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Tatiana May 21
         ­          I
                            my mind
                        is feeling
                       that I do
                           seems to
                      make this
                    go away
       not even just a cup of tea
   can keep these dreadful shivers
  at bay and I am left wondering if I will
  ever feel okay. Am I going to         turn
    out to be something great? Or will I
          stumble into oblivion
and no one will remember my name.

I guess I'm going to have to make another cup of tea and see if I like that one.
Zach Houle Feb 28
I dream upon a mountain lake
A treasure that has sealed my fate
Great trees reach to touch the sky
And water tumbles, falls and cries

And as it comes down in tears
We laugh at our common fears
Clouds weeping sorrows away
A gust of wind, the trees sway
Lacy Feb 17
marry me, my sweet princess,
love me every day at all times
don't run away from me
for I shall always find you in my eyes
I love you so much I'm sorry I had to trap you and make you mine
you see love is not easy for me to keep
so please I'll be gentle when I tie you up and chain yourself to me.
Midge Jan 20
Lost, alone and terrified
In solitude I forever will confide
Maybe I will just end it with suicide
Everything will be better if I just died

All those voices in my head
All the tears I may have shed
I’ve got fear and anxiety, disgust and dread
I sank in darkness while I lay in bed

I just can’t take it anymore
This uneasy feeling, I never can ignore
Go back to the corner with pain and sore
Enticing myself with blood and gore

My soul corrupted, my faith all gone
It’s too late to save me, I am done
Lance Dec 2018
What keeps you up at night little one?
Is it the silence of the night?
Or is it the rush of voices?
Trying to fight there way out?

What makes you uneasy young one?
Is it the questions left unanswered?
Or the Sadness left by the day?
Maybe its something or maybe nothing.

So what keeps you awake young one?
Staci Lee Oct 2018
The field has laid barren,for much too long now.
So empty,the air smells of fear and that dreadful disquiet.
How can one ever gather all the pieces? Those broken and unwanted fragments of who you are,were and meant to be.
An overwhelming task in a mind it stays. You haven’t the energy to ask or pray. To build,to persevere,to carry on.
The need to create & sustain courage, to cross 1,000 miles,when afraid to take just one step.
The fear has jangled you to your core.
Powerless,you can say no more.
Seems only one way to turn.
And that’s away.
For,it is not that one desires the fall.
But,rather it is the fear of the flames.
Jay9 Jul 2018
Why am I wearing my feelings for everyone to see
It's not like I'm trying to hide it's just my reality
I know I said I would wait and take it slow and easy
But everything has me feeling so uneasy
It seems like you're going further and further away
While I'm stuck here without you going day to day
Eleanor Sinclair Jun 2018
A question for my future self:
Am I happy?
Do I have insurmountable wealth?
A concern from my past self:
Do I still use my body to show the boys I’m pretty?
Is my potential for the future just collecting dust on a shelf?
I wrote a letter in seventh grade to my tenth grade self
I asked, blatantly, “pourquoi est-ce que to habites?”
That means “why do you live?”
And I sat and wondered while reading that in twelfth grade:
“What can I possibly give? Five years ago I didn’t know why I live and still I falter with the thought.”
I’ve been told time and time again that I’m wasting what I have
Not my materials or rights
My ability to stab through the thickest situations and rise to the top
I’ve been told that my potential has been wasted
I’m worried that me right now will be the same in ten years as though it has just been copied and pasted
Life goes on in a conveyor belt fashion
You step off when you get where you need to go
But some of us stand still and go in the same circle never taking action or developing a passion to get from point A to point B
I fear I may never step off my conveyor
It’s hard to see the world objectively when clearly everything is subjective
I’m conveying to you, future self, that I think your belt is broken and you’re stuck in one place
You physically stand still
While your mind wanders space
And you think you’re advancing and in life moving forward
But you’re stationary and you can’t see it now, but take my word for it
I want you to open your eyes and see past your useless tears
You’ve had all the time in the world to make changes, you’ve had so many years!
So why is it that you have yet to adjust the system?
Future self, are you listening? Get off the conveyor and start walking, because no one is there to fix them!
Don’t expect help from anyone in your circle
They stick around for a little but are ultimately a hurdle
There is no one to trust but you, future friend
If you need to reach out to anyone
Ask yourself, a hand I’m sure you’ll lend
I doubt you want to see yourself fail
You might as well then get your coffin and count each nail
Because everything in life is different in perspective
Can you see now that you somewhat feel respected?
I worry about you more than I should
But I worry just enough
To the point where it’s good
Hey, can we strike a deal, future me?
Give it four years
And if by then you can’t see,
Then the world doesn’t need you and you’re better off alone,
But if you see what I mean then enjoy your new home
Your body is the dwelling that you seek shelter in
I hope that day comes when you love your own skin
When your eyes shimmer with glee at the sight of your image
Not at all like Narcissus, but you understand the little pilgrimage I’m talking about
So one last comment to you, my soon to be friend
Always trust yourself and your judgement, don’t bend
Don’t let others walk over you like a doormat
Command your presence like a homerun swinging bat
Silence the room when you walk in to speak
Understand your self worth and the benefits, you’ll reap
I’m happy to have the pleasure of meeting you one day
I’ll likely be nervous and not know what to say
Because for how powerful and wonderful and mystifying you’ll be
God I hope one day what I want to see will be me
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