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Eyelids descend like a guillotine,
decapitating the visual stimuli
my mind engrosses upon in daylight.

Then there is a numbness as the
cascading representations of my
day are all rendered darkened silence.

*"My day is colour, my dreams are black and white,
it's not going to make sense
none of it will make sense
until you meet the right person
then every star will align
and if you didn't have any stars in your sky
they will put them there to shine bright
life gets a light shown into it
when the right person crosses your path
even if its just for a minute
there's something tragic
when someone makes you feel everything
then they leave
and there's nothing left to be felt
but there's the traces of stardust
still brushed along your skin
where they touched you
and that right there, will give you the world
and the strength
to keep going along everyday
just as if they didn't exist
I'm an artist they say...
I painted my illusions of dreams
I drew on a smile everyday,
I was happy, so it seemed

But my palette ran low
As my colors faded grey
Now my life holds on by a thread
And I'm just fighting just to stay

Because as the days go on,
I let these colors bleed through.
From my paper to my skin,
I'm nothing but red, black, and blue.

I turned myself into a canvas
Trying to describe this strife
But it wasn't beautiful at all
For my paintbrush was a knife

And my paintings are nothing but
empty promises of what we once knew
The only color left in my life
Are my memories of you
We're all artists in our canvas called life. Choose which colors to paint...
I just don’t belong here,
I don’t understand myself at all.
I don’t want to be here
But I don’t want to leave you till its time…
So if I manage to stay here tonight
Will you please just tell me that it will be alright?
Because I don’t want to be here,
I’m about ready to give up this fight.

I stare at the pictures of us tonight
As these tears stream down my face,
It’s getting harder to breath
And this pain in my chest is taking it out of me.
I see the face of you and someone I don’t like
She’s staring back at me, with a smile I cannot find;
But tonight, I can’t bear to pick up the phone
I can’t even tell you…I’m not alright, I want to go.

I'm terrified you will finally turn away from me,
The long silences increase my anxieties…
I don’t want to hurt you,
I don’t want to bother you again tonight
Because we’re going in circles
And I don’t want you to see the mess that I’m truly in…
So please understand if I try to push you away once again
I just know you can do so much better!
Writing in love, and then
Writing without.
Breaking two stones with
One bird.

I'm a poet, my darling.
I can **** with a feather,
Revive you with one written  
I tell her that tomorrow
Slides slowly to meet my
Familiar night.

That the changes are few
And subtle. I am OK, I say,
Face still cold from last night's

Truth is I'm terrified.
Heartbroken and soaked in

Myself, clinging to the past with
One hand, fighting its demons
With the other. Terrified.

Embracing my inner
Earthling. Loathing it.
Terrified. Loving it.

I used to think I was only human.
Now I
Is it nostalgia,
Habit or that little culprit

The awakening
Once more
The heart dropped
As if you were never gone

We ignore the signs
That tear us apart
Though history taught us
We are not enough

Love with you,
In perpetuity, and never sure
I can without
But I would rather not.
 Dec 2016 Christopher Lowe
as they stand
there is paint on the walls

political statements scrawled
angry and upset
on old buildings
stenciled or not
caught or not
they are there

they wonder what they mean
the font is hard to read but
there is meaning
they can feel it in their chest
in their heart and mind
there is fear here
or there is triumph
regardless, there is meaning

there is meaning in spray cans
climbing over fences just so they can
make a statement
that passengers in cars will see
that trains will carry with their cargo

they carry this meaning
as they walk home
afraid of the flashing lights
because here they have the right
to say what they will fight for

there is no judgement here
so this is where they leave
their meaning on the world.
for the future
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