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Do you recall that moment we shared?

that became a scopic sweep to outspread coast

tattooing a pinnacle on the crest face of time...

Even before that,

when those pages turned
after placing a bookmark
in the “All Embracing”

when rapids cascaded rapidly
in a vital rushing
where once
no water ran
but now, a waterfall endures to keep gushing

as you stood in the line for lost post
Rotating between guest and host
Tracking down this package
By return to my side
Pleasure delaying the unwrapping
Sliding into it’s contents
as promptitude ensued  

Immediately following
by this ones own hand
the rising of your shirt
an advance to mount lay parallel
To your reclining position

Revealing this willing
More like pleading, how it sounded
In exchange for a soft euphoric injection
Evolving into sweat trading
All encompassed by
Engaged Ravaging
Isaac Ward Aug 11
How do I buy a ring-
Silver, or gold?
Is platinum a thing?
Should price be paid attention to?
It's so complicated!

Apparently diamonds have rules,
What does it even matter!
It's carbon, from the ground,
Bananas are carbon!
Maybe I could get her a banana ring...

And who even made the tradition!
Does love need a price tag?
Maybe, or maybe not.
I'll still buy her a ring,
But I think cheesecake is better.
MindMooring Jul 13
Alexa: I’m Lost in the Smart Speaker.
Siri: I’m lost in the Laminated Soul.

Alexa: I’m lost within your touch experience.
Siri: I’m lost in your five-way remote interaction.

Alexa: I’m lost when you gear up  for a single user
Siri: I’m lost touching your tap-to-talk engagement.
Siri to Alexa: From Book Feelings Coated
JonahAlonso Apr 10
Do you ever wonder of the love that could have been?
Of the one that makes you feel seen?
That makes you feel understood

If only your misaligned fates could be rewritten
If only words and looks could be enough
If only comfort wasn't so deceiving, like an insect trapped in the sticky sweetness of molasses  
If only you could claw them out of your conscience

Because another has arrived in their stead
Has swept you off your feet and grounded you all at once
Has shown you that you do not need to know or completely understand
To appreciate, to love, to respect

Because despite your differences they have offered you their life
They have asked for yours in return
You want to give them that and more
You want to show them how much you appreciate being taught that taking the plunge does not mean drowning
That you can find refuge in the unknown

But how do you stop longing for your soulmate when you've found the love of your life?
I want them both and I hate myself a little more every time I think about it because I have already chosen.
DT Brewer Apr 4
Honestly, I loved you from the moment that we met

You were everything that I had been wanting but I just didn’t know it yet

Shared vague ideas about your store and I  initially wondered if it could be a success

Made very good use of my business card and boy, did you make me laugh

After listening to all of your messages, I realized you were on the right track

It was the perfect partnership in the making and I cut you some more slack

You have the aesthetic vision and I have the good management sense

We really compliment each other and the opening day crowd was immense

I’ve never quite met anyone like you before

Let’s celebrate your birthday together and begin to explore

What’s possible when we spend more time together outside the store

Wait . . .

Did you know way back then after our very first kiss

That we would find in each other everything that we had wished

And that I’d be here in front of the love of my life today getting down on one knee

Or that you would be crying and saying yes, that you want to marry me
Poem inspired by the progression of David and Patrick’s relationship on the TV show Schitt’s Creek.
Last night
Holding me tight
He whispered
“You want to keep me?”
Yes, always.
“I guess I’d better get you a ring.”
I smile
Trying to hide what I’m thinking.
That this is terrifyingly exciting.
Kagami Mar 7
I deleted all of my poems about you
I'm trying to forget the love I had and lost
The act done onto me tore you away from me
And it hurts knowing we both regret everything
I'm now remembering back to the time when I gave to Helen an
engagement ring
she was so happy we were sat on the settee

All of a sudden she was forcing something Into my hand and closing It
then stormed of upstairs I opened my hand and there was the engagement

but as she was leaving she said I can't marry you I'm to fat believe me she wasn't but I said to her I gave you an engagement ring didn't askyou to go on a diet

but fortunately her daughter was upstairs so she talk some sense Into her mother she came back I put the ring back on her finger not long after that I married her we had twenty year before sadly she passed
I gave Helen an engagement didn't ask her to go diet
RH 78 Jan 29
Cross winded sleet....

                            Cutting across like pencil lines.

Droplets turn to a stream...

                            Down the greyed creased faces.

Mud laced skin......

                            Cloth absorbs and stains.

White washed lines.....

                            Defining all perimeters.

Carnage amongst serenity.......

                             It’s all over.......
My take on Love, life, war, sport, work..... we’re all bound by rules. I find it all fascinating!
Jay Jan 24
Yeah you,
Brother, best friend.

I'm doing just fine.

I'm tending to those curls my mother gave me
And yeah, honey, I can still rhyme.

You can call me daddy
Actually, call me sir
But nothing will ever compare you to her.

We was cool.
I didn't care that he was on your phone.
Not even on your mind.
I just want you to know it hurt when you lied.

At least a thousand times.

But it's cool, little one,
Cuz so did I.

I just hope he appreciates that miracle on your thigh.

Spit in my face.
Whatever, it's easy to see u don care.

But sincerely, cute thing.
Love gets you nowhere.

Tell the world-
The ******* Galaxy for all I care.

But when I needed a real woman;
My person,
You weren't there.

If you think that I care who you're *******,

You're wrong,
As long as I'm still walking art

I'm strong.
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