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im tired of being ridiculed
and not taken seriously
these are my goals
not just another fantasy
Ora Miedema May 2020
Why don't you take this key and stop taking life so seriously?  
Open the box of surprises, you'll find so many great fun prices.
Careful but not too careful,  and life won't be hard but never dull.
Stupid old soul taking life way too seriously, why why?
Haven't you learned it's all a fun try try?
Oh what a relaxing fun surprise.
If you don't take it seriously it can be a little nice.
Big Virge Mar 2020
Man … "You Cannot Be SERIOUS !" ...

You AIN'T … " John Mc….." ... !!!!!

And That's A FACT …
Why You Trying To Play BAD … ?
When You AIN'T … " Mike Jack " … !!!?!!!

Is Your Name … " EDDIE "… ?!?
Cos' You Seem ... UNSTEADY …
And Are CLEARLY Quite DELIRIOUS ... !!!!

Wrong And Strong ….
DO NOT Belong In The Same Vicinity …
You're INSANE … " CLINICALLY " … !!!!!

And Some Kind of CLOWN ...
To CLAIM INSISTENTLY That You ... NEVER Back Down … !!!!!

So You're … ALWAYS RIGHT … !!!?!!!
What's In Your Mind … ?!?
To Think That YOU Deal In The TRUTH … !!!!!!

Now That's Just NOT TRUE ...
And You KNOW IT TOO … !!!!!!!

DENY …. ALL You Like … !!!
But You're The Type Whether Girl Or Guy … !!!!!
Who NEEDS TO Find Some Time …. " Outside " ...
of Deluded Dreams That … Keep You CLEAN …

When REALITY Shows That You AIN'T Holmes … !!!!!
Or A BRILLIANT MIND … I Think You'll Find …

Your Light Is Dim To … SERIOUSLY Think …
That You Should RESIST ... ACCEPTING THIS ... !!!

Sometimes You're WRONG … !!!
And AREN'T As Strong As You … CLAIM To Be … !!!!!

Which Is Why Straight Words DISTURB Your Nerves …. !!!!!
Cos' You DON'T OBSERVE ... Relax And Learn ... !!!!!

You Just Get … PERTURBED … !!!
And REACT Like A Child When Your Profile …
Is Inspected Dissected And Shown To Be … DEFECTIVE … !!!!!

YOU And YOUR Collective …
Who Clearly Weren't Injected …
With ... Common Sense Directives … !!!

Where Humility's Selected …
Instead of ... IGNORANT Objectives … !!!!!

Like ... NOT Having The CLASS ...
To Accept That It's A FARCE To KEEP Acting Like An *** … !!!!!

When You've EXPOSED Yourself
To Be Lacking … Mental Health …  

By This I Mean …
Thought Waves That Lean …..

Towards IGNORANCE … !!!

It Seems Apologies Are Beyond Your Reach …
Like Logical Thoughts That Deplore And Ensure …

That Thoughts of WAR ...
Are REMOVED From The Fore When They Have NO CAUSE … !!!

Is it SO HARD To ADMIT In Your Heart … ?!?
That Some Things You Have Done Were REALLY Quite Dumb … !!!

It Seems That Your PRIDE And EGO COLLIDE ... !!!
Where IGNORANCE Lies Which Clearly Is Why ...

You TRY To DEFEND Your Brand of NONSENSE …  !!!!!
When You Should ACCEPT That It's Probably Best …
To Leave It For Dead And Make Recompense ...

For Things You Have Said …
That Were Better Off Left Inside of Your Head … !!!!!

I Guess I Can't Blame Ya When You Deal In Capers …
That Prove You Weren't Favoured By Our Lord And Creator … !!!

To Humble Yourself Instead of REACTING ….
Like Some … " Hound of Hell " … !!!
When You Become Trapped In Your EGO FILLED Cell … !!!

Where Is It You Dwell Alongside Your Pride … ?!?

