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Lee Aaun Jan 28
To heal my
bruised self,
are the
ghalya Jan 20
They tell me that one day someone will come into my life and make everything feel right again,
but how can they? I've always longed for things I can't have, people that don't return.
I have never felt the sublimity of anyone's presence like I did with yours, nevertheless, I pushed you away.
I always do this, when I finally find something good worth keeping, the fear of losing it makes me subconsciously push it away.
I let everything get the best of me, not realizing what I'm worth, I never keep what I deserve.
I am brimming with secrecy inside of me, your presence still lingers within me.
The truth was never meant to be seen, only touched and left for eternity to disintegrate.
Even if we were destined to be, I think it's only imaginary.
Dani Jan 15
It sure is such a rarity
To have any kind of clarity
In this pall we’re cover with - no verity
Grey is not lit with any prosperity
Only shroud covered lands all in a form of familiarity
Knowing what is covered, but cannot see it’s true identity
Shadows cast through the day of skies so cloudy
A wet mist reminds - there is no remedy
Sunshine does not peek or wink through an atmosphere so gloomy
Dark grey grows over the land walked by one in singularity
Unfortunately, having clarity is such a rarity, a sad insincerity..
When the day is gloomy, depressed, and/or down feeling. When you feel that the world about you is so far away from any of your senses....
ATILA Dec 2018
Nostalgia and memories
Hope and reveries
Love and peace
Tears and craving-for-remedies
All bonded together like quarks.

The undying dream of mine
To be flawlessly contented
Is overflowing from my spines
Ah I want contentment to be mine!

I find my happiness in nature
In the serenity of seashore
In the scenic stature
In the golden green of pasture
In the classic scent of roses
The nature with its appealing scenery
Tickles a sense to smile at the thrill
A vibe of peace; nature contentment
Really becomes a fulfilling feast to end my lament
All hail to Lord who creates this nature remedy
And makes my soul breathe sturdy!
@ Home Beach Village Resort, Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kelantan, Malaysia.
[181228 - 181229]
Bri Nov 2018
Pain is a familiar feeling.
Almost as if comes naturally.
Pain physically, mentally and emotionally.
It's draining, tiering, and lonely.
But when we're in the same room and our eyes meet for a second,
feels like an eternity of happiness.
I'm wounded,
hurt and overwhelmed with pain...and your my remedy.
To the boy on the bus from a sad poet
Peter Balkus Oct 2018
Not LSD,
not cannabis,
neither *******.
But Debussy -
the remedy
for migraine.
Poem inspired by "Prelude a L'apres-midi d'un Faune" by Claude Debussy
Esther Sep 2018

be aware
of what is on your mind
all the worries
all the hate
know them
feel them
steering every movement
spinning your thoughts
into oblivion
so that you can't remember
the you you once were
now stop

Heady aroma
of coffee and Sir
soothing my senses
©LadyRavenhill 2017
Haiku #38
SeaChel Aug 2018
Another dawn breaks
Yet, my tired eyes stay shut;
Sleep remedies life.
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2018
Who is she?

The one,
One and the only one

Universal antidote
Genre: Experimental
Theme: The connection || Unreplaceable
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