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If I was lucky and had a  choice to leave the UK
I go tomorrow for this country hold no hope
or future for the
Swamped by the rich of this country who get
richer by the day on the sweat and tears of the families who are paid
They punish people out of work when they no In truth there are too few jobs to go around kids going hungry while they live lives of luxury
They've labelled the poor disabled vulnerable as scroungers like a which hunt when It's they who fiddle expensive
rip people
And they want my vote to
forget about It this used to be a great country but this present government has turned It back to Victorian
days kid begging on the street
I have to ask myself have do they have no shame evidently not no feelings do they have this country Is finished all but for the
rich I have
and would rather be poor than to live the life of these pompous spoiled brates who call themselves government most of
whom where
with a silver spoons In there mouths all I say Is God help us all the poor disabled
the vulnerable and most of all our poor starving children of our once great
Johnny walker Jul 26
She was my one and only Valentine the one and only I ever gave a red rose every Valentine's
along with a card to tell of how much I loved her
never In twenty years together
did we ever miss a Valentines day for Helen meant the world to
me for sadly now my sweetheart has
away no more cards or rose's will there be on Valentines
Matt Jul 16
What to do now
I have everything;
I have “love”
I have friends who “care”,
I have “joy”
I have money,
But I don’t know what to do now.

Even if you are out there,
Do you even have the power to help me?
Do I even have everything?
At this point I’m lost beyond reason
What do do next,
Where to go next,
What to do next?

Should I end it now or enjoy it while I can?
Even if I ended it now what would happen next?
If I enjoyed it while I can,
I could be,
Truly hap-
Im not ok Right now it’s three am im tired im done
Johnny walker Jun 30
Never at once did I believe dreams could come true
well that Is at leased not for me but how wrong I
For I was a dreamer admit
to dreaming most of my life away but untill I met Helen my sweetheart
wasn't much to dream away
not much did I feel I was missing but once I met Helen
all that was changed for then I wanted to
For my life suddenly had new meaning for I was In love for the first time In my life and I felt wanted and needed In growing up I'd never felt
So many mistakes I've made In life regrettable mistakes thats to late to try and alter
to much time had passed by and I'm now beholden to no
Johnny walker May 18
Of late I found myself slipping  back to my
old ways of shutting
myself away
but can't
really say
Again losing out to
depression which has
followed all the days
of my life to which at
one point
really I
believed, at leased
thought I'd escaped
from but sadl)y
of which seems
to be true It seems
there Is no
escaped for
me from
Johnny walker Apr 24
If I'd known before of her leaving I would have wished for It to be at the of summer, so we could have the last
through together but to have been as It was In the cold of winter made your passing even
It was  followed by a beautiful summer the likes we hadn't seen In years
for that really hit
hard for Helen came to life In summer just like flowers  that bloom In spring for my
suffered so much In winter
and I regret not having that one last
to love  each other one more before we had to
say goodbye and
although life for
goes on for me I'm so lost and miss Helen so  but to be given one last
I would have sold my very soul for just one last summer together and to love Helen one last
Just to have been given one last summer with Helwn I would have given my very
soul but she died In the cold
of winter we never made
Sadly Helen died winter that last summer together
Johnny walker Mar 23
Sometime In life, It can be so easy to get used somebody so close, not exactly taking them for granted but you think they are going to be forever there
Through being 24/7carer to Helen that sometimes this happened without meaning It to be so
But one day  Helen was sitting on our bed not dressed
and all of a sudden I could not take my eyes of her and she looked so Incredible beautiful I was thinking why has been so long since I notice her this way
but being 24/7carer had taken so much attention from her In that way  It had blinded me from Helen and how so pretty she really
Helen mobility was very restricted through pain
But I said to Helen  don't get don't dressed, off cause Helen said
because I'm coming over to make love to you
I answered, so I did and I thought afterwards why has been so long because my mind had told me because of Helen's disabilities and
she would struggle so much or maybe It was an excuse for my own failing Helen said afterwards you make love to me once a week and because the way I thought and that I'd let down
I felt almost honoured she'd given me another chance we had rekindled our love
we continued for a few weeks to make love then Helen passed away It was almost as If she knew she was dying and wanted to make the best what days she had
but I felt so guilty I had paid to much attention to the caring side our relationship and not enough to Helen needs as a woman If there was a consultation
It would be at least I made Helen's last few weeks happy ones sometimes I even talk to her and
her forgiveness but I did love Helen so much to many things robbed both of us of a lot of our
Pain and illness sometimes blinded to just pretty Helen
really was Incredibly **** woman kind caring and loving
Struggled each and every day just find a reason for It all, many times In the past thought I'd reach a certain age and never live
But that age has past to reach the age I'm now, made It to retirement but sadly now without my wife when I met my girl that was the only thing I'd ever
Helen and I to reach the age of retirement together but with this government ever changing rule's to pension would have made Impossible
Any chance of this ever coming to being
sometimes I'm convinced this so-call governments plan to make pension age so high we work till we drop
No need for a state pension their financial problems solved more to spend on their own greedy selves Sometimes think they'd sell
there own grandmothers to satisfy their greed for power and
Personally, I think they are a disgusting excuse for human beings who destroy everything they
touch they've come
Into government like a plague
but only affecting the poor
of our country as for them
they are not
For they have bought immunity with their wealth but sadly us poor folks can't afford they
will live, and we
poor will die and the government will become even richer on
all the money they'll save
due to the death of the poor
Im shaw this so called government Is trying to
**** us all off by raiseing
again the pension
Johnny walker Feb 25
Cherrished memory of all that used to be to all that
I can see visions of our
Of all our yesterday's and of tomorrow's my darling will not ever
But I store all our memories keep them safely In my mind for I'm the only one left to remember
them she forever In my heart
so very much still apart of me
and forever she will
Cherrished memories of yesterday and of tomorrow's sadly Helen will not see
Seanathon Feb 12
Does a paintbrush try and press itself? Or a fisherman cast to feel his own strength?


Likewise, does a moon know when its been idealized by the idealistic pen? Again and again.

Not likely.

Can you see through the colors of your own eyes? Or hear the kissing secrets of the wind on its lovers lips?

No, thankfully not.

And in choosing can you pull thought from mind? With an ease which sets you free to be taller than trees and freer than snow.

Sadly it is with me, when I say no.
How much fun it was to watch this one twist and turn. Yup.
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