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Payton Feb 24
You weren't the butterflies in my stomach —no, you were the ache
in my chest.
You were the lust in my eyes and the longing in my bones.
And there's nothing I can do to shake the stinging feeling of
wasps one my skin, in the places you should be.
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This poem was written in 2016.
Anne J Nov 2018
Petals scatter with sweet honey from the hexagonal sun
And drip their nectar unto the heiress’s staff’s bun
Her lips shine with the yellow blood of her little wasp enemies
Disguised with a soft and young smile that’s hidden breathlessly
The young ruler’s snow hair dissolves into sweet sprinkles of canary
And her golden eyes shall unleash a sting into whoever she shall marry
A poem I started yesterday and finished today. Based on this artwork I saw on DeviantArt: I got her permission to do this poem. Please check out her art, it's freaking awesome!
Payton Jul 2018
I have once again, left
open the door to
my heart and
the wasps have found
their way in.
The fluttering in my bones
was not from the
It was the sharp sting of
falling in love
with you.
svdgrl Apr 2018
Was it your final flight?
Entrapped in leather armor
you pierced me hot and dizzy
excruciating and unforgiving.
****** for haram invasion,
when we plowed through
your nesting grounds.

Splattered amongst the visor
your sisters died in vain
but you, you left a mark
had me faint on the bike
falling backwards, alarmed
almost victim to your kamikaze.
Only soothed with more poison.

Swollen sordid pretense,
will it die away?
Though not the predominate,
I feared amputation
from your martyrdom.
But your irreverent venom
only plagued me for a weekend.
Got stung by a yellow jacket whilst riding on the back of a motorcycle. It got stuck in my glove and all i could do for the pain was drink.
Duzy Nov 2017
He shoots... He misses
He shoots... He misses
He shoots... He tagged me.

I've been expecting you
I've also been avoiding you
But what could I do when I knew that your aim was true?

That's just Cupid

I must confess, more or less, that I'm back in this mess with this little black cloud in a dress.

Walking all over me, running rings around me. Stamping everywhere that you breathe
Bob says "it's good to talk", the old man says "don't be a grass".
I don't know which one to believe.

That's just stupid.

So we decide to talk but it doesn't last long
Soon enough we're shouting. At least the passion isn't gone.

As I fantasize and fight to rationalize
You exercise your right to exorcise.
Honeymoon is over, we got work in the morning.

But honey is still honey, and a bee is still a bee.
So why's she acting like a wasp?! There's stings all over me.

So I mentioned before that I'm back in this mess, but it's my mess and I'll tidy it up alone.
Well of course you will it's your ****** fault. That's it, I'm turning off my phone.
Donna Aug 2017
Through dark and light a
protection shield is needed
in the human world
Isabelle Nov 2016
Back then, whenever I see you,
My stomach flutters and my cheeks turns into a red hue
It was like the butterflies
         are singing and dancing gracefully at the sight of you

But now, the butterflies turn into wasps
That whenever I see you, I am losing my grasp
Eating my whole system
          and instead of love, an excruciating pain
Butterflies and wasps, which is which?

Been very busy lately...
At the precipice of sunrise
I might aspire to take a stroll
a bipedal tour of the neighborhood
catching the scent of recently cut grass
feeling the dew on the leaves
low hanging trees
and observe the moisture
drawing earthworms from their shelter
easy pickings for the ravens
whom may aspire to be eagles.
Squirrels approach with a boldness
expecting nourishment from my person
and leave disappointed as they came.
The sun emblazons the horizon
with a will to command the chorus of birds
At this moment I realize our reservations
and selfish preservation have become.
As I smile and throw my arms out wide
a wasp lands and stings the inside of my joint
and I remember
how much of an ******* everything is
and go back inside.
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