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DM Jones Oct 2019
Step into the forest of my mind,

Where the branches of each tree embrace you….

Each creature that dwells within the safety of the foliage

Lives in harmony with it habitat, and each other.

The sun rises, and falls over the lush green trees

And the pale moon evolves through its phases

As it has done since time began.

The streams flow freely,

Giving life and nourishment to all who depend on them

And sweet fruit grows upon hardy plants.

One by one, the fruit is picked and eaten,

Or it falls to the floor where it decays.

Yet in turn, it provides a source of knowledge for the body and earth alike.
We each have a forest of divine meaning within us,
And some are more suited to nurturing and fertilising the earth than others.

Yet it is our duty, as the children of mother earth

To sustain our gift for our children,

And eternal preservation.
Ally Sep 2019
Your mischievous gaze
your dark brown eyes, not as shiny as they should be
tell a very sad tale
straight from your heart

I offered you an
Olive branch...

Being with your broken
soul, whilst trying
to repair my own
was just hurting us more
Carmen Jane Sep 2019
Swaying with the wind,
It got the branch you held so tight
Spooled around your arm
You grabbed the nearest branch
When you weren't ready to fall.
Now, you look confused
It's been years
And you're hanging like that.
Bored by routines
Being at the mercy
Of traveling birds
When they want to say hello…
You can always grab another branch
Or you could just let go
You're ready to fall
You just  know
You'll land on your two feet
'Cause enough is enough.
M Solav Jul 2019
I am a beat, I am a clock,
I am a rhythm of some sort;
I’m a carrier on a mission;
The byproduct of an invention;
A battery that is being charged
And depleted low and large.

I am a ball, I am a cell,
I am the will of higher selves;
I’m a layer of the kernel,
Flying on seat "57L";
I’m a letter that was sent to mail,
Set outbound when rings the bell.

I am a curve, I am twirl,
I am sustained motion still unfurled;
I’m necessity in the system;
Of absorption I am the emblem;
I’m a branch of fractal downward;
Of struggles past I ain't no award.

I am a beast, I am a fork,
I am a breach through inert soil;
I’m a head of the hydra snake;
Consolation in all of mistakes;
I’m the blood of the wounded;
The brain of memories faded.

I am a blink, I am a cause,
I am the storm after the pause;
I’m the pity of the angered;
Whose duties have been tempered.

I am ludicrous, I am lukewarm,
I am commitment amidst cold wars;
I’m the frontier around the form
And the earth that drowns the worm;
Of victory I am some defeat,
Accomplishment left incomplete.

I am a sin, yes I am sought,
I am a child yet to be mourned;
I’m resistance to the inevitable,
Recurrence of the unstable;
I’m the distance of departures,
The first minutes of final hours.

I am a beat, I am a clock,
I am a rhythm of some sort;
I’m a carrier on a mission,
The byproduct of an invention;
A battery that is being charged
And depleted low and large.
Written in June 2019 - on a plane.
The Drama Queen...

When your Crown of Thorns turns out to be nothing more than a branch of a tree.
Arisa Apr 2019
The leaf latched onto the thin branch near the brook.
But even leaves, as simple as they are, know when to let go and trust the wind to take them.
Poetress2 Apr 2019
An Owl on a branch,
with 20\20 vision,
stalking her dinner.
Ylzm Apr 2019
Not unknown nor unseen,
but not as conquering hero came.
Not crowned with many crowns,
with unknowable Name,
but as Branch, on Beast that spoke,
departs from the Father, to serve,
with his Body, to pay the Bride's price.
And when in the fullness of time,
on the tenth of the first month,
with a blast of angelic trumpets,
He shall return as King
with Bride and twelve Princes.
Palm Sunday
Poetic T Jan 2019
We are woven in the majestic
                      verses of past voices.
Made silent by time,
           but etched within the fallen trees
that hold these voices
                                      within them.

For every moment is a page turned.
           A collection of reflections that
                                             when read,
collect within a picture  
           of every ballad concealed within.

So many compassions of emotion are bonded
                                                 within sentences.
When a tree falls it makes no sound.
But the words its carries afterwards,
make those inspired to reach higher
                            any branch that soared before it.
S Nirmal Kumar Oct 2018
Trapeze artists
Swinging on a denuded branch
Colony of bats
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