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Raven Feels Jun 22
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, in the middle the summer:]

one day
the twentieth of June knows no shame
comes back every year to call your name
breathes winds repressed in lungs forever
spits storms and yes in the middle the summer

seasons gloom
ashes are doomed
tears are pooled
in silence to float me the fool
dreams to a mercury's foot crumble
to awaken dark on a frowning stumble

a symphonious long
when hands twirl a touch
not you and me
in the song
ever alone crimed
that thing I called a one time
a sixth when parted lines

                                                         ­                                 -------ravenfeels
Juhlhaus Jun 20
Walk with me beyond the sunset
and let's sip the sweet ferment of the day,
the pungent lung nectar of Summer's first night.
In her beautiful darkness the world contracts
and expands like June fireworks, heard unseen
behind the measureless shadow trees.
Walk with me here while time rests his tread
leaving the sky to stars and dreams.
Raven Feels Jun 13
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, have a great summer:)

even a smile put to the price
life throws the jokes as a shield to dice

clean whole
times precious and sole

replace breezes to storms shun
a warning the car had to run

heartburn till the past chokes
moles on my hands seek an eye in the awoke

loyalty meant to break free back
some things for the sky electric an invisible lack

of this movie don't know the defending
even she can't offer that incredulous ending

                                                        ­                      ------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Jun 10
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, exposure is not vulnerability---it's power:]

a choice made once upon a dusk

the crack of dawn made no return a back it rust

deniable liquor down the throat a burn

upon the disgust my stomach ached a churn

hideous is it you stupid arrogant selfish pry

or was it way too much of a pure ecstasy upon their eyes???

things the raven will never feel warmth existing

jealousy always a hunter in the thick air printing

violins or that of cellos or the whatever veins named

pianos that ought to break regret down my spine lonely hailed

Raven Feels Jun 9
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, June *****-again-nice day!! :)

smeared upon a timeline
ran invisible funny suitable to my vision fine
as if ignored
guard unsolved

swear for that once and all
swear tears dried trickled no more
swear pounding fired hope is just words
swear that armor I wore must be permeable to swords
swear those lyrics are lost on right meanings
somethings are already ought to the bleeding

don't know how to shield
a break of relief of a happy scene from this contaminated field
crashed sad sirens
for which hell they belong silenced

hearts a singular crushed things a dilemma of clenching
flames swallow another
don't feed me a burn to forest ashed lovers

                                                        ­                                   ------ravenfeels
She's risen coarse on rusted tracks,
through sandy loam, a summer sheen.
Rainbows are but colour barracks,
fair violet, through verdant green.

Through sandy loam, a summer sheen
sparked exile of Fall's fleeting mist.
Fair violet, through verdant green,
adds tint to sun in pigment grist.

Exile sparked in Fall's fleeting mist,
cleared light, silky ivory.
Adds tint to sun in pigment grist,
silhouette of this noble tree.

Cleared light, silky ivory
are petals cast in modest mould.
Silhouette of this noble tree,
tattered leaves, raging wind unfold.

Petals cast in a modest mould
are magi of summer solstice.
Tattered leaves, raging wind unfold
simply envy of breezy fleece.

Magi of the summer solstice,
Purple blush on sun dipped petals.
Raging envy of breezy fleece,
Scalding wind that scarcely settles.

Purple blush on sun dipped petals
Rainbows are but colour barracks.
Scalding wind that scarcely settles,
she rises coarse on rusted tracks.
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Ahmad Attr Jun 3
My right to life isn’t an agenda
My right to life isn’t as described by your *******
It isn’t a propaganda
It isn’t a part of politics
The fact that we have to justify our existence is saddening.
Raven Feels Jun 1
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, this is my revival:p

this time I fluctuate

I breathe annihilation

what got rid of me I got rid of liberation

the hurt carried on the pearl as seen before

makes me moon the past a perfect doom not ignore

more I find reckless but in good tenders

bile arisen comes to a chocolate cake remembers

something for me for once and all

the apart rejoined from the great unregretted fall

said suffer time on the twentieth last of year

a June not ought for my happiness not dear

not a remnant

since then but not worth the resentment

other than a rapid eye above buried graves

let be dreaded for my save

mentioned a one to hurt one to dream

a revival knows the uniqueness that beams

now one to petty one to go

one to memory one to soon

my compass is to be found in dune

She steps
in tune
with night,
with moon,
to trace
the runes
of power.

too soon,
will come—
she’ll swoon,
her lands
with flowers.
sky sprinkled
with cottonwood tufts
I watch them

float and fly
jump and dance

and the world
slows around me

the city sounds
seem to quiet

as if for
this moment

we are all
just as entranced

by the magical
miniature clouds

suspended in
time and space

holding our breath
so as not to disturb

these tiny,
gliding miracles

gracing us with
all the beauty

of a snowy winter day
in the middle of june
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