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Butterfly Jul 26
I was laying down, lost in my thoughts.
"Hey.." appeared on my screen
I woke up sadly
wished relationships with friends could last longer.
Matt Jul 2019
What to do now
I have everything;
I have “love”
I have friends who “care”,
I have “joy”
I have money,
But I don’t know what to do now.

Even if you are out there,
Do you even have the power to help me?
Do I even have everything?
At this point I’m lost beyond reason
What do do next,
Where to go next,
What to do next?

Should I end it now or enjoy it while I can?
Even if I ended it now what would happen next?
If I enjoyed it while I can,
I could be,
Truly hap-
Im not ok Right now it’s three am im tired im done
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