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Feb 2020 · 568
There She Was
Christopher Lowe Feb 2020
Waves lapping at her ankles
Tidal footprints vanishing
As a seagull laughs above
Down on her sun kissed cheeks
That greet the ocean air
It cannot be
The tide that moves the ocean

And yet
There she was.
Christopher Lowe Nov 2017
At first
She was
But a whisper in my heart
A singular beat
A fleeting moment
That grew monumentally
Surely now
Without her
I'd experience death
First one in awhile. Forgotten who I was for a while but the words have been fighting for freedom. Need support more than ever friends....
Feb 2017 · 1.1k
Christopher Lowe Feb 2017
Controversially different in every single way
And these things that used to be merely extensions
Are moreover intertwined
Into what now is only so called life
So now really are we living or was it
At some point what we saw as life just
Simply changed or perhaps taken away
Yet we stay
Set in motion
Not even realizing what has came
And what is yet to come
To being perplexed
Preoccupied with insecurities
To just the feeling of motivation
Being sickened by acting on it
Diseased by overnight success and lies about happiness

I do not wonder why
Some people have just simply
Turned around
Good stream of consciousness piece I wrote
Dec 2016 · 1.3k
A lot of people are poor
Christopher Lowe Dec 2016
Even the wealthiest man may become a whisper for it is not the measure of wealth that creates legends but the wealth of measures one takes to make a difference.
Christopher Lowe Dec 2016
I have come to realize
This perpetuated feeling
Is neither unhappiness nor lack of joy
But a feeling of my own creation
That of boredom
Seeking out the next thing to fascinate
Only to yet again become bored
You see
I don’t really think sadness is a lack of happiness
It is a lack of fulfillment
It is the fact
That time and time again
Generation after generation
We teach happiness through gratification
Society has taught us to stop thinking
To stop feeling happiness without the minutia
The results are a stratification of people
And a difference now in
And Human Beings
Aug 2016 · 912
Tracing Routes
Christopher Lowe Aug 2016
They talk about love like an atlas
Places visited
Things done
Like love is a line between new places
And they often forget
About everything in-between
Destinations, fascinating and beautiful
But really how did you get there
What about all the wrong turns
And nowhere towns
Clear travels and gravel roads
Love isn’t an atlas
It is the rumble of the tires
A window rolled down
A road trip breeze
So forget about where
And ditch the map
Jul 2016 · 470
Talking To Myself
Christopher Lowe Jul 2016
This mind is troubled and hard to find
Muddled by drug and drink
Caught in some manic depressive state
Switching gears
No one to talk to about these demons inside
I know it’s just me talking to myself
But the voice I hear is unfamiliar
It has to be someone else
Trapped in my head
You see because I refuse to believe
That something’s really wrong with me
Christopher Lowe Jul 2016
Love isn’t a good morning text
Or some other slanted
Minuscule gesture
It is a presence looming
Craving to capture you
Envelope you in your entirety
But here we are waiting on a rose
Or a gift
A letter
Perhaps if that’s what love has become
Then I will hope I find something better
I don't remember writing this.  I just found it open on my desk top and when I read it I thought I actually wrote something good for the first time.
Apr 2016 · 1.5k
We Live This Moment
Christopher Lowe Apr 2016
Life is but a single moment
A flicker
Each a glimmer of imperfection
Because in that moment
We share the moments of others
And our imperfections conjoin
To create tragedies and love stories
So that
Even in death
Those moments echo on
Mar 2016 · 679
The Living Dead
Christopher Lowe Mar 2016
Once upon a time I was young
Or that's how the story should go
But truth be told I've never felt that old
Others tell stories of youth
In wonder
Speaking about the glory years
And I hear about the past
And how they lived
While I'm still living it
And wonder
If the best stories never told
Are by those that decided
I won't die while still living
Because the best part of everything
Is simply
All the beginnings
Mar 2016 · 784
What Is This Feeling
Christopher Lowe Mar 2016
Do I cross your mind
From time to time
Is it some stupid joke I told
Or a smell in the wind
For me
It's a dream keeping me up at night
As real and constant as your laugh
Although I feel thoughts of you with a pang of guilt
Wondering how I Should actually feel
We fall so easily for new faces
But it is more
It's brushing past one another
And deep silent looks
Sharing stories like childhood books
This seems almost too cliche
Maybe it doesn't exist
Except in dreams
First one I have posted in some time.
Jan 2016 · 1.0k
Naming Memories
Christopher Lowe Jan 2016
So we live life
Live it with theses...
With these things...
These things...
So inaptly named
All the time
Confused about things
Like why these photographs
Really aren't frozen memories
And looking back
On love and such
It was so much more...
Much more than...
More than...
Used to name things in the end
Jan 2016 · 1.7k
Christopher Lowe Jan 2016
Spoken of in silence
Hushed kindness

