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I cut a peep hole in space,
Enough to squeeze my fingers through.
I pull it open and wrap its fabric around me,
To gain a better view.

Feeling the stars rotate around my center point,
A cosmic spider’s web stretching out infinitely.
Scaling the web like morning dew.
The stars beat in rhythmic poetry.
I sing to them and they sing to me,
We are all singing in harmony.

It is all balanced and perfect,
Sway to the music.

Sorting to find it in the storm.
Be an instrument in its hands,
Sing its melody through your chords,
Let the sound fill your center,
Let it bounce around and out of you,
To touch the hearts and minds around you.

Is this separate or is this my reflection?
In everything I see myself,
Echoing through the gaps between particles of inner space,
Staring right at God’s face.

The universe is singing to me.
That old sweet melody.
Sway to the rhythm of the music,
Let it pass through body, mind and spirit!

Accept this holy gift and sway to the music!

I can hear the hum of Saturn,
Resonating within me.
The stars they sing out,
Verses of a remedy.

I am,
An instrument,
In its hands.
Sway to,
The music,
In its hands.

Sway to the music,
Witness every in-between scenes behind the moment!
Hemlata Roy Aug 3
No one is our enemy
No one is our remedy.

It is only the situation
To take careful elimination.

In our imagination
With many ambitions.
Is the situation making you sick and you are falling in depression, no one is good, no one is bad, the situation will be okay in it's own time.
دema Jun 19
steps to mend
a broken heart:

1. take a good look at your heart,
assess the damage
2. pick up every piece, dust off the pain
3. call a cab, rent a storage room for the unrequited memories
4. let the clock twirl its magic a couple times
5. undress what hurts, damp what you escape from facing
6. hold the weapon that fractured you and bathe in its every fraction
7. collect every fragment left in you, there is strength in unity
8. remember that self love is the only way to win this battle
9. crash in your favourite sheets, put your heart to sleep
10. take your shot at life, assess all of the possibilities
This day ahead will bring me new experiens.
That day will slowly shift click's indicator.
The time will pull with slowly line inside my sinew.
Give me a wish and willpower to complete all my points.
The Time work for me.
The Time work for me.
The time bring me harmony with myself and balance.
Today I will be on the time.
My mind is clear and calm.
My body radiance a tranquillity and confidence.
I am accept all love that God give me around.
I pick up a nectar of happines from flowers of love.
I am accept and see just positive.
I am accept that positive waves.
My organism work like a watch.
The strainer cleaning my mind and my body from toxins and slags.
Let in just positive energy and give me a forse and power.
Sow inside me a calmness and silense.
The words is my remedy.
m h John May 4
the walls are stretching
for miles on end
i can feel my body
on the bathroom floor
while my mind starts to ascend
my body’s feeling is nothing
my arms are shaking
i try to find my medicine
but i just get ****** back in
can you please give me something
that could ease my mind slowly

     just take this drink and you’ll feel better

just fill the void and you’ll get better

     just smoke this joint and it’ll be better

you keep telling me
that it gets easier to deal with
but does it ever?
self medicating is not the answer
Twaffle May 1
As I fall asleep,
I wished to dream of you again.
If this was the only way I can call you mine,
then I'd rather not wake up from this sinful illusion.

Your sweet smile became my remedy,
but once I wake up, as I'm slapped by reality.
I will weep once again,
for you are no longer in my arms.
It's hard to let go of someone especially when you loved them too much, and your memories will hunt you each night.
Sweet love for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Three times a day, like doctor recommended.
Bullet Apr 15
The foist emptying out remedies
Sweet bath in our cooked sins
Mixing our pours of ***** works
While the red runs thin when hit with warm water
I'm out as it drains I'm hoping so will my pain

Feet are made for healing though
A trip doesn't only just mean falling
Steam, those clouds are relaxing
Anxious, bruised feet come with long legs
Picking them up wondering if I can be me
Working has me stressing for some reason
But showers beat baths by going first
Music can break you free to help tune out the noise
Light beams drying clean remedies
Walking to the next day is hard at times
Defeat belongs on backs of achieving
Blood bath soaked the soul to drain out negative vibes

Water pollute the ear to the noise
I can see the depth it takes me

Blood Bath
Don't judge a book by its cover
Erian Apr 2
You are my only
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