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Amber K Sep 16
June the first...
About thirty minutes after 9 AM.
I got the call.
I remember not allowing myself to believe you'd leave.
I messaged your Facebook,
telling you how much I cared about you.
I reminded you that we needed you to stay,
so you had to keep fighting.
I remember feeling so on edge that day,
but still not letting myself let go of that hope.
I believed so strongly that you'd breathe on your own again.
The next day,
All of us were on pins and needles.
Your mother was posting pictures of you,
strangers in states you'd never even been were praying for you.
Then 3:07 came.
You took your very last breath.
You took a part of us with you.
I cried so hard that I didn't think I would ever stop.
I wanted to scream at you...
but I also just wanted to hear your voice again.
I wanted to wake up,
only for someone to tell me it was just a horrible nightmare.
But I couldn't.
This was reality.
You were gone.
And the worst part of you leaving,
was the fact that I didn't know where you went.
Could you still hear me when I talked to you?
Were you watching over us?
Or were you too far away now.
Or were you even around at all anymore.
Were you simply just gone?!
I questioned everything after you left.
But eventually I had to come to terms with something.
That something was that you were not here.
No matter where you were or weren't,
you would not be HERE again.
I wouldn't see you or hear you again,
except for in my dreams where I pleaded for you to tell me why...
the one's where you smiled and refuse to answer.
I had to start letting go.
Once I started to let go,
I began to see things clearly again.
The pain of losing you was still there,
and I know it will never leave,
but it wasn't keeping me from living anymore.
I decided I couldn't let you go in vain.
I had to start living a life you'd be proud of instead.
So here I am...
Almost four months later,
on this rainy day,
thinking about how much I miss your dumb jokes.
Thinking about how happy I am that I got to know you.
I still wonder where you are,
but I just hope it's somewhere beautiful.
Just another poem about one of my friends I lost this year to suicide. He'd been on my mind so much these past few days. Writing about it all just helps me cope.
When I hear that unheard lullaby
It makes a deep hole inside me
maybe, it reminds me of your heartbeat
If there's any memory in your mind
that I couldn't fill; a gap between us.
It wasn't your fault, if couldn't make it there
In the middle of June.
Moon Cherry Jul 24
It’s raining in June,
Yet all the flowers still bloom,
With a charming Rune,

My heart loves this tune,
From the window of my room,
Brightly shine the Lune.
There’s a place for you,
Where my heart will always bloom.
Cox Jul 12
Days getting colder,
My heart a big ball of broken down smoulder,
Ice all over.
My heart clear, see through, the whitest cellophane.
My heart aching in reminder, May rang.
A phone call like no other, rather a goodbye.
Winter later called in to say hi.
Randy Johnson Jun 30
The year is half over, today is the 30th of June.
The first half of this year went by pretty soon.
In just a few days, we'll celebrate the 4th of July.
Firecrackers will pop and bottle rockets will soar into the sky.
Because of this **** Coronavirus, America has been gripped with fear.
I certainly hope that things will get better during the second half of this year.
EmperorMoth Jun 27
Painful is the feeling I experience when I hear the songs you left me with.

I heard someone laugh the same laugh that you did...and I felt my heart sink.

I often ponder you, wondering why I ponder you, but to no avail, I've yet to gain that answer.

It's the bite of bitter experience that I sink before; what did I do to need to go through such trivial...*******?

That's a repetitive thought that dances through my mind.

I sometimes wonder if I am blind, or if maybe I've gone crazy, but lately, I feel like I've been simply trying to decode this puzzle our scenario has placed on my heart.

I'm no longer looking for closure; it was never promised. I am looking for detachment, because I feel less human the more I'm reminded of your existence.

I hope, somehow, this is something I will laugh at in the future.
Alaina Moore Jun 24
I grew up with God in the wind,
and didn't fit in with Christian friends.
They told me stories and begged me to repent.
Though doubtful, my anxiety sparked at the thought of sin.

I was once on a playdate and the mother told me.
She disowned her best friend when she confessed she was a lesbian.
She told me she could only take her back if she came to her senses.
It made me feel sad and sick, with little sympathy for the protagonist.

I was once told by a good friend that no one is bisexual, of course they're just confused.
I knew who I was but I didn't say anything in rebuttal.
I just nodded my head and took the bruise.

Once after jokingly seeing my boyfriend and another male friend hold hands, my mother told me "how dare those ******* disrespect you like that."
It was a moment that shattered glass and left scars.
I managed an apology after too much effort.

My stepfather once told me that gender fluidity was a confused phase, and a fad for attention.
Walls were put up and notes were taken.
Doors remained closed and silence  prevailed.

I am complicated.
I blend in to "normal"
I feel guilty at times and don't feel honest.

I undervalue, perhaps, the benefit of looping everyone in.
Or, perhaps, I'm just keeping the peace and heeding warning signals.

I can say for certain, it's not a fad nor phase.
I've always been who I am, I just had to grow up in order the phrase it.
A confession camouflaged as a poem.
Each verse is later in life. Starting from 12 ending around 26.
Nat Lipstadt Jun 2016


nearby distant,
the soft thrash of warm waves
lapping interlocking,
happily wet tongue kissing,
sun-oven precision-crisping
the Long Island striped bass
and porgies, at a surreal cooling
77 degrees

Pandora synced to his eyes,
shuffling freely,
by saying
we too see!!
playing for him,
Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)

poor, poor poet,
strains to brain drain one more time,
conducting an ogling googling word search
for those combinatory storied ones that
sailboat glide
all the while
wildly bursting with Pellegrino effervescence

compromising sounds sights,
to present
properly the balance,
to preserve
properly this moment,
peaceful alive for all times,
as poet has tried,
and failed so many times before...

the caw caw caw of the crow mocks the illiterate human,
for the bird calls it, in single sound perfect and
the human a laughingstock,
for not in his possess,
to capture this perfect moment
of human sabbath.

a Roman Saturn day of rest,
on this day that itself,
is perfection,
perfect for celebrating our common creation,
on a day that our
almost-all-agreed-upon calendar
is marked for us to
forte rest,
from an existence of just laborious

the chubby checkered cheeked squirrels
laughingly pauses,
watching, enjoying a poet's struggle,
mind boggle,
the poet's chubby cheeks
stuffed with discarded words,
all insufficient to capture
the absolution of
absolute beauty

bathing in the noisiest of nature's sounds,
all that contravene the silence of living things,
breathing prayerful thoughts that all
summary end,
with a common gesture of
forefinger upon the lips

a human acknowledgment of
utter obeisance to the forces
calling out by example

listen, see!

silently presenting,

a day that demanded perfection
Ale Jun 19
Tropical weather brings along the rain,
Bathing burning skin, scorching sun,
And the tree out front has overgrown
Bright, tiny yellow flowers, sprinkled light.
They emerge, stars amongst the greenery
As we swim across the cooling sea,
Lemon flavor lingers in your mouth,
Sugary kisses, on humid nights.
And the tallest palms, they reach the skies,
Swaying gently, bending in the wind,
Month of June, I breeze, for all the whims,
And we keep each other, discovering.
For the summers filled with the sweetest smiles :)
Is there such a thing as purple roses,
Blooming in the rolling fields of June?
If there are, lead me to them like Moses
And I'll stay there till' the dreamy Moon
Whisks away the Sun.
Yep. These are the thoughts I have.
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