Yelled through gritted teeth
Bombastic trivialties
Oct 2015 · 917
Christopher Lowe Oct 2015
What did you hear that
No? It’s just the voices in my head again
They tend to act drunk and slightly belligerent
So excuse what I’m saying
I’m getting at something that they contemplated
If time is of the essence then we’re bound by intrinsic nature
A clock might have hands but the feeling couldn’t be stranger
Of the time slipping by even though my watch went dead
Did I finally **** time or was all it in my head
So we redefine what we think of these seconds
Measuring life merely bound by cosmic predispositions
So wait let me prepare a transition
About human nature and constructs of life
Does it all mean what comes from our head is true all the time
And what can be thought can exist in multi-dimensions
Are these words all made up
Or is that too odd to mention
Oct 2015 · 1.1k
Wake Me Just To Sleep Again
Christopher Lowe Oct 2015
Nine AM
Morning coffee multiplies
Erratic thoughts in this sleep deprived head
So please excuse what is about to be
Quite the stream of unconsciousness
While looking out this window at autumn leaves
Thinking of how it is not just the seasons that change
Or is it they stay the same
Just stuck on repeat
I suppose it really is all in all equal
And there is a little of every season in one another
That’s why there are Indian summers
But it’s more than that
It is the embodiment of the idea
That change is merely temporary
Just as the caffeine now waking me
Will inevitably deteriorate back into
A tired sleepless state
Sep 2015 · 1.0k
Christopher Lowe Sep 2015
Will words ever explain this perpetual breakdown
A cyclic pattern of relentless wondering
How is it once an earlier bird
Suddenly a night owl
Pessimism tangentially transitioned
To something a little less like rhetoric
This spiraling lifestyle suddenly a little less sickening

Does this seem acceptable

To be and not to be
And it seems this mind lately
Is gathering its ideals from some new unfathomable philosophy
Still no excuse for such obscurity in ones life

Sep 2015 · 1.4k
Christopher Lowe Sep 2015
Broken bottle friends, some call it social alcoholism
Everyone’s famous, for the night at least
The value of signatures
Listed above names on bar receipts
Drug dealers playing in the street, what some might call shamanism
All it really is, just an eclectic collectivism
That leads to remarkable nights that aren’t remembered
Realizations that problems are just and our lives dredge on
Invincible for the night
Or perhaps
Just brave enough to embrace ones true self
Sep 2015 · 975
Excuse Me, I'm Speaking
Christopher Lowe Sep 2015
What is life without something bigger
Are we at the top of the food chain
Or just larger than life
Or to obsessed with it
These mentalities are exasperating

Philosophically speaking

We’ve barely scratched the surface
Of what is called humanity

Sep 2015 · 1.3k
Christopher Lowe Sep 2015
People walk past and come around
So you think I’d never be lonely
But I’m stuck behind this glass

It’s easy to seem like its okay inside
You’d think it was obvious
From the other side

Now I’m painting these invisible walls
With the pain inside
Hoping things will change
If they can’t see inside

But I’m paralyzed, not by fear
Or anger
Or my rattled mind

Indifference has crept in
But people still don’t see
It haunting me
Through these glass halls

