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You may not,
Know me that well;

A relic from your past,
Trying to find a way;
Back, into your heart.

However long,
It may take you,
To open your doors:

I just want you to know,
That I have loved you,
Since the first day.

And I want to love you,
Till the last.
Ebony Scott Apr 23
i want to lie in bed
with you
12 AM
legs tangled in the blankets
we don't need to speak

i want to sleep peacefully
curled into your side
1 AM
the wind whistles
we sleep on

i want to feel your breath
on my skin
2 AM
you whisper in my ear
every wish and every promise

i want you to wake me up
'let's go see the stars'
3 AM
under the blinking lights
you ask me to dance

i want you to tell me
all of your dreams
4 AM
you brush my hair back
'you're my dream'

i want you to come to me
when you can't sleep
5 AM
i won't promise you'll be okay
but i'll hold your hand

i want you to get up
to go for a run
6 AM
'come with me'
'no' i get up anyway

i want to shower
you climb in with me
7 AM
you wash me
i wash you

i want to eat breakfast with you
you cook and i watch
8 AM
you try to flip a pancake
it falls on the ground

i want to rush out the door
we got distracted
9 AM
i'm late for work
so are you

i want you to call me
when i'm at work
10 AM
'do you want to get lunch?'
we always do

i want to receive a message
'there's a delivery from you'
11 AM
you sent me roses
my favourite

i want to meet up
at the diner we always go to
12 PM
you're already there
sprawled out in our booth

i want you to convince me
to skip work with you
1 PM
'i have lots of work to do'
i call my manager

i want to eat ice cream on the pier
and watch the boats go by
2 PM
i smash your cone into your face
you tell me you love me

i want to go to the fair
you win me a teddy bear
3 PM
we ride the ferris wheel
you kiss me at the top

i want to ride bumper cars
'first hit buys dinner'
4 PM
i get you first
your car hits the wall

i want to walk in the ocean
our feet in the sand
5 PM
the sun is setting behind us
you push me in

i want to go to dinner with you
at a fancy restaurant
6 PM
you order my dinner
and laugh when i can't pronounce the dishes

i want to sit with you
no rush to leave
7 PM
you get down on one knee
i say yes

i want to rush home
your hands roaming my skin
8 PM
your hot breath on my neck
i can barely get the key in the door

i want you to make love to me
tender and warm, hot and sweaty
9 PM
your hands on my thighs
my fingers in your hair

i want to sit in front of the fireplace
your arms around me
10 PM
bowie belts from the record player
you sing softly to me

i want you to kiss me
like i'm always on your mind
11 PM
like i'm you're first and last breath
like you and me? we're forever
by michael r. burch

& disarming,
but mostly ALARMING
since all my resolve

as a sheikh's
harem girl in the sheets
but my castle’s no longer my own
and my kingdom is overthrown!

Originally published by Brief Poems. Keywords/Tags: bachelorhood, bachelor, engagement, marriage, resolve, dissolved, hoodwinked, helpless, vulnerable, smitten, bewitched, charm, charmed, spellbound, love potion
The Calm Jan 21
Poems about love,

Walking through an evergreen forest
Leaves of yellow and orange and red
The morning sky bursting through the canopy as we sit in our tent drinking coffee
Excited with what today's hike will bring
When you love nature you always want to be close it
Because I love you , I always want to be close to you
The engagement ring in my pocket gives me inspiration
I want to be as tough as the diamonds that crown its head
I want to be for you, as consistent and unending as the ring itself
So here we are, getting closer to nature, closer to each other.
You, unaware of even how much closer, I want to get to you.

Hues of black and blue with ambient lights of vintage setting.
Nights in Paris and Marseilles near the water,  candles lighting our dinner,
The flame giving my eyes the gift of seeing your beautiful face.
Cheese and grapes, chocolate and wine
Yet, the only taste I crave is that of your lips
To smell your perfume and touch your smooth skin.
Your smile , rivaling every star in the night's sky
Your soul, lecturing the moon on how to glow
Your heart, teaching me how to pray.
Because you exist, I know there must be a God out there.
Because you are here with me. I must pray, that God allows me to stay.

