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The night's deep darkness  wore a cloak of evil,
The time, just ripe for the poison to spread even,
The ghosts went on preening wings with pleasure,
All those bit the dust,  hit by bullets anr on the streets,
Dancing to the crazy movements  of their phantom limbs!
An out the world music filled the air, evoking trance

"The water level rises far above the danger mark"
The evening news rings alarm bells, but already
We are in deep waters and at a point of no return!
"The hurricane hit the coast very badly, beware
All the escape routes are blocked by vehecles"
"Yes, yes, things are all in pretty bad shape, let's admit it"

But the girl is still practising her lines, leasurely
For the blast she has hardly an hour away, if it happens!
The dogs bark aloud alarmingly in the back streets,
Someone, it seems has broken in to the house
Through the weak door,  from behind.
"What do you suggest us to do?"
In panic someone in the phone yells.

There is stunned silence for a long while when
We could hear the darkness heavily breath and pant.
Then evil laughs like **** from that fierce night.
The stars once bright blink and go blind one by one!
The cadaverous moon bleeds blue blood, copiously.

I can't wait anymore to see you sweet heart,
As the night gets more and more turgid,
Could you make it..?.
Abby M Dec 2018
I'm glad I live in an average place
So that I can keep my breath
Who cares about the lack of sights
If my lungs keep me from death
And sure it's not quite pretty
But there's certainly some charm
To back up quiet living
Without tracheal alarm
Qwn Nov 2018
It starts in my chest,
the hate,
the anger.
The urge to destruct clouds
over my eyes,
and all I can see is fire.
I can't sit still.
Everything shakes and falls.

And when it's over
all that's left is smoke.
It floats off my fingers.
Alarms are ringing in my head.
I look and see the mess,
everything I've ruined.
Through the clouds, I can see my home,
my past,
everything I've ever loved,
I burned.

This is what I am.
This is what I do.
Stark Nov 2018
Laughter fills the air
As the hazy sun streams
Through the dusty forest

It is the peak of summer
As youth dive into the cooling
Waves of a nearby stream

But in a moment
The joy disappears
Transforming into


A body is dragged
-One of their own-
Drowned in the waters
Of the clear stream

Ambulances speed
But there is never
Enough time
To return

Sorrow follows them
Stalking them
Like a shadow
Never letting go

Months pass
People forget
Of the drowned one
But for one

The one that drowns
In grief
For what was lost
On a hazy summer day
Gods1son Nov 2018
At 6:00AM
My alarm went Ding... Ding... Ding
Rapidly, I hit the snooze
The cycle repeated like 4 times
I was hungover from past days work like *****
To get up, I needed a moral boost
I was there wishing that the day was over
The morning wish of a worker
I just wanted to stay wrapped in my comforter
But I remembered all the things I needed to achieve
And the things that could be sabotaged
That was the moral boost that
Ended the sleep and triggered the leap
...Off for the grind
Can't wait to be back though!
polka Nov 2018
We've been together for four years.

After a lovely vacation on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii, I present to her a small, felt box, small enough to fit in my hand.

I open it.

A hamster the size of a thumb lays there, gasping for air as the oxygen comes rushing back to the tiny creature. His little lungs were straining with effort.

She gasped at the sight.

One would think that my decision to keep a hamster in an airtight box for no other reason than to entertain her would be an alarm bell of sorts.

It wasn't. Not to her.

She called me honey and named it powdered sugar, right before it scampered away, searching for freedom anywhere on this big sandy place, only to drown when a crashing wave swallowed it whole, mercilessly washing away its tiny footprints.

A better name for the hamster would be...

Our relationship?

Anyway. She tends to only call me monster, now.

If only she had heard the alarm instead of the wedding.
sushii Nov 2018
the colored light forms the hours
the minutes

time ticking away
there is nothing left for this day

but i cannot go to sleep
for i always have light on me

you can’t unplug me either,
because then you cannot wake up

i can’t wait for the power to go out forever.
Dev Aug 2018
If you catch me countin' sheep, then I am probably on a farm
'Cause I never get to sleep unless I hit 'snooze' on my alarm.
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