And I’m trying my best
But the paint
Just isn’t sticking

Now these glass walls
They’re just spattered messes
And invisible dead ends

And they see transparency
But I’m trapped
Behind these glass walls
Transparency is tricky.  But it is easy to feel trapped.
Sep 2015 · 1.1k
Dear Dreams Stop Haunting Me
Christopher Lowe Sep 2015
Reoccurring or
One night stands
Cause a pondering mind
To recompense
Not because
That was done
But only
If dreamed of
Only once

And the dreams
Are just that
First one I've written i a while.
May 2015 · 826
It Is Odd
Christopher Lowe May 2015
My mind, Far from
A clear crystal lake
More like
A murky stream
Or muddled drink

Thoughts come,
Rippling away
Or perhaps
They were the pebbles
Causing the wake

The true trouble,
Apr 2015 · 1.1k
Take Your Medicine
Christopher Lowe Apr 2015
Oh grieve
Sweet Remedy
And be carried
Into the breeze
Be bound
Spell bound
Oh so Captivating
Sweet Remedy
That empty feeling
Is just
So let yourself
Be Illuminated
Sweet Remedy
And when
You're out on a limb
It's always on a swing
*Sweet Remedy
Apr 2015 · 2.4k
War and Whiskey
Christopher Lowe Apr 2015
Is Like
Water and Whiskey

Changing men
Every shot
Altering consciousness

The more
Shots one takes
The stronger the drink

Take a shot
Take another

And I wander
How many
People in bars
Are still
Waging war
In their minds
To all those serving in our military, Thank you.  I can't imagine how it changes some people.  My thoughts are with those men and women everyday.
Apr 2015 · 1.0k
It's Not An Occupation
Christopher Lowe Apr 2015
Poets do not work everyday
They write continually
To a poet
Antagonizing over paper
And word is life
And the words never cease!
Poets take obscurity
And slam it into reality
Like a ****
Growing out of the sidewalk
Is not just a ****
But a metaphor
It is almost maddening!
A love hate relationship
As cliche as they come
But poets carry on
And find hilarity in madness
And truth
When there is not much else
Some people will disagree or be offended.  I don't care.
Apr 2015 · 652
Something Is Keeping Me Up
Christopher Lowe Apr 2015
The wind is whispering
Much like the ideas
In between these lines of poetry
And there is no such thing as sleep
As the Sandman steals dreams
Leaving a crumb trail of thoughts
Throughout ones head
Opening up space
To figure out how things
Should be interpreted
Christopher Lowe Apr 2015
It is always about presence
But everyone
Is a little absent
Of mind
A little absent
From time
To time

Once I was absent
In high school
Fiction lit
The teacher
Said I wasn’t present

Really I was
But I still got wrote up

I didn’t protest
Because his perception
Was absent
And I didn’t care much
Who thought I was
Apr 2015 · 794
Let Me Off My Leash
Christopher Lowe Apr 2015
I’ve been reduced
To watching limbs dangle
From trees
Outside these windows
And the dogs
They chase each others tails
We’re not that different either
Yet ignorant
But I feel
More sorry
For the man behind a desk
Doing relentless work
For supervisors
Really just
Shoveling excrement

I guess I envy the dog
At least they enjoy
Chasing each others tails
Despite how you read this I mean it to be a happy poem.
Christopher Lowe Apr 2015
Is the mirror image
Of a soul
The same
But opposite

That reflection
Is who you are
Who you are
Meant to be
Apr 2015 · 3.3k
Christopher Lowe Apr 2015
Drinking my morning coffee
Closer to afternoon
As last night bled over
Into the day
And out the window
The neighbors argue
Over trash in the yard

Not the kids playing
I’m not that cynical
But literal trash

And a thought
Comes to mind
As this coffee
And neurons
Of an argument
Over who lost
A lighter

