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Poetic T Dec 2019
brisk nights hang low
baubles linger effortlessly

shimmering below streets.
Poetic T Dec 2019
Could find it,
               looking deeper towards

the light, then I collapsed within
              the darkness...

It was so bright, so lovely onyx
                petals lacerating me

like i was opening the door to a better place.

My blood was the nurture to open wounds
            that needed to show the bone,

            before I could heal from the  fall.

You never knew me, till you glued every
                scar after opening it to realise

that.. beauty was beneath every scar.

The luminosity blinded, headed my growth,
          for to grow,
I needed to be blind to see

                                  my purpose..
Anais Dec 2019
I'm tired, constantly,
physically, mentally,
in all regards, a blob
of exhaustion repeating
day after day the same
words, moving the
same way, lacking
the common thrill of living,
'I'm tired' we say, and fail
to notice the vast sea left
BeLoved Oct 2019
Baby I think we need to breathe
So much love lost
I'm smiling cause it's impossible to grieve
It's impossible to leave
I'm addicted to you darling
But your too blinded to see
Flower C Aug 2019
When did it start?
My heart beats rhymed with yours,
Should I know you were leaving,
Long have I fessed to you,
These bottled words,

When did you notice?
Did I act differently?
Deserving, am I? For your worries.
How well do you know of me?
Give up, would I? On trying,
Should I know.

I met you.
On one fateful day? No, just a day.
You saw me, when I didn’t,
You held onto me,
When I was trying,
To let go,
Of me.

In truth, if I had known,
I deserved you,
Long would I see, your ascend,
As the sun rises,
A new light, over the mountains,
Paved a gold path,
For you along with my words,
And a tree, to carry beyond.

Oh, pathetic soul,
What could hurt me so bad,
That I won’t open my eyes,
Even the slightest,
Even to try,
To see you,
In your warmth of a smile,
To see me,
Caressed, by your halo.

Now, I bid you adieu,
Silently, without any say,
With the bottle, still in my hands,
With guilt and a thought,
What happened, happens for a reason,
Another mystery, a misery,
Which will forever mute me,
And blind me,
From seeing another,
Light as accepting as yours.
We've been through so much that sometimes we tend to focus more on things that suffocates us than those who cared for us. Don't let this blind you, look at them, truly see, what they've done for you, don't take them for granted, before it's too late.
YYC Jul 2019
we're years apart,
but you're still so sweet;
so understanding,
but broken like me.

I know it's only been a few months,
since she's abandoned you,
lost in the rain,
not knowing what to do.

but now that I'm here,
I want to bring you home.
give you a shelter,
keep you warm.

Help heal the wounds
she left on you,
the ones you limp through,
to pretend you're in one piece,
still good.

I hope you open up more to me soon,
let me see the worst of the scars and bruises.
let me fill that big hole of empty she left in your heart,
puzzle and glue back all the missing shards.

i just want you to see me that way,
but if you don't ever,
I'll still be here and.
it's okay.
she's gone, but still lingers in his heart. i'm here, but was never in his heart.
s v e n Jun 2019
Rosy cheeks,
Bright eyes, and
A careless smile.

I'm perfectly blinded
by you.

Contagious laughter,
Deep voice, and
An honest heart.

I'm perfectly infatuated
with you.
Maybe this is about them ♡~
Kayla Gallant Jun 2019
I am sightless
In a sea of light
Blinded by my own insanity
I can no longer see through the madness  ❤️
And for that I am glad.
The Red Woman Apr 2019
you see me
as if i am perfect
but my dear
you have been blinded
by that kind heart of yours
a letter to a friend, who loved me, whom i couldn't love back
Aylin Chavez Apr 2019
You say you love me,
But your love feels like death.
Your words are meaningless.
They’re nothing but blurred.

We tangled in the sheets,
twisting the words in my head.
Complicating it’s meaning,
twisting it’s simplicity.

You blocked my thoughts,
with your trail of kisses.
Trailing to a dictionary,
to the truth of the word

Our hands entangled with one,
not able to write what we felt.
No marks were drawn,
to draw that heart.

You blind me with your “love”,
with you I had no sight.
You were that special one,
until I’ve seen.

You claimed to love me,
but your eyes looked past mine.
Not sharing the same love.
My eyes loved you more.

You pushed me aside,
not expressing the love.
That’s when I realized,
your meaning was different than mine
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