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Shwetha sb May 12
A living "still picture" if you're living,
A once lived "still memory" if you're dead!!
The drops are so much deeper,
and the highs aren't high at all.
Ongoing expectant measures listed,
of these persistent calls to pressure.
To fill a frame that's drained,
when switching off is no longer an option.
Are these real problems or signs of age?

Before was easier, yesterday simpler,
but would the early days help to mould,
when you've already grown from there.
Late observations of missed play,
a rug pull calls out the fool to vacate.
As we're a little bitter in vain,
there's no sweetness today.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
I want to paint you there,
so I never lose you again
even the sun wil set my pain everywhere.
I want to paint you,
but I am not a good painter
who will make you a good picture
in a frame or in the wall
I always hang it out.
I will make you come to see
in the colour
I love it should be.
Indonesia, 2nd April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
Who punishes?
Who is punished?
It's all in the game
One remain in their frame
Tormentor can torment
There's no atonement
**** remains always ****
It's never a hit
Lens may zoom in on a beautiful face
Does it mean
It's in the race?
Learn to live with grace
One day there wouldn't
Be a trace
Mico Aug 2020
Be not to be

Like not to like

The same old song

Replayed in time

The same old game

In which i am played

By golden lies

That wax and wane

Falling to rise

To sprout as life

O morning flair!

Come new red light

Just show me how

To fight this fight

Unknot the knot

Untie what's tied

That one makes two

And two makes one

That nothing's wrong

When all is done.
Poetic T Jul 2020
Mindful of others, but always deeper in thought.
You call it the folly of an inquiring mind,

Concern some may say diving to deeply
unsure of where this may take me.
Regarding the complexity of a frame.
I just see more than those who
open a door, and only see the other side.
So if the the hinges hold it what was behind.
Is it wrong to have an interest in more
than what others see as normal without
yearnings to find out what was, what's more.

Where I wished to delve deeper was only
an excuse for others to want it to wither.
never would I intrude, but my searching
eventually causes some unintended pain.
So I relent, I'm curious of the outcome some say.
Val Vik May 2020
It was your heartbeat
The first sound I ever heard. . .

before I was born.
Haiku # 7
MsRobota Mar 2020
An empty frame
is not a window
is not a door
is not a mirror
so how do I see
behind the scene?
Whisperer Mar 2020
Anxiousness drooped from the ear,
Fastened by a clip.

An uncomfortable feeling instilled in the bones,
Making up your frame.

Disapprovingly true.

The buzzing won’t stop,
Willingness would fall,
Until it’ll all stop,
For once and all.
Aaron E Jan 2020
Each is given their canvas
Open air along the brief respective flashes of time
We whittle gasping attempts at a connection

With only any placeable frames that we’ve collected
Hammer dissonance to Xanadu

Feather in the contrast as a method of description

or discretion.

Building a context

heft upon a quickly fading gust
Just a divvied introduction of trust as a reflection.

Left as signal threading the reverence into message

Let me bury symbols in code and seed a weapon.

Let me choose a frame and build a picture growing out to the edges
Filling seconds with deference
Knowing breath is the setting, for where the grey areas are

Levy loosening gaze, and form a tinctured impression of the glimpse I’ve incepted, though the lesson I’m guessing won’t fare to carry the cadences very far.

Tarry not for fear of ones inept reflection, bury not thy fierce direction.

Into the void.
Into the depths.
To build the frame.
To will the question.
I’ve been doing more of these on my phone, due to time constraints. I’m hoping it doesn’t affect the formatting negatively.
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