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Jennifer DeLong Jan 2023
Deeply I felt your reaction
like a sting a rip of fire
I had to run
I had to let the burn
heal or it would become a scar
Another scar I don't need !
I let you have your space.
I learned a lot in the time.
I found out who I am to you !
You have not reached out.
Ask how I was or if , I planned
to pick up my stuff ..
Not a word did I get from you.
That spoke loud and clear !
You only wanted me around for nothing more then your pleasure !
I am not someone you care or
respect as a friend..
Years spent between us
comes down to the truth !
Sadly I must accept.
Even if I care so deeply
love you even more.
Sadly I am left hear alone.
No friendship just the loss
ripping through my soul !
The burn must heal
for not to become a scar..

© Jennifer L DeLong 1/27/2023
Jennifer DeLong Mar 2021
Why do I care
Why do , I still love
Why don't you care
Why is the ? ?
How fast things change
Why couldn't I see
where this was going
to end up
It's not all cause of me
there's a part of you
that put us here
Oh how , I wish ..
So much pain felt burning
inside my soul
It's like this fire
will burn outta control
You will never feel
my hurt
I know this
I know you
Your in your comfort
You got an ego
it's way to high
so why then do I
feel so much hurt
Why is the ??
never will I know
the answer
It's only the ??'s
I end up with
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Ana Mar 2021
our love wasn't some
basketball player and
cheerleader story,

it was written on pages
of an old book.

you were my Mr.Darcy,
and I was your Elizabeth

I liked our love,
it was old and meaningful.

but you wanted new,
so I flattened the pages
of the book, and cleaned
the cover.

but still,
you picked the girl
whose novel shined the
brightest in the stories.
Ana Mar 2021
you with the smile that no
longer makes me smile.

you with the voice that no
longer brightens my day.

you with the laugh that no
longer makes me laugh.

you with your good morning texts that no
longer make my morning the best.

you with your smell of your
moms drinking and your
dog that no longer
intoxicates me.

you who changed, and is
never coming back.
Ana Mar 2021
you have the
key to my heart,

you opened it
without any second

but you lied.

you told me i had
the key to yours.

so i believed you,
because why would
you lie?

i didn't realize
you lied,
until i tried
unlocking it.

then i saw how different
our keys were.

yours had perfect lines,

while mine was more
of an organic shape,
impossible to
fit into anyones.
Ana Mar 2021
she told you the truth
and you told her lies.

she told you i love you,
and so did you.

but she believed you,
because how could
someone make lies,
so beautiful?
Butterfly Jul 2020
I was laying down, lost in my thoughts.
"Hey.." appeared on my screen
I woke up sadly
wished relationships with friends could last longer.
Sadly I am unable to say
That I never felt this way before
Scared, alone, isolated
But all of the feelings have become a part of me
Like how roots are apart of the tree
That gave birth to a thought process
Bigger than anything we could have ever known
Sadly for some of us, this thinking is hell
But if I were given a choice
To be able to think, to breath,
To hear, and to see
And never to ever think
I would rather be blind
Because then I could see the world
Through unclouded eyes
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