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Mindful of others, but always deeper in thought.
You call it the folly of an inquiring mind,

Concern some may say diving to deeply
unsure of where this may take me.
Regarding the complexity of a frame.
I just see more than those who
open a door, and only see the other side.
So if the the hinges hold it what was behind.
Is it wrong to have an interest in more
than what others see as normal without
yearnings to find out what was, what's more.

Where I wished to delve deeper was only
an excuse for others to want it to wither.
never would I intrude, but my searching
eventually causes some unintended pain.
So I relent, I'm curious of the outcome some say.
Val Vik May 17
Before I was born,
the first sound I ever heard. . .
It was your heartbeat.
Mrs Robota Mar 26
An empty frame
is not a window
is not a door
is not a mirror
so how do I see
behind the scene?
Whisperer Mar 10
Anxiousness drooped from the ear,
Fastened by a clip.

An uncomfortable feeling instilled in the bones,
Making up your frame.

Disapprovingly true.

The buzzing won’t stop,
Willingness would fall,
Until it’ll all stop,
For once and all.
Aaron E Jan 23
Each is given their canvas
Open air along the brief respective flashes of time
We whittle gasping attempts at a connection

With only any placeable frames that we’ve collected
Hammer dissonance to Xanadu

Feather in the contrast as a method of description

or discretion.

Building a context

heft upon a quickly fading gust
Just a divvied introduction of trust as a reflection.

Left as signal threading the reverence into message

Let me bury symbols in code and seed a weapon.

Let me choose a frame and build a picture growing out to the edges
Filling seconds with deference
Knowing breath is the setting, for where the grey areas are

Levy loosening gaze, and form a tinctured impression of the glimpse I’ve incepted, though the lesson I’m guessing won’t fare to carry the cadences very far.

Tarry not for fear of ones inept reflection, bury not thy fierce direction.

Into the void.
Into the depths.
To build the frame.
To will the question.
I’ve been doing more of these on my phone, due to time constraints. I’m hoping it doesn’t affect the formatting negatively.
Aaron E Jan 18
Art is working within a frame. Knowing and exploring that frame, using contrast, drawing attention across the field.

It’s an extension of language. Which is metaphor. The default art of language is the frame we operate from within. The words we collect along the way, to place along the veritable canvas of open air.

You need the frame to create context, but it’s also limiting. And it’s only when we understand where our context collides with other broader or more pervasive contexts that we can reconstruct our frame. Transcend it, and paint a newer, more comprehensive picture within a newer, more robust, frame.

So how big should your canvas be. Smaller frames require concision. Bigger frames allow more expansive exploration.

One would think, by those descriptions alone that a larger canvas is better, but it also requires more discipline. We can easily lose ourselves in the expanse and be left with nothing but irreducible chaos. Jungle. Space. Ocean. Not because these expanses are truly irreducible, but because we haven’t developed enough to place any kind of conceptual frame around them. We can’t place them into a useful metaphorical context, besides pointing into the void and reveling in its mystery.  Dreaming up monsters or messiahs that only reflect our fears and ignorance.

But this isn’t a canvas it’s a concept  and it’s hopefully a clear description of why overconfidence in our understanding can lead us to creating a frame larger than we can effectively navigate. Painting ourselves into the void, swallowed by reflections of our own shortcomings.

It’s not pessimism.

Each person is a natural artist gifted with the capacity for communication and supreme adaptation. Very fortuitous developments compared to say; ******* ants out of a tunnel with an incredibly well adapted snout, or establishing mate worthy dominance by bludgeoning a competing male with large outcroppings of bone. Music, written word, spoken language these are the result of our creativity. Our propensity to shift the scope of our picture. Capture understanding from depth by reducing it.

Language only has the frames we construct within it. We must place the borders around our picture somewhere, and playing within each arbitrary space is what creativity is. The self limited but transcendental use of ones space or time.
While this isn’t what I consider “poetry” working through it helped me get some peace from my pessimism, which I thought was poetic.

Digging through this tangent really has stumped me in a way that makes it difficult to reduce into some coherent poem with any kind of resolution, but in this case I’m not as frustrated as I normally would by that.

Spinning these particular wheels has been a fruitful experience in its self.

CC Jan 5
Sad songs make me beautiful
I listen to you and you hear it when you speak
Some moments are about breaking the body
So the spirit can soar
It's about how we discipline ourselves
In order to be free
In this gilded frame we live in
The picture is not yet totally finished
God continues to paint
Everyday is a color
Are you listening?
It's feeling that shouldn't go away
It's a moment that will pass away
This life is temporary as the clouds in the sky
My life has nothing
I am complete
Viji Vishwanath Dec 2019
Those who can bloom
In the given time frame
Are the best frames ever

Be the best frame
To let the name
Fly with fame
In its pace
Of living face

Be the best nectar
That oozes the sweet flower
Which is full of honey so pure
And it seems in heaven’s air

Learn from butterflies
Which fly with its buttery wings
Made of vibgyor colours
Who inspire us with its lives
Which is in the limited time frames

And the beats of rapid wings
Of bees create vibrations
In the ears of humans
As the buzzing sounds
Shake the flower pollens
With no time frames

Let’s mesmerise the time frames
With such fabulous gardens
That everyone can blossom
With its pleasing fragrance
To make the best frames
Out of the given frameworks
Make best use of your given timeframe.
- Nov 2019
all it takes
is to watch out the window
any window
it’ll give you a frame
a frame to observe
observe out of it
and you will learn
B D Caissie Sep 2019
Nature in a picture frame
I yearn to climb within.
Staring lost in thought with
hands upon my chin.

Peering at the Heron who
holds his pose with ease.
I hear the birds a chirping
high amongst the trees.

Should you try and find me
look beyond the cove.
You’ll find me full of laughter
dancing in the grove.

Jumping with the rabbit
prancing with the deer.
The only thing that brings me
back are those I hold so dear...

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