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Nikita Jul 12
In the distance
A light began to shine
Sitting on the porch
We waited curiously

A soft tap was heard
The tapping grew louder
As we exchanged glances
A lady’s voice called out to us

“Stop it” She yelled.

In the distance
The light grew brighter and hungrier
As quick as an engine roared to start
The roar just as quickly, came to a halt

Frustrated murmurs
Fists against glass
He wanted his keys
Leave her alone, please

I imagined the stench of his whiskey stained breath
As possible scenarios invaded my head
Was she safe? Was he drunk?

I asked these questions out loud
But I don’t remember any answers
Searching for them myself
I stumbled closer to the sound

Now she was screaming.
Don’t hurt me
Please don’t hurt me
There’s a baby

I had to help her.

Running back towards the group
No memory of talking to them
I’m sure that I did
I only remember

Gritting my teeth
Closing my eyes
Covering my ears
Trying to block out the sound

Her screams and cries for help
Slowly morphed and twisted
Into my brothers voice
His six year old voice

The tapping on the window
Became the rattling of a bunk bed
The woman’s screams and yelling
Became my baby brothers cries for help

I’ve gone backwards.
10 years.

It’s been three days since
I heard her yell
And three days since
his screams began

It’s been three hours since
I took the pill bottle
And three hours since
I put it down again
It was a painful night. I don’t think I can ever put into words how helpless I felt that night. No experience has ever felt as close to my childhood before. The police were called and I think that she’s okay. I’m okay now too thanks to my beautiful friends and partner.
Nikita Dec 2020
You would shout
And belt.

With each word
You drove a sword through
My child mind

Thank you for the wounds
Thank you for the insults

Without your fierce
Sad and insecure stabs

I’d never be so determined
To be the exact opposite
Of who you think I am.
karly codr Dec 2020
i think
i'd rather be at school
than on christmas break
i don't want to be stuck with my family
who will constantly yell at me
for a whole two weeks
Parents are being dumb and taking away all electronics except TV over my 2 1/2 week winter break so i guess you'll all get some new poetry next year. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.
karly codr Dec 2020
all my parents care about is my grades
i spent 13+ hours today working on my final project
so i am able to get a good grade in my class
and they get home and start screaming at me
for being on the computer to do my project
and they've been yelling at me for the past 5 hours
and i've been crying for the past 5 hours
my eyes are swollen
my tears are frozen to my face because I decided to get out of the house
and go for a walk
i was outside in the dark in under 32 degrees (F) crying for an hour
some kid was outside in his driveway when i was walking
he asked if i was okay
i said yeah and kept walking
isn't it funny how i hide myself from people who don't even know me

i was getting better too... and they just shot me down
i'm sorry...
Bhill Nov 2020
is it too soon, to hope this is true
can I say it now, and share my new view
fogs are lifting and hope is back
the sun will come out and get us on track
if all goes well and unity returns
democracy will follow around the next turn
arguments and yelling will soon be replaced
kindness and friendship should return in great haste
looking forward to the change in the world we all know
go out there and help this new message to grow.....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 307
poisoned elixir Oct 2020
are you
going to
for yelling at me
for  no given reason
am i just
to suppress the
tears and
are we to
act as if nothing happened?
am i supposed to be
(C) Elissar Mustapha
karly codr Aug 2020
i spent the afternoon crying
my eyes are tired
and swollen
and puffy
and red.
dad got mad
because i messed up again...

                                              ... no surprise there
he got even more mad when i started to cry
but who cares
my mind is so f**ked up anyway
does it really matter if anyone notices
how lost i am?
karly codr Apr 2020
why can't you understand
that music is the only
thing that i have
that is keeping
my fake happiness alive
why do you
and scream
when i listen to music
why do you
at me
for crying
because you took away
my only source
of life
of happiness
happy easter i guess
karly codr Mar 2020
Why do you have to yell
A second after we get done
You yell at me for doing something
And I cry about it,
And you yell at me
For crying.
Nikita Mar 2020
Born with the legs of a baby deer
I sprung to my feet,
Running not from a wolf, not from a bear,
But from a young women
Who raised children with fear

I dived into the room
The one with purple walls,
closed curtains and a box full of dolls

Swallowed by the dark
I was an appetiser
For the shadows yet to come

Looming over the bed frame
Her voice distorted
Her body stretched

In a second, she switched from
A mother to a monster
One with miserable, red eyes
I am recollecting memories of my childhood. This is my series; my story.
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