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Brian Hoffman Jan 19
Picking up all the scattered pieces on the floor
It hits so hard this constant burning passion you choose to ignore
Overly tired of feeling like I’m the last resort
Wanting to find paradise, but everything seems all out of sort
Falling for you ever so effortlessly, but my heart doesn’t cross your mind
I feel as if, I surely lost you this time
Though I know that you were never mine
The fact that my absence doesn’t bother you even the slightest makes me wonder if my presence even mattered at all in the first place
As I slowly start to let go of the illusion that things could have been any different my head starts to race
You made me feel like a waste of space
Done with you leading me on, every time I see you this light switch flickers on. I feel so drawn to you, but I’m hoping the next time I see you those feelings are long gone
Traveler Nov 2019

O­h ionic sky above
Let loose your naughty rain
Crash your clouds in thunder
White lightening flash in vain
Hydrate this thirsty dryness
Plaguing my barren glands
Set forth her winds a blowing
From where sweet love began


B­lizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes
and typhoons
The Mother Nature of me
wants to stir the storms of you
My deepest desires dwelling inside my mind
Hitting my heart like thunder and lightning
Sparks intensified
Walking on clouds dreaming of you
Spinning in whirlwinds my teardrops of truth’s
Catch me for I’m falling from heaven above
With the wants of kissing your angel lips of love


Flower of the morning dew
My gods approve of only you
Wisdom of my sins ascend
Guide my wonder to your ends
To where the storms begin


A mighty volcano burning deep down within
Raging passion swirling a cyclone of sins
Drenched in a downpour of lust
An eruption of showers quenching our thirst
Changing the atmosphere as our bodies collide
The binding of our hearts together
forever entwined
Infinite our love boundless by time
For I am Yours and You are mine

Mimi Hachiko Jul 2019
You’ve given no reason
For me to feel this way
But all reasons aside
You’re such a cliché
The cheerleader type
You run and you play
But I remember a time
Your type would betray
Your voice pitch is high
Your IQ count can’t match
I really can’t see why
You’re considered a catch
But maybe I’m petty
Or jealous, or insecure
I think I’m just ready
To be called particular
I don’t like your type
I don’t fancy to be friends
I don’t follow the hype
You give me the bends
Eric Angels Jun 2019
When you see her today,
Remember to tell her that she's beautiful,
That you love her
and that you will never stop missing her.
Mercy Kabi
John Mendoza Jan 2019
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

There’s no love around my way cause my heart just don’t feel the same

As my eyes open wide, I see there’s no sunshine yet I still pretend like everything is alright

But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

Can’t water the flowers of his soul if the darkness already took its toll, there’s no sunshine so all he ever feels is cold

But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

A girl
who I knew
was the new girl at school
And the boys
all used to
in a gaze
see her through
hollow eyes;
as if she
were a dish
And their stares
were affixed
In their heads
just one wish

Nothing new
No surprise
In a trance
In a state
Under hypnotic spell
Never cease or abate
Lick their lips
“Just you wait”
A nightmare
but awake
Lived each day
In torture
till no more
she could take

Like a cake
you would bake
you would make
Stalk with stealth
A cheetah
Not a sound
Lie in wait
Fat and bloated gazelles
not aware
of their fate
stood about
with one thought
‘I must mate’

Every day
sit and wait
like they were
on a date
The boys on this car ride
Not two hands;
They have eight
Always grab
and they *****
Decency and respect?
Not possessing these traits

Not one way
show or say
No reflection
What they want;
Get their way
And for her
there's no say
Transformation from prey
This day forward will stay
All that ****
our protagonist took
ends today

Thinking that they will keep
And forever their treat
Going on for so long
They're not even discreet
They're not able to see
that this "thing"
Is a "she"
Cost til now has been hers
it's time they pay the fee

What's in front of me now?
Can it help me somehow?
Does it benefit me?
Kneel before me and bow!
Not enough
to describe
how they ****
They're the ****
And they are stuck

If you wish
to get rid
Trap inside
Close the lid
Bring the bug to the fire
Ice cream truck to a kid
These soul-suckers will burn
Agony; writhe and squirm
Not my motive
I'll enjoy
They don't learn

Going to
take a guess
that you can not digest
any type
of abuse
It must cease and desist
Gonna end it today
Now's the time
They will pay
Sudden surprise attack
It will blow them away

Loaded up
Today's walk
Is a strut
As she enters
The gauntlet
Starts hearing the ****
But what happened
Might stun
The explosives,
hand guns
When it came to weapons
Truth be told
She had none

Well at least
In the sense
Of conventional type
To do so
Is like them
And just would not be right

But she wasn't unarmed
Had a "weapon"
her 'Voice'
Will be silent no more
And today
Made a choice

She bravely
Was the first
Against them
To speak up
None before her had dared
Each had kept her mouth shut

It's the fear
That's the ammo
To control
their minds
Facing up
To a pack
When alone
It takes time

Once there is
The first one
Who's had it
She is done
I am not
An object
Or a trophy
That's won
I demand
My respect
Like all others
Will get
Perhaps you did not know
But your match
You just met

A new precedent set
Now the filth
Are in debt
Margin call
They can't pay
Feel the heat
Start to sweat
Because one
Becomes two
Just like that
Seams unglued
Thought they could
Get away
But it all
Will come due

Had their wagers
Only to
The small fact
They got caught
Now distraught
"What are you looking at?!"
Even though
They can't see
And naive
How they're feeling right now
Life for her
Used to be

Now those days
Are no more
That one voice
Now a roar
Found a new confidence
She did not
Have before
The filth pile
Could not see
In no way
To believe
Not a "thing"
Or an "it"
She is a
Human being.
Written: May 5, 2018

All rights reserved.
Sam Apr 2018
I tried to hide my feelings
By dating another girl

That was dumb and it didn't work
Because you're the only one I see

I can't hide my feelings
So I'll just stop trying

I'll tell you any chance I get
That you look wonderful

I'll tell you anytime I can
That you are wonderful

I'll make it so well known
That you're my one and only

I can't look at anyone else
The same way I look at you

You're one of a kind
And I wish I could give you the world

You are so close
Yet so far

So, I won't hide my feelings
I'll yell them to the world

In a peaceful voice
That only you can hear

You are my best friend
But I wish you were more

I can wait.
I'm such a freaking mess when it comes to this stuff.
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