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  May 2016 Rockie
You deserved a long goodbye,
a long and tight hug to force out tears
and maybe un-stifle our hearts.

The words, I love you,
had me in a choke hold.

Two friends,
who hurt
each other
like lovers.

I tried to be an automaton; stolid faced,
but I lost my grace.

I wish now that
I had remembered
to come up for air.
Or remembered,
that it was through open hearts
that we entered each other's lives
so long ago.

Maybe I did not love you at all,
because I didn't try to hold on to you.

Maybe I loved you too much,
& maybe that is why I let you go.

Now I just want to know:
How do you open at the close?
  Apr 2016 Rockie
South by Southwest
Blossoms are the
Hopes and dreams
Attached to the thorny
Stems of life
We all have to climb
To smell the roses
  Oct 2015 Rockie
Parsavagely Kompenere
I spent too long looking back,
On the words I used to be.

And now,
The present has passed me by,
No time left for me.

When I look forward,
All I see,
Wall after wall,

And when I try to keep up,
I trip,
And I fall.

I am too slow,
Or get held back too long.

But I'd rather,
Finish way too late,
Than get this whole thing wrong
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