In The End You May Find ... Yourself In A BIND …

DEEP INSIDE These Heads Who Tend To Be TENSE … !!!

And ... RESTLESS In Beds …  !!!!!  
Cos' Reality's BITE ... They CANNOT DENY … !!!!!

Therefore It's CLEAR SIGHT That BLINDS Their Insight … !!!!!

The Insights They Try … !!!
To Use As Their Guide To NOT Backing Down … !!!


As If Who They Be …
Is BEYOND … " Royalty " … !!?!!

These Peeps Live In … " DREAMS " ...
Where Their Egos Then Feed Like … Blood ******* Fiends … !!!

But Even Drac' KNOWS To Abscond From Those Zones …
Where The Stakes Are High Like … De La Soul Vibes … !!!!!

HIGH Like Humility That Walks With Serenity ...
In The Face of These Enemies …
Who Claim To Be Friendly Whilst Aiming Obscenities … !!!

SERIOUSLY ... I Mean SERIOUSLY … !!!?!!!

... "So, You NEVER, Back Down !?!" …

I Can Hear Them NOW And See Their Frowns … !!!!
These CLOWNS Who Are Surplus ... To A Good Circus … !!?!!

Because They Are WORTHLESS ….  !!!
Like Crowds Are To … Hermits ... !!!!!!!!!!!  

Who Choose Spiritually ... To Move DIFFERENTLY …
Because What They Believe DENIES Egos And Breeds ...

A Place Where These Wrongs Are Allowed To Move On …. !!!
And IGNORANT Acts Are NOT SEEN As STRONG …….. !!!!!

TOO MANY Heads Now Present …
NONSENSE ... As Their Defence …. ?!?!?

For IMPURITIES In How They Be … ?!?!?
As If They Have ... IMPUNITY … ?!?!?!?!?

Well ... All's I Can Say Is …….

…….. " SERIOUSLY " …… !?!
Sometimes people really do say the most ignorant things, and then have the cheek to try to defend them, with even more foolishness, this poem speaks on them .....
kevin Jan 2020
Laying in bed
The heater set to 65
Cat on my lap and the door cracked open
Browsing online
Watching ****** youtube videos
on r/maliciouscompliance
Things could be worse
Things could be so much worse
Big upgrade from when I spent a literal hour doing clown makeup earlier.
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2019
It could be
Like this

You may think
He/She is following you
He/She may be chasing
His/Her dream

And you are in
As simple as that
Genre: Observational
Theme: You must know that || Crossroads
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019






and then,

but it's gotta be



no gas station sushi for me
Ken Pepiton Jan 2019
The doitnow voice

{one in a series of solos while considering multiple personality
mixed chorus tryouts for a spoken opera, ere this a Socratic voice spoke, then
a dialogue of anomalies took shape]
******* has the brackets.
This is a realised simulated happy ever, end prologicspiel
This is the way.
{remember Socrates said his voice said don't and sometimes only once.}
test the air you breathe out, that is not what defiles you.

speak light, draw attention, then
Do it now, as best you can
and keep doing best
every time
{ggood vibrain-tion tense in tegrity
best I think I can
buckyballs bouncing through the new age
mirrored 'alls of missed aitches}

(Ah, Casteneda, ya'coulda seen it> as the croW flew)

All things work together, every thing breaks,
everything is working
when any thing is re
al ized
Murfeesboro law, if nothin' can go wrong,
it cain't, whether it wonts or wants to, or not.

everything is working at reasonable good
when any thing is re
al ized
unique, like you. Anomalous you, as yet

a daptible augmented alienated mind,
do you mind?
your integrity has been questioned,

do you now or did you ever
imagine you knew what
Castaneda said he saw and learned to see.

if you can fake sincerity,
it once was thought to mean

without wax
in the fractures,

standing still for as long as I may recall
at this point

the magi seem to miss the connection to true

some seem always to know,
this good out weighs,
any bad.