Now I’m remembering
It was my pocket
With the hole

As was the trash
In the yard
Apr 2015 · 609
Don't Blink
Christopher Lowe Apr 2015
Across the table
They stare back
I might add
And pardon the pun
It is
A spectacle
To behold
A staring contest
Between me
And my glasses
Apr 2015 · 906
Get Off My Back
Christopher Lowe Apr 2015
Have I repented
To the point of fault
Am I blind
To my own goodness
Do I not
Want to let myself succeed
Perhaps all this time
It has been myself
Who consistently disagrees
With my own ideas

I must be resistant
To my own existence
Apr 2015 · 661
Smother Me
Christopher Lowe Apr 2015
It is called a crush
Because there is weight
Behind their essence
And it is suffocating
To be in their presence
Apr 2015 · 1.2k
A Little Philosophy
Christopher Lowe Apr 2015
“No man ever steps in the same river twice
For it's not the same river
And he's not the same man”
Heraclitus was right
Change does endure
But alas
The water may change but
The river will not cease to be a river
A man’s mind may be changed but
Man will not cease being human
Take it as you will.  Just a little philosophy.
Christopher Lowe Mar 2015
I don't love anyone
But I am
Passionate toward others
I am infatuated or enamored
Maybe I experience
A yearning for others
Perhaps I am devoted
Or hold others
In high regard
Or maybe I am
A little cowboy
Hankering for you
Or perhaps I am
A little Disney
Enchanted by you
Or it could be I am
A little short of will power
And you are my weakness
Maybe its my birthday
And you could be my cake
You could say
You are my delight
But I am never in love
Because really
Why should I only use
A four letter word
To tell others how I feel
I do actually love people, however I do think love is such an overused ugly word.  There are so many other ways to tell someone they mean something to you.  Get creative next time you want someone to know you care.
Mar 2015 · 564
My Watch Was Slow
Christopher Lowe Mar 2015
To think
Timing is everything
And sweet heart
By the time you read this
It probably
Won’t mean a thing
But there comes a time
Where everyone must admit
That they have grown attached
This is not emotional
It is just a matter of fact
That you made a choice
While I stood still
Everything doesn't always work out. This one is for the ones who seems to never be in sync with that one person they wish they could be in sync with.
Mar 2015 · 621
Christopher Lowe Mar 2015
Let’s get lost
But only for the moment
Let’s disappear
But only into the future
Let’s be
But only with each other
Mar 2015 · 731
She Beat You To It
Christopher Lowe Mar 2015
The Devil asked me
Sell your soul
For the love of your life

