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s v e n Jan 17
My feelings still linger
Towards you.
Still attached
To this idea of a what if-
That will never come true.
I know I confessed a thousand times
I know that
These scars on my heart will stay the same.
I also know that
How you view me will stay the same.

I can't help but hold on to a what if.
//Why can't I write more happy poems.
sushii Jan 6
I wonder if you'll read my poetry one day, and reminisce upon all the good times we could have had. I's pointless to hold a grudge. Life would be simpler if I just moved on without anger. However, I do confess, I want to know one last thing--did you ever understand what I meant?
The Toxic Bitch Sep 2018
Well I did break it
But for the wrong person
I don't regret it
Nothing happened
He didn't feel the same way
But still
I don't regret it
I will deny it
But only because why
Why wouldn't I
Me actually confessing
Will only make things worse
For me
He doesn't care
Am the same as everyone else
But it hurts sometimes
Just wondering
Am i not good enough
Looking back
Am thankful
That nothing happened
As cliché as it's gonna sound
You don't deserve
What i was about to give
You're ****** up
In every way possible
But I'll still be there for you
There were times
When I wished I could go back
And not do things
That made me more attached to you
But again
These are the only good memories
I have with you
When I actually got to see you
The real you
You'll always hide
I get it
You have every reason to
But you're weaker than i expected
But it's my fault
For putting so much on you
When all you did
Was being yourself
I guess you are like that with everyone
I hope oneday
You'll be strong
But your heart is too broken for that
And now
Mine isn't the same as well
Jiya Dec 2018
I'm being sent away.
Far away to a place I can't explain.
A place filled with my secrets.
Where all my problems are on display.
A place where they open up your insides.
Where they prey on your pain...
A quick little poem about the fact my teacher and the school counsellor are sending me to a doctor to sort out my mental issues. It feels like the last straw for me, being sent away to a sterile unfamiliar place.
Under the crimson moonlight I see,
A smile on your face, unbound and free.

I held your hand under the maple tree,
And I got down on my knee...

I humbly asked you "will you be my key?"
You smiled and said "we were meant to be."

With a sudden blackout I found myself in a void sea...
I was bewildered into reality...

As I wake up the ceiling is what I see...
And I realized my dreams were mocking me...
It was indeed a fine dream...
Sage Oct 2018
An alcohol-driven confession
left on silent for years
until it started screaming
A deafening admission
A little liquor
And your finally talking
A medicine for muteness
It would be nice If I were somebody's husband
to have a beautiful and strong woman of my own
to be home and already have someone who's waiting for me
to have a person who prepare food for me daily.

I don't need to remember her birthday ,
she will remind me
I don't need to show how much she means to me
she don't ask for it
I don't really need to give her attention
she'll never leave me.

Like an army that have been serve devotedly to a country
after a while I want to be a normal citizen
For once,  I want to receive love and affection
and not only offer it like I usually did.

But we're women
we always be there for our man no matter what
Despite his ignorant and ego we'll always stay by his side
because that's what we women do,
we love and care even though you've been cruel.
Because we love you. Always …
J F O Oct 2018
Do you ever look at someone
and remember the chance
you’ve missed?

You look at how happy they are
and a part of you wishes
it was you?

Do you remember when he
confessed his feelings for you
and you walked away?

And now,
staring at this photograph,
you only wish him the world?
Tell them how you feel before you miss it.
Natasha Sep 2018
First I fell for your eyes
With hazel specks and inviting guise
Then I fell for your laugh
Uneven and hearty and somewhat shy.

Soon I fell for your hands
Then your lips, your brain, and incredible drive—
Your truths, your dreams, your curious smile
Your biggest regrets and most convincing lies.

And now I’ve fallen for you.
And all at once it feels jeopardized—
I fear to confess
Those 3 little words that
Historically have been so weaponized.
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