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Elizabeth Zenk Jun 2022
Robins call
Chickadee bleats
The aroma of summer peeking through
the gentle mist of morning’s blue
Dandelions push through concrete
Trees are lush and green,
pink petals sprinkle like snow
Invasive flowers stretch and grow,
to roadways and ditches
Joggers emerge once more
for only when weather adorns
Cloud cover appears at 9 am
Then rain at 12
And sun at 3
Never a dull moment in spring
midnight sun Jun 2022
you are
my dreams’ reel
frequent inhabiter
rarely a bypasser
feelings lost
sight, almost
fosiya Apr 2022
the angel numbers that guide me
my birth date
the first sign I received to love myself
the numbers that give me reassurance
Allesha Eman Sep 2021
You take flights on paper planes
on September nights to escape the rain
love sits beside you
and so does pain  
in their hands, feelings from June
and they sit there waiting  
to take you to the moon
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, in the middle the summer:]

one day
the twentieth of June knows no shame
comes back every year to call your name
breathes winds repressed in lungs forever
spits storms and yes in the middle the summer

seasons gloom
ashes are doomed
tears are pooled
in silence to float me the fool
dreams to a mercury's foot crumble
to awaken dark on a frowning stumble

a symphonious long
when hands twirl a touch
not you and me
in the song
ever alone crimed
that thing I called a one time
a sixth when parted lines

                                                         ­                                 -------ravenfeels
Juhlhaus Jun 2021
Walk with me beyond the sunset
and let's sip the sweet ferment of the day,
the pungent lung nectar of Summer's first night.
In her beautiful darkness the world contracts
and expands like June fireworks, heard unseen
behind the measureless shadow trees.
Walk with me here while time rests his tread
leaving the sky to stars and dreams.
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, have a great summer:)

even a smile put to the price
life throws the jokes as a shield to dice

clean whole
times precious and sole

replace breezes to storms shun
a warning the car had to run

heartburn till the past chokes
moles on my hands seek an eye in the awoke

loyalty meant to break free back
some things for the sky electric an invisible lack

of this movie don't know the defending
even she can't offer that incredulous ending

                                                        ­                      ------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, exposure is not vulnerability---it's power:]

a choice made once upon a dusk

the crack of dawn made no return a back it rust

deniable liquor down the throat a burn

upon the disgust my stomach ached a churn

hideous is it you stupid arrogant selfish pry

or was it way too much of a pure ecstasy upon their eyes???

things the raven will never feel warmth existing

jealousy always a hunter in the thick air printing

violins or that of cellos or the whatever veins named

pianos that ought to break regret down my spine lonely hailed

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