our best good to gather all our

dance around the fire
listen to the lyrics lick the liar

snakey-lick, microdose

two snakes, how shall we organize our structure,

is there a high command in
the organizms living
in my belly

for example

intolerable, wobble able skepticism
to imbalance the spin within
the wheels wheeling into forever

as far as mortals may care,
my dear.

re-verse engineer those lost religions

if you can't fit one in a word, you know you did not fold it up right.
or it never was the word. The one
Magi and Rabbi both said ineffable in an effable

utterance, singularity of
sense data, mundane and ordinary,
miraculous, as their inexplicable existences evince,

in my reality I find
quantum truth is peace ful to a peace maker,

in my experience,
a new voice seldom knows good from evil
if it calls

guilt and innocence

Like Mars and Sophia,
who could ever imagine that

The boy knows not the difference,

he was war trained,

too subtle to see from his ration-al

bogus science, theo dose us.

Good is good in every good boy who does fine like minded

A new voice, 30ish stuck near a next gate left swinging in the wind.
whoa, spiritual right used

who are we hearing?
(watch a comma mean everything)

, teaching 30 something and below
a true Richard Dawkins Disciple
to the novice-nots he preaches, true rest in knowing
I believe there is no god, we, you and me, he says, we know

there is no God,
but we can't stop thinking about him.
{he said that was one of the all things that are possible}
--- you can hear me now? cool, who's the preacher?

An atheist sounds 30, teaching 30 something and below
a true Richard Dawkins Discipline master spiel
to the novice-nots

come on encourage me
and I'll encourage you and
we'll be what ever we agree we are

as far as that can go. Que sera et cetera

idle words redeemed we mean what we mean
every *&^%$#@ and ,.';:"+_-=
as well.
We own Seri and Cortana. We got root!.

we stand to topple every imagination that imagines itself
beyond in every or any
vector from whence truth has been filtered by

{stop their minds are on auto. tongues and interpretation
situation evincing the confirmed's bias

to, exact now}

man's measure of time.

Spirit of truth. If that is, it is because you thought so.
It never goes away.
It can drive you into a wilderness.
Stark-raving-mad thinking there is no reason

in your rational being.

That's nuts, if you really believe there is a reason,
what is it?

I make mere points where a story may
emerge to guide you past
some cultural events
you don't need
to know,

ripe cheese, you may  never know the unspeakable variety of truth there is
in the factual ripe ness of a lactis bacillis cousin community formed in the surplus
lactation left to rot by some human who once learned

some how, to milk a cow.
How'd yew figger that?

Would yew b'lieve a lit'le birdie tol' me?
That would be a lie, but a variety of the truth
by reason of thae tactile way a hand must learn

No clumsy boy learned that alone,
we dreams of certain carnal
joys unbeknownst, we
came with the knowing how, some how, good felt good,

who beguiled whom, the m is so im portentious in such
situations as we

find ourselves in, yin
yanging in eine klein bottle

oh, my, google klein bottle.

I may have poured the last thread to

into a klein bottle with a quark in it.
Youtubes from Pinker in the background, musing around tith conceptual pantheonic integrity, then I learned Carlos Casteneda never really saw my silver crow.
Traveler Jan 2019
I want to run away
Start somewhere anew
I need the samething
The same thing
As you
Empty I die
Alone in this life
I would treat you
Better than right
Don’t let us starve
Without a flight
Send me a message
Chance our lives!
Traveler Tim
Riya Sep 2018
People say you have to be positive
You have to smile when you can
You have to cry when you can
You just have to sort of way.

I don't get any of it.

Can't I be- or feel
Can I be 'okay'? For once.
As in I'm neither sad nor mad-
Kind of way.

Can't I feel like
I don't care about anything
And not worry for once.

Yeah, it might be bad
To feel numb.

But I don't care at the moment.

I don't care at all, right now.
When my friends or whoever I tell about how I feel. When I tell them I'm just OKAY.
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