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Hannah Dec 2020
I just wanted you to hold me
But I guess it was too much for me to ask.
You were too busy worrying about my past.
And I was left there wondering how long this will last.
I really just needed you to embrace me in your arms.
But instead, my news to you didn’t sound an alarm.
I was filled with guilt to the rim.
Hearing you say I made a mistake made my whole world dim.
The sparkle I once had with this world was lost.
I was in pieces falling apart.
But you didn’t seem to care about my heart.
I really just needed you to embrace me in your arms.
But I guess it was too much for me to ask.
Remus Johnson Dec 2020
I wake up
correction, you wake me up
like an alarm clock you yank me out of a state of slumber
but unlike an alarm, I don’t mind the sudden intrusion
just this once, I won’t hit snooze
I open my eyes
it’s so bright
you are so bright
I’m tired but you keep me aware, awake
your existence is like a revelation
how can that be?
you are just an alarm
but then again I have never met an alarm
or met someone like you
you feel warm
and safe

this is nice

and then I wake up
Anais Vionet Nov 2020
I’m a sentinel, fair Romeo
- scanning the liquid dark,
and ready to whisper alarm
at the first sign of romance.
A sentinel in an empty land has little to do
spacewtchhh May 2020
From my sound sleep, I heard that sound again.
Oh, it's just the alarm.
"Will you hear me out now?" says the snooze.
I thought that I just need more time to rest.
I snoozed it again.
After a few minutes, he asked me again, "Will you hear me out now?"
I turned it off.
What do I do now?
Should I push myself up? Or get back to sleep?
spacewtchhh May 2020
I clicked snooze on the alarm
It says that I should wake up
But I still want to sleep.
Emily Mitchell Mar 2020
Alarm sounds,  I wake ⏰
Ready to take on the day! ✊
... five more minutes please....😴
Strangely enough, now that I have nowhere to be during the day... I've been waking up snap! With my alarm good and awake... figures... X'D
So far I'm enjoying being temporarily jobless as much as I can but this is a big problem for a lot of people so I hope everyone will look out for your neighbors if you got them...
Poetic T Feb 2020
I slept passed my alarm.
          who really cares!!

            Saturdays rock..
Star BG Feb 2020
I set my alarm for happy.
Hope I don't oversleep.

I set my alarm for dreams
hope the ring tone makes me dance.

I set my alarm for love
hope it wakes up heart.

I set my alarm for harmony
can’t wait to hear it.

I set my alarm for smiles
hope its infiltrates waking moments.

I set my alarm to peace
as I attune to music of heart

Alarm to call angels
for their unconditional hugs.

I set my alarm
to be walking lighthouse of love.

Alarm to shine
as divine being of song.

I set alarm of senses
so I may be authentic self.

Alarm to be
shining lighthouse of color
anointing all.

I set my alarm
to merge with all I see

Alarm so human vessel
can awake to let freedom ring.
Just a morning thought using the word alarm
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