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Celine Ngo Nov 2021
so blinded by the rose tint of my glasses
so far-sighted whenever i thought of you grinning from ear to ear
yet i was so nearsighted whenever you were here

now that i'm slowly correcting my vision
maybe my prescription isn't a perfect 20-20
but i feel like i've reflected and understood plenty

at best, you're just an acquaintance, not a friend
yeah, i might be seeing things 20-21
but to me, everything we did was never just for fun
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, looks like far is better than the unknown:\

I rephrase I say again haunted by the devils
God is unfair sorting mindlessly things for innocent souls to rebel

why should I be in a no landing deprive ???
of a sunlight in a stream of shallows and happy cries

chains and chords struck my nights would
like a movie scene I want like a music video in snow-none should

guess core in me is blinded in tomorrow edged with rage
seems like I'm the one one hurting myself not them in that cage

belting on drums my heart writes it explodes
far from the cheers and the spotlight affection in the feels I showed

for a ****** serenity in hatred
I hope blood shedding no stays in me sacred

no November curses left to decay a fatal I
no tears left to shed tearing in time

                                                          ­                      ------ravenfeels
Serenity Jacobs Mar 2021
I loved you more than I loved me
Ignoring all of your flaws
because of what you said to me
Blinded by your love
I just gave you all of me
Now it is clear to me
That you are not who you said you are to be
Fake smiles, fake love, fake grasps
All of which you did just to say you had me
Your love was never what I imagined it to be
Out of truth,
You started wildfires across my heart.
The noxious fumes choke me.
I'm blinded,
But dance in the flames as we persist.
Austin Reed Aug 2020
Give me undying love
My selfishness wants your time
Listen to my words;
They’re more important than what you’re doing

Fill my void
Be something I can’t conflict
Welcome me like I do my self-indulgent thoughts
Chaotic world Apr 2020
Some days I feel like a sailor lost at sea
Sailing the endless ocean not knowing
if I will ever find my destination.
Sometimes it’s like I’m surrounded by a cloud of fog, blinded to the point where I can no longer
tell where I came from or where to go next.
Some days I want to see a light from the distance shining through that fog
Calling my name
Showing me where I need to be.
I wanted you to be my light house,
Clearing the fog around me
And letting me know that my journey ended with you. But I felt so lost when I was with you
Maybe because the lighthouse in you,
never wanted to turn the lights on for me
Paper Heart Poet Apr 2020
You ain’t no good judge of me 
You’re way too much in love with me 
You’re biased eyes they mislead you
You don’t see what’s in front of you 

Don’t put me higher than I am 
**** the angel you think I am 
Adjust your vision to see reality 
Don’t be fooled by my beauty 

I am evil, a ruthless beast 
Don’t forgive me, don’t let me feast 
On you weakness and your care 
I’ll devour it and steal your air
Cole Brantley Feb 2020
There's no way
I want to stop it
But I ******* can't
It eats at me

She doesn't deserve to feel
as if every burden
is her doing
its mine

If I did things right
If I was better at this
I live in this constant fear
so trapped in my own afflictions

My lack of control
why does it have to be this way
it hurts like nothing else

Except for this one moment
I refuse to allow occupy my mind

Maybe if I listened
Shut my ******* mouth
did more, maybe then
she'll understand

my true love to her
my protective intentions
but I feel as if I'm so far
from these things I want to be

for you
I'm sorry.
This is my mind as I go down the road and think of the ways I've hurt her and dream of the ways to make things better
Poetic T Dec 2019
brisk nights hang low
baubles linger effortlessly

shimmering below streets.
Poetic T Dec 2019
Could find it,
               looking deeper towards

the light, then I collapsed within
              the darkness...

It was so bright, so lovely onyx
                petals lacerating me

like i was opening the door to a better place.

My blood was the nurture to open wounds
            that needed to show the bone,

            before I could heal from the  fall.

You never knew me, till you glued every
                scar after opening it to realise

that.. beauty was beneath every scar.

The luminosity blinded, headed my growth,
          for to grow,
I needed to be blind to see

                                  my purpose..
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