin to pour
-This the start when feeling apart turns my part into love and adore
-This the start when the heart can fully be restored
-And if there’s a high chance of life turning around, this the time I walk further towards more in store
-Growth is what i’m fighting for
~Love, Zay❤️
Rhan Vincent Oct 2021
a question

a risk
that's worth

like a drug

i know


your smile
is the reason
for mine

i wish to be
more than

i wish to
wake up
where you are

have you
seen you
if not

let me
tell you
that you're

in every
single way

It ain't as easy as the A B C
It ain't the same as the movies
Have you ever wondered how it'll feel
Walking hand in hand down by the sea
It's been too long since I've had these dreams
When will I tell you how I feel
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, feel with others and make them understood:->

in her feels not mine to be

in her exclamations a secret to the seeking  havens I see

just from the beginning

I confess I blurt must

bring respect to hands of dust

undone by the noise

maybe breathed to the wrong soils

for me to you its a pathetic muse

for you to me its a phenomenal---an interlude

wrapped around a neck a tormenting noose

for the lines might be altogether attached

yet by the hearts ultimately snatched

yet the pieces left broken

swept under the deeps of the rug gone unspoken

strangling up to the muffled tears

been shed been dear

even when life is brought to its feet

still bound to magnetize

she drugs our feels

your moons---a blessing in a demon to the darks

not a silver not a golden not a dime a ricocheting stark

painted on ceilings

are you an angel haunted by the devils???

seems like God is unfair

sorting mindlessly things just for hearts to rebel

a past life you wish you could speak of you may

from them those of the brutal realizes to draw out through the way

disguised on the pretends

you pay

so **** miserable for me to digest to decay

what about you the owner

of a curse everyday???

believed to be a sad sad serenade

just from the no ending

where I await a second

I confess I blurt I must say

                                                           ­                      ------ravenfeels
Tea Feb 2021
Don't you realize or know...?
That the place I will go...
You can't come or follow...
Sorry, darling, but no...

No matter where we stay...
They will try to take me away...
So now...
I will listen to what they say...
Even if it makes me grey...

The seasons will come and flow...
The plants, bloom and grow...
As they do, I will stay low...
And far away, I will know...

You and I were meant to be...
It is as clear as day to me...
They can say what they want to say...
In the end, I will stay...

For I love you, truly I do...
And I will always come back to you...
There is no other explanation...
Our love is the only reason...

Not all will understand...
But as long as you hold my hand...
We'll stand strong and hold tightly on...
Nothing can go wrong...

Do you know how I feel...?
It's here, close, and so real...
See the stars, way up so high?
If you were so far, I'd cry...

Don't leave me here alone...
I don't want to turn to stone...
You warm me up and help me recover...
You are dear to me, my lover...

This feeling isn't as strong...
As yours but it's not wrong...
With time, it shall grow...
I can feel it, you know?
Théa Feb 2021
I know it’ll never happen
But don’t blame me for telling you this
You’re the one
Who makes me feel wanted
Who makes me feel valued
Who makes me feel this way that is impossible to explain
I know it's silly
And I hate myself for this
And I know it's gonna ruin whatever friendship we had
But I have been honest with you the whole time and I intend to keep being honest
I know i'm not your type
I know this seems stupid
But I may somewhat like you
And I tried to make it go away
Truth to be told, I’ve been in pain most of my life
Ready to leave life behind
And then you came along
Gave me a reason to stay strong
And I know its ****** and ****** of me to tell you this
It’s selfish and insensitive
But I like you a lot
Kaitlin Evers Jan 2021
I cast my line and reel in my bait
I cast my line and it's a snake
I cast my line, a reprobate
How much longer till I break

Patience is not a lesson I care for
I like waiting even less
I say, "that's enough", You say, "there is more"
- I'm breaking, I must confess

Vice on my heart, squeezing out tears
Thoughts are swirling all of my fears
Ripples in the pond spread out from my float
All goes still, there is a lump in my throat

Chin in my hand
Slumped and alone
My pole, unmanned
Heart's monotoned

I have cast in shallow waters
And reeled in dregs
Wandered forbidden corridors
And near lost legs

How much longer must I wander?

I trust You not to tip my boat
Believe You've brought me where I float
You've kept my rod from breaking
But not my hands from aching
It's the catch that I doubt
It's all one endless bout

I'm trying to practice trust
Though my heart's dusted with crust

Fishing, endless fishin'
Waiting on fruition
Fishing, oh, endless fishin'
Perhaps I'll reposition
writteninribon Jan 2021
Is it love or something more than ***?
Every time we ****, your moans make me obsessed
You’re so fine and I am just a mess
*******, I think I’m in over my head
Mood swings and 9 missed calls
I can hear your voice right inside my walls
She turns heads everywhere she walks,
But she doesn’t have time to even talk
i wanna be more to you, more of us.
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