And I laughed as I replied
*Maybe if I had it
But she already stole it
Mar 2015 · 704
Christopher Lowe Mar 2015
Subtly counting the seconds
Hopelessly loosing oneself
In utter endless distractions
Only to realize
The count was lost
And the time has passed
Left breathless
Again one begins
Subtly counting the seconds
Focused on the task at hand
To only become lost again
And realize
The moment has passed
And it is time
To call the watch repairman
Mar 2015 · 830
Behind The Glazing
Christopher Lowe Mar 2015
Placed into a frame
Of mind that is
Like a blurry photograph
Sitting on a dusty forgotten shelf
Even if just figuratively
Literally the same as memories
Lost and locked away
And like the frame
So often compliments the photograph
This state of mind
Frames the thoughts of yesterday
Piece from an anthology I'm working on titled Swimming On The Moon
Mar 2015 · 1.1k
Who Cares About A Title
Christopher Lowe Mar 2015
I've been attending my funeral
In this new reoccurring dream
It seems even my subconscious
Is growing tired
Of this Low self esteem
And the man behind the gun
Is just the man in the mirror
I've even started praying to god
That  this muddled vision of my future
Might become a little clearer
Because this gift I've been given
Is like a malnourished seed
All this time waiting for flowers or trees
But left there at my headstone
Just a pile of weeds
Christopher Lowe Feb 2015
Small and quaint
But felt like a mansion
For so long I never knew
Just how much they gave away
Comfortable places to sleep
And food filled plates
How little they had
But still the richest in my eyes
Several generations sleeping on floors
Tracking in mud
Now of course
I leave my shoes at the door
The rooms are still filled now
Even in their age
And the food is still delicious
And the rooms still warm
Who knew such a small place
Could hold such a big part of my heart
It has never just been my grandparents home
It has been their bed and breakfast
And there is always a vacant room
My grandparents are the most caring and giving people I know.  I stayed with them this weekend and was reminded of how much love of kindness my family shares because of those two.  They don't have much, but they give everything they have taking care of our big family.
Feb 2015 · 2.2k
Just an Old Wood Stove
Christopher Lowe Feb 2015
Therein the hearth lies warmth
The warmth of a long old fire
That burns with such fragrance and love
Warming generations
And some say
It's just an old wood stove
Cast iron
Two double hinged doors
One covered with tin
Glass busted and gone long ago
The other door
Ornate stained glass
Blazoned with family memories
Even in the summer a gathering place
And some say
It's just an old wood stove
What care given to stoke the flame
Just to keep the family warm
Day and night it never dimmed
And everyone still gathers around it
Countless years burned by one family
And some would still say
*It's just an old wood stove
Inspired by a cast iron wood stove at my grandparents house.  Its much older then me and has so many memories etched into its existence.  It might as well be a part of our big family.
Feb 2015 · 1.1k
Watch Out For Black Holes
Christopher Lowe Feb 2015
These ideas
Like singularities
Infinitely dense
Collapsing in
The Mind
Is just another Universe
Dominated by
Contraction and expansion
Another thought is born
While another ends
And the gravity
Of some minds
Others celestial bodies
Feb 2015 · 927
So I Took a Half Day
Christopher Lowe Feb 2015
What isn't half way
The minds focused on
Half questions
Half task
Asking someone
To actually concentrate
Like asking liquid to
Not take on
The volume of a
Glass half empty
Glass half full
Maybe its completely full
But to be filled
There must be two halves

Everything whole is made of parts
Even days are broken into nights
And meals into
and dinner
Whether we are awake
Asleep or
Maybe weekdays to weekends

See there truly is no whole
Only its pieces

*So I took a half day
Inspired by me taking a half day at work because I'm sick.
Feb 2015 · 8.4k
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Christopher Lowe Feb 2015
To the ever so quite
Of ideas
Slipping into blissful
And the echoing  
Of this parasitic
And everything is
Just another wavelength
Stretching its existence
To the edge of outer space
Feb 2015 · 1.1k
Play That Song Again
Christopher Lowe Feb 2015
Dreams have become
Quite lyrically
Drifting away
On a bed of melodies
Listening to the songs
Of past memories
Bringing around
An air of clarity
And it seems
The subconscious bleeds
Over into reality
As I find myself awake
Singing songs I've never heard
Christopher Lowe Feb 2015
She left
In the middle of a clear night
You have better chance
Of counting all the stars in the sky
Then me ever coming back

So I guess
I'll be counting stars
The rest of my life
Hoping if I count long enough
She might really come back
Feb 2015 · 755
Just A Couple of Words
Christopher Lowe Feb 2015
          ­       Significant

*Insignificant Existence
Feb 2015 · 531
Christopher Lowe Feb 2015
Seeing is further from believing
Them my face from the stars
And though quite literally
It is just my brain interpreting
What I am supposedly seeing
I believe in disbelief
As the trail from
The flickering shooting star
Slowly burns out
To die
But only in my eyes
Feb 2015 · 1.1k
Am I Insane
Christopher Lowe Feb 2015
I've tried
To gain some clarity
In my life
I even stopped writing
But odd strings of sentences
Still haunt me
And sleepless nights
Seem to be filled with
Endless thoughts
Of nonsense
Even dreams are
Jumbled puzzles
Of misdirection
And I just smile madly through it all
I haven't written in awhile.  I'm not busy I just thought maybe I'm not good at it or even if I am why does it matter.
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