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Christopher Lowe Feb 2020
Waves lapping at her ankles
Tidal footprints vanishing
As a seagull laughs above
Down on her sun kissed cheeks
That greet the ocean air
It cannot be
The tide that moves the ocean

And yet
There she was.
Christopher Lowe Nov 2017
At first
She was
But a whisper in my heart
A singular beat
A fleeting moment
That grew monumentally
Surely now
Without her
I'd experience death
First one in awhile. Forgotten who I was for a while but the words have been fighting for freedom. Need support more than ever friends....
  Feb 2017 Christopher Lowe
Poetic T
Eyelids descend like a guillotine,
decapitating the visual stimuli
my mind engrosses upon in daylight.

Then there is a numbness as the
cascading representations of my
day are all rendered darkened silence.

*"My day is colour, my dreams are black and white,
it's not going to make sense
none of it will make sense
until you meet the right person
then every star will align
and if you didn't have any stars in your sky
they will put them there to shine bright
life gets a light shown into it
when the right person crosses your path
even if its just for a minute
there's something tragic
when someone makes you feel everything
then they leave
and there's nothing left to be felt
but there's the traces of stardust
still brushed along your skin
where they touched you
and that right there, will give you the world
and the strength
to keep going along everyday
just as if they didn't exist
Christopher Lowe Feb 2017
Controversially different in every single way
And these things that used to be merely extensions
Are moreover intertwined
Into what now is only so called life
So now really are we living or was it
At some point what we saw as life just
Simply changed or perhaps taken away
Yet we stay
Set in motion
Not even realizing what has came
And what is yet to come
To being perplexed
Preoccupied with insecurities
To just the feeling of motivation
Being sickened by acting on it
Diseased by overnight success and lies about happiness

I do not wonder why
Some people have just simply
Turned around
Good stream of consciousness piece I wrote
Christopher Lowe Dec 2016
Even the wealthiest man may become a whisper for it is not the measure of wealth that creates legends but the wealth of measures one takes to make a difference.
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