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Karly Codr Aug 28
i spent the afternoon crying
my eyes are tired
and swollen
and puffy
and red.
dad got mad
because i messed up again...

                                              ... no surprise there
he got even more mad when i started to cry
but who cares
my mind is so f**ked up anyway
does it really matter if anyone notices
how lost i am?
Karly Codr Apr 12
why can't you understand
that music is the only
thing that i have
that is keeping
my fake happiness alive
why do you
and scream
when i listen to music
why do you
at me
for crying
because you took away
my only source
of life
of happiness
happy easter i guess
Karly Codr Mar 28
Why do you have to yell
A second after we get done
You yell at me for doing something
And I cry about it,
And you yell at me
For crying.
Nikita Mar 22
Born with the legs of a baby deer
I sprung to my feet,
Running not from a wolf, not from a bear,
But from a young women
Who raised children with fear

I dived into the room
The one with purple walls,
closed curtains and a box full of dolls

Swallowed by the dark
I was an appetiser
For the shadows yet to come

Looming over the bed frame
Her voice distorted
Her body stretched

In a second, she switched from
A mother to a monster
One with miserable, red eyes
I am recollecting memories of my childhood. This is my series; my story.
Isabella Mar 20
So much frustration.
So much anger.
Voices shouting.
Seems like a stranger.

I have to listen.
Though it pains me to stay.
The conflict thickens.
But I can't look away.

Did they say my name?
Are they talking about me?
The yells get louder.
Finally I have to leave.
m Mar 11
Purple radiant heat
Reverberations of
Horrific holograms
Reality has received;

Testing teapots and
Tourmaline jewelry
Shattered on the wood floors
Fluorescent firecrackers
For days upon hours;

The nape of the neck
Where yours should be
Sheds blood
Pulsating the prophetic
Paralyzing truths;

Home is a verb, the
Truly inspirational
Deception of defeat
And the drip drip drip
Of disillusioned ichor
Artem Mars Feb 26
To all the kids with hell inside their head,
This one is for you
I know what you are feeling right now,
The worst place for anxiety is the doctor's office,
You are scared they will weigh you
They might see the result of the empty
Paranoia tells you they will judge you for your number on the scale
Depression says you won’t have to do it again,
It says you’ll be gone by next year
You know the doctor might look at your wrists
And if they do…
You will get help
You can have someone be paid to care about you
Having hell inside your head hurts
No matter what they say it doesn't shut up
You can yell
But not over the noise
You can fly
But not over the memories
You can die
But then you come back into the real world
This is one of my less dark poems, just putting that out there
Millie Jun 2019
Back against the wall
I hear them yell all night
Who needs sleep?
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