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Sujan Aug 7
Moon as a jade hangs serenely under the untainted sky,
A wolf nearby howls incessantly,
The cicadas cry without melody,
But the dance of leaves of a cherry blossom
Quells the anger
Today, we find it burdensome to control our stress, we take remedy classes however we often forget that the true remedy is just to immerse oneself in the beautiful nature.
Eniola May 26
A new dawn is upon us all,
as we look up as the sky breaks softly.
This new dawn always comes to us,
either at the end of a storm.
This new dawn is the remedy that we all need.
For if we look forward to a new dawn,
we will always have hope for the betterment of all.
For new dawn is upon us all use it wisely and bountifully
and hope it last long before the storm approaches us once more.
The new dawn is always the new beginning, that we all want or need.
The world is broken.
Not just cracked,
Like a chip out of a shot glass,
Like a scratch on a bathroom mirror-
It's shattered-
tearing itself apart,
Succumbing to chaos and greed
Like they were the only things we had to choose between.
The violence and anger that's erupting-
It's in schools
On the streets
In our churches
In our homes-
Consuming and replacing
The hope we might have had for peace
And a future;
For anything more than we ever wished we could be.
Who stole our dreams,
And made us think this is what we're destined to be?
Who forced these lies down our throats
Until we gave up and allowed our hearts to be stolen,
Our eyes to be blinded?
Or did we sell our souls as commodity,
Bargaining away what made us yearn to live;
Piecing out parcels of ourselves and our
For just one more minute of time
That we think we are owed?
Not to seem crazy,
But what if the answer lay in the depths of our souls,
Where we never look,
For fear that weve been wrong all along?
What if the answer was compassion,
and solidarity-
An irrational belief that the world can be healed,
Instead of brought to its knees?
And what if our anger could be used to progress,
By living for happiness,
By practicing kindness and love?
I know, I know-
It sounds-
      Old news-
         Last year's hippie tripe;
But what if your refusal
Is because you already dont care?
What if not trying is what broke things in the first place,
And your apathy is the poison you feed yourself daily?
The world is sad,
and broken;
But then...
maybe we are too.
Oka May 7
You and I are vintage
Unfit for a modern setting
And at best a distant memory
Fred Mar 5
Something's wrong
tears just behind my eyes
aching heart
something missed
out of step
constant grieving
something's wrong

In my land there dies a thousand
something's wrong
something's wrong
how will healing ever be that grand
to heal the somethings wrong?
how will life be large enough
to swallow dying
something's wrong

Breath is easy, in and out
so is walking where I will
my fingers bend in normal fashion, yet,
somethings wrong, something's wrong

Beyond my vision tears are running
marathons to empty towns
something's wrong beyond my knowing
how will love become the song
how will somethings ever change
to something's right from something's wrong?
MisfitOfSociety Sep 2019
I cut a peep hole in space,
Enough to squeeze my fingers through.
I pull it open and wrap its fabric around me,
To gain a better view.

Feeling the stars rotate around my center point,
A cosmic spider’s web stretching out infinitely.
Scaling the web like morning dew.
The stars beat in rhythmic poetry.
I sing to them and they sing to me,
We are all singing in harmony.

It is all balanced and perfect,
Sway to the music.

Sorting to find it in the storm.
Be an instrument in its hands,
Sing its melody through your chords,
Let the sound fill your center,
Let it bounce around and out of you,
To touch the hearts and minds around you.

Is this separate or is this my reflection?
In everything I see myself,
Echoing through the gaps between particles of inner space,
Staring right at God’s face.

The universe is singing to me.
That old sweet melody.
Sway to the rhythm of the music,
Let it pass through body, mind and spirit!

Accept this holy gift and sway to the music!

I can hear the hum of Saturn,
Resonating within me.
The stars they sing out,
Verses of a remedy.

I am,
An instrument,
In its hands.
Sway to,
The music,
In its hands.

Sway to the music,
Witness every in-between scenes behind the moment!
Hemlata Roy Aug 2019
No one is our enemy
No one is our remedy.

It is only the situation
To take careful elimination.

In our imagination
With many ambitions.
Is the situation making you sick and you are falling in depression, no one is good, no one is bad, the situation will be okay in it's own time.
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