Bright lights and tall buildings as far as the eye can see.
We walk along the Hudson hand in hand.
We keep each other warm.
The autumn winds are cold but I hold your hand in mind. your sweet precious fingers grasp mine
You may not notice it, or maybe you do?
You stare into the horizon but here, I pull you close
I kiss you, as if we were in a movie
Nothing in the world do the Angels pay closer attention to than this kiss
Because as I surely live, so would I die for you.
As surely as my heart beats, it skips a beat when I am with you.
Ademar Jr Dec 2019
Hello! I am Ademar I texted
You responded with hello as you ended
I was still ok even though you've descended
Sunk down in Heart where you never spotted.
Hello! I texted you once again
You started to notice me despite your phone's too fed
With your replies, I finally became contended
I consider you as someone I called Best friend.
What's up! At the same time our feelings ascended
We finally spent time in love, in timely blended
Spending hours to tell our hearts were blessed
As you became the reason why my wounds were mended.
Being close friends, we lived side by side in our streets
We joined visits as the atmosphere sweeps
We joined together in problems we weep
But nothing beats our love that unendingly leaps.
I saw stars in your eyes as time pass by the wing
Wanted to offer you this desired ring
You said Yes! As my phone went flinging
We checked it out, and saw how much we texted in the nightly swing.
Alexander Daniel Nov 2019
Trapped in this vantablack room
There’s got to be a key somewhere
But Where?
Why do I want to leave this place????
The Isolation has been oh so nice....
I came here feeling strong, confident, powerful
Now I am nothing other than a pasty white corpse
A Corpse that has nothing to give because I have only taken
I desired lust and what I thought would lead to love

Karma got the best of me

I forgot to love myself
If I don’t relearn how to love myself then I will be trapped in this purgatory
Okay just one step before the other….
Ugh I just fell and cut my hand….
Well there goes that opportunity
I will just go back from where I came
Not like anyone every loved me the way I love them….
Is that a voice?
“Woah hi what are you doing here????”
I was looking for some *****…..
Well I am sorry but we don’t have that here

It looks like you found the key to my heart…
Thank you so much…..
I cant imagine where I would be without you being here today
I couldve been lost forever if you didn’t show up today
“At the very least can I get your name?”
“I am Danielle”
One Year Later
“Danielle will you marry me?”
Amaris Oct 2019
They dance through my dreams
Golden rounds, silvery circles
Endlessly turning
Infinity untwisted
A memory, a potential
Promises unfinished
Ours did not match;
The first sign.
Alexander Oct 2019
When I woke up that morning it was morning,
the sun was bright,
I do remember that,
There was a moment that afternoon,
The sun was hot,
But I was shaded, sitting on my patio, another smoke filled breath passed my lips, "it is love", I thought,every day I've felt it, for along time now, love that is, I've felt it prior, but this was far better,greater, almost perfect.
It is was perfect,


it is perfect.

I considered how love should be,
Could be,


I considered moments, lots of moments,

more moments the all the spare change,


moments of us particularly.

Me and her,
or you,
or us,
your are her, were her ,
and in my mind always will be,
the one Her I'll ever choose to have around.
It's is you, or her.


But understand that morning was the morning,

The morning,

that I'd never be me, but us, or you, and I loved it more then I could love, and I will love it more then I have ever loved,

And forevermore.

Like the air it is me and I know not how to stop it or change it, I wouldn't,

I couldn't,

for this is my life, our life, your life,

Engagement mornings
JS CARIE Sep 2019
Do you recall that moment we shared?

that became a scopic sweep to outspread coast

tattooing a pinnacle on the crest face of time...

Even before that,

when those pages turned
after placing a bookmark
in the “All Embracing”

when rapids cascaded rapidly
in a vital rushing
where once
no water ran
but now, a waterfall endures to keep gushing

as you stood in the line for lost post
Rotating between guest and host
Tracking down this package
By return to my side
Pleasure delaying the unwrapping
Sliding into it’s contents
as promptitude ensued  

Immediately following
by this ones own hand
the rising of your shirt
an advance to mount lay parallel
To your reclining position

Revealing this willing
More like pleading, how it sounded
In exchange for a soft euphoric injection
Evolving into sweat trading
All encompassed by
Engaged Ravaging
Isaac Ward Aug 2019
How do I buy a ring-
Silver, or gold?
Is platinum a thing?
Should price be paid attention to?
It's so complicated!

Apparently diamonds have rules,
What does it even matter!
It's carbon, from the ground,
Bananas are carbon!
Maybe I could get her a banana ring...

And who even made the tradition!
Does love need a price tag?
Maybe, or maybe not.
I'll still buy her a ring,
But I think cheesecake is better.
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