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This afternoon, I time a Loon
the length that she stays under.
Upon the shore, I keep her score,
amazed and full of wonder.
Beneath a wake, one minute eight.
What is it that she plunders?
No hook needs she to fish so free.
No line nor rod impedes her.
What sense applies to depths she dives?
Which rhythm moves her meter?
As if in air she swims so fair
To seek that which may feed her.
On this Fall day, I wish to stay
and watch her dive and surface.
“Get back to shore!” My mind implores
as work beckons its service.
And yet I stay in silence, bade
the Loon to bear me witness.
Share I with Loon this afternoon
to gladly dive and swim?
In friendship be the Loon with me?
With her would I find kin?
As land locked Loon, I must resume
to fish the drink I’m in.
To gaze in wonder.
Raven Mc Chim Jun 2020
Once I was abandoned by person
I never thought I would be so forlorn
It is like many nettles in my life
Missing those moments that you enacted
as you made fantastic world around me
Which cannot be forgotten even in my dreams
It's like I've been a loon in front of you
Believing all those false worlds
You made me such a way that,
There is a word alone carved in my heart
That cannot be erased by anyone,
even by the god
please give me your hand,save me save me
I need your true love before I fall,fall
Don't leave me
to you friend
please give all the true love om you think they deserve.
Michelle Jun 2018
They are more starved for Nature
Then one can ever fathom;
Oh, where is that secret  
Off they go in a cabin;
that they may frequent
All the noise and pollution
It melts and floats away;
Into life's little solution.

It's back to the plough of life so rough;
They like the smithy toil day after day
Their life may be starved, very tough,
Oh, to listen to the wild loon's call.
How it haunts them each day after day;
How they stomach their bitter gall?
Taking a wooden loon back to the city.
Until that cabin is reached it is a pitty.
When the wild calls; Good-bye city.
We who are born

"We who are born
In country places
Far from cities
And shifting faces,
Have a birthright
No man can sell
And a secret joy
No man can tell"
Eiluned Lewis
mikumiku Apr 2018
Just be the **** ****** you desire
Just be their icon, diva, vogue, inspire!
Just shake that money-making waffle tale
And put it up for every market sale
Or be the coffee squirrel on the wheels
Just give me mochas, lattes – those the deals!
Don’t be so easy cheesy, take a shot!
You drink at Hortons’, baby? You are hot!
Don’t feel like ******, squirrel? Be the moose!
Hang out at Lake Louise with Branta goose
Just grab a Molson and then chill it out
Now, isn’t that what Canada’s about?
Just be polite today and I won’t bite
Just say you’re sorry when you are not right
Just be the polar teddy, be the loon
We’ll love you all the way from Earth to Moon
Andreas Simic Sep 2017
The Lonely Loon©

Long before my daily ritual begins
Your call as distinctive as any sound on the lake
Beckons me with your unique overture

Each day like clockwork I see you there
Bobbing like a cork on the shimmering lake
On guard like a sentry at Buckingham palace

As I meander down the long rocky spit
We eye each other like boxers in a ring
One step past the mythical line you have created

And you will take flight to your safe haven
We are so much alike seeking our solitude
Drawing lines in the sand that shall not be crossed

For now we cautiously examine each other’s presence
Respectful of the boundaries we have set
One wrong move on my part and…

There will be a flapping of wings
Like a plane making its initial ascent
Soon you will be out of sight

Until tomorrow,
See you then my friend

Andreas Simic©

— The End —