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Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2020
Your smile gives hope
Becomes sunrise each morning
Just more beautiful
You wake me up every day with that one in a million smile and it's like a billion sunsets in the corners of your mouth
Nishi Jan 2020
I don't know whether  im chasing a mirage
I don't know what to do
I don't understand which decision i should take
To make him fall in love again
Time is so cruel
We were so good together
I really don't know what happened
Why he suddenly changed
Im sure i did nothing wrong
But still he is away
I don't  know why he is avoiding me
I don't know what's the truth
All i sense,he is with a karmic
But i wonder that im the karmic
Im so confused with his silence
Once i wished to be his twin flame
As i thought he was the one
But now i don't know why i doubt
Is this a nightmare i see
Or is this the reality
That he is betraying me?
Fear to face reality and poor in taking decisions..all i can do i making these poems to gain a temporary peace
Colm May 2019
Faith makes faces shine
Like crumpled tin sheets in the sunlight

Gives the backing of Giants
To those once considered meek

And shows one's own ability to believe
In all that ever could be

Faith brings both warmth and luminosity
To the cold, small, twisted mind of man
Faith Gives more than any un
Each day is a day like day had before
I don't know if I can take anymore
There's pain in my bones; Weak feeling and sore
I question myself what this life is for

Don't know what's ahead; Don't know what's in store
As happiness hides behind a locked door
The pressure, it builds to find it before
The hourglass now has emptied what's stored

The light from me left; Although I'm not sure
If ever I had a light that was pure
My soul's on death's bed; No hope of a cure
The word's left unsaid; I'll always want more

Waves lapping against the rocky beach shore
Each time takes away; A heavenly chore
Was true of my joy; A tunnel was bored
Inside from my soul true self of me poured

I ******* out myself like a *****
Each day is a lie that I can't afford
I wish I was maimed; Insides had been gored
I can not explain; Knight falls on his sword

But I am no knight; More like one who's poor
Been chewed up, discarded; Fruit with no core
Tried sharing with you; A piece of me tore
But know you disliked; Did nothing but bore

This poem is not new; These words said before
I've whined and cried too like those I deplore
A task left to do; Must settle the score
Each day starts anew; Be happy once more
Written: November 15, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Iambic/Anapestic Mixed Tetrameter format]
Isaac Oct 2018
Reality gives richness back to those who make it richer.
Written 26 October 2018
Soup from the great big garden
and we canned it all just so
helped to wear the weather through
when the land was dressed in snow

and checker lesson Saturdays
with two lefties at the board
you helped to teach me fairness
when I lost, and when I scored

you kindled my love of books
and encouraged me to grow
i learned the best ways to say yes
and subtle ways to say HELL no

while writing this I realized
you're one of the few whom I can say
if my young life was a fresh spun bowl
your hands would be covered in clay

i remember most the times we'd play
and in the game of life, "I'm all in"
since you happen to be [MY] grandma
looks like this time I win

but seriously,

there is so much more to speak of
but I have a life to live
and I promise when I am done with it
I'll have taught how a grandma gives.
For my grandma's birthday
sankavi Apr 2018
as poets
thank the pain
thank the sorrow
for it gives you something to write about

as poets
don't take the beautiful moments for granted
don't be afraid of happiness
because that too is something to write about

as poets
appreciate everything life throws at you
Lshassan Aug 2017
Love is complicated
Love requires patience
Love requires tolerance
Love require  honesty
Love requires sacrifices
Love comes with trials
Love comes unexpectedly
It is involuntary
Love hits us like a ton of brick
It cause us to lose control
It cause us to do strange things
It cause us to constantly be around someone
Constantly think of someone
Love make us understand someone
Love gives us hope
Love give us courage
Love make us happy
Love makes us strong
Love makes us weak
Love makes us confused
Love makes us complete
Love is everything.
We, are created to fall in love.
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