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s v e n Apr 14
Getting a bit slow, slow.
Just one more second, second.
Eventually time will speed up, speed up.
Small poems are cute, right?^^
Gale L Mccoy Jul 2018
where the halls are decked
and the tea party is ready
but all doors out are full of static
and the food numbs lips
words die one someone else's tongue
they've clipped through the floor
and no one notices the lag
LJ May 2016
I withhold this trophy tonight
for the worry you lag on and on
a sack you drag as it parties
owning your back, breaking the light

I withhold my hand and stop the words
for your voice seeps the air I  breath
a strangle of the life that smiles
tugging me in the abyss of your devoid

I withhold my trust as I can't censor
the irk that traps and can't be tamed
a mafia that drives you crazy 24 hours
drugging me in a cage of no care

I withhold my question about our intentions
the drive that makes me explode
as I can't blame or save your paranoia
telling a fiction in the reality of stolen memories
Stop the worry baby, remove that heavy sack lagging from your back. Love you loads! Let the monster go! Be a free spirit, the world will just trap you love!
You're a sad kid to have all the answers but put them to waste.
You know what to do but fear to do them.
You'd much rather not have the answers and take life as a surprise but unfortunately life wont intend it. So you fake the smile that hides the fear to answer the question,
"Are we gona do this or what?"
Until that question pends for so long and all chances to move forward are lost.
Note, I do not authorize the duplication(s) of my writing, photography, or any other personal information.
CC Sep 2014
Your brain should not stop working
While your internet is loading

— The End —