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I can't walk
so I jump
thinking you'll be there
when I fail
to catch my skin
failing in pale
nat Jan 30
blood in my hair
can't really remember
what yr face looks like
makes me sad
but i can't really feel it, y'know?
i love yr sick veins
i hear yr heartbeat in my brain
wish i could feel it
i wish i could feel something at all
i don't know why people like this one so much
s Willow Feb 6
Tonight is a night of sorrow,
a night of loneliness.
Songs of death loom in a dark forest.
Wolves vent their struggles.
The beautiful one awakes.
Wisps of death surrounds her pale form.
A timeless dread fills me.
Her inky black hair cascades over
Frail ivory skin.
her full crimson heart aches.
Black tears streaming,
streaming from her wrists.
Tonight is a night of new life.
mer Jan 4
There is this person
with electric blue hair
who I am constantly
intrigued by.

Look at their skin;
like porcelain, it's so
and icy cold.

Their eyes speak to my heart--
the green and brown
moving in harmony
and making me smile.

They always have
black eye shadow around
these brown and green irises;
so bold.

I can't tell if they're a boy
or a girl--
maybe they're both
or neither.

They almost never speak
But their voice moves
smooth like milk
And their laugh is contagious.

But underneath their fake smiles
I know their secret--
The red marks that cover their skin
The scars that speak for themselves.
Corey Dec 2018
Cold; Pale;

Nightly you *****
down to your core
Removing the colors
of your clothes
(a costume

meant for others
to warm to your
frigid ways)
asking for a similar
nakedness from all

Cold; Pale;
stopdoopy Mar 1
of the    dark
further,          further
pushing                on still
through         the street
in a       patch
just to  see you
and meet
the glorious sun
soak in the warmth
as the first light of day
drifts over us and I start to think
maybe this is home, here with you
in those shining pale rays, just us
and the problems of the world
seem so distant when we
can just sit here, looking
up at the sky, alone,
together, enjoying
ourselves and so
utterly at peace
and that    is a life
that I          think I
could get                 used to
You gifted me some flowers
Pale and rare
Autumn was rewarded null
to make me bare

I was all chasing your Shadow
In a desert Vast
I had to tell thee Numberless
Grievances of past
Abby M Dec 2018
My grandmother once told me
A fantastic story
Of moonlight that was lost
From beneath the moon's pale frost
She said it floated off at night
And turned into the small pale lights
That I now see in the sky
Brighter than the moon's dim eye

Oh stars in yonder sky
Born of moonlight, learned to fly
You left La Lune behind
Gently weeping faded light
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