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Glenn Currier Sep 2018
In this peaceful dripping
of the rain
I see sparkles
even under a cloudy sky
resting, not quite ready to drip
from the leaves of the Tallow.

May I sparkle
before I take the trip
of the drip.
did he just ask me
my feet


those last three lines
should have
the next page

did you hear


the next page should say
did he just ask me

Julie Schnell Dec 2016
Drips down my arm
All to familiar
As I pick up the blade
And push on the razor

The pain rushes in
And frees my tears
As they drip down
Into the open skin

The scars on my wrists
Will fade away with time
While the scars on my heart
Will last a lifetime

My pain flows
Through the blood on my wrist
And down the sink
Along with my dreams
dull-eyed mortal Oct 2015
Up in the branches,
Ripples dance across the sky,
And drip through the leaves.
This haiku is part of my collection dripping mountains. This is an abract collection on nature
Rockie Jan 2015
Fat globs
Hit the window
Trickle down the pipe
Watery and cold
Accompanied by wind
And the night
Perishable by the hot midnoon sunshine
Forgiven for their fat, wet drips
Of cloud tears
Daylight 4U2C May 2014
The iron drips from my fingers.
The man gives out a yell.
The child launches, she launches at me.
Sadly her launch had failed.
I chuckled at her, with no pity.
Her frightened face, what a laugh.
The person she’s crying for isn't worth dying for.
After all,
he was a bad man.
It’s funny, so funny, funny the fact.
The fact, she thought if she grabbed my neck then,
maybe, just maybe, maybe I’d die.
I laughed again and finally, I gave out a sigh.
“Poor child,” I said my voice left unchanged.
“You misunderstood. I shouldn't be ashamed.
Your idol has done so many bad things,
now he’ll pay for his sins of adultery,
in a place which this blind man cannot see.
She fell to the ground befalling her tears.
This was the end of her happy years.
What? Did she think it was a fairy tale life?
Reality is sharp, just like a knife.
I laughed at the fact I took his life,
with just one swing of my most dull scythe.

— The End —