Perceptions of the world
         Told in many ways,
Reflections of the soul,
         Guidance through the haze.

Echoes of the past
         Frozen on the page,
Inspired burst of thought,
         Warped release of rage.

Whispers of the heart
         Demanding to be heard,
Silence of the mind,
         Patterned mix of word.

Expressions of the now
         Not answers for eternity,
Songs of simple joys,
         Tears for life's infirmities.

your breast a knife
          my only desire
       wound me


Wandering Pilgrim?        Explore Thyself!
The undiscovered near
Though journey's softly timorous
Soul continents appear


A limited tool
Used to increase perception
Of      this that is

"Perceived In Passing"

The great great mystery of you scours
       my brain for answers to your self
A million shiny buttons in the mind
       ten understood and admitted
       to the first level the rest nothing
       but the soul rationalized to war
       prejudice greed stealin
       money fucking the neighbours
       better half with guilt to make
       you feel good about it
Screaming the personality right into
       your kids brain neurons impregnated
       with your pain past from one
       generation to the next so secretly
       you don't even know it
Wake up in the morning already formed
       and hungry for yesterdays flashes
       deep remembered only urges lift
       the hand to shove the happy food
       in happy wantin to be face
       smacking mental taste buds yum
       yum as it turns the body into
       toxic waste dump what do you think
       those little nodules are
Getting what's desired stimulates pathways
       leading to Pavlov's realm over and
       over we fear what is
       conditioned to fear psycho relatively
The truth hurts when there's pain
       without cure we're right in
       the middle of it and see such
       possible beauty with freedom
       joy love kindness health yet here
       we are playing in the shit pile
       throwing knifes at each other
       some wanting to stop some not
Time heals all but so what death
       is coming on one way or the other
       coming on swifter than the change
       in humanity perhaps
       we are the
       missing link searched for
       look in the mirror
What now to be in?       halfway twixt
       mindless and mind full of what
       dreams are made of with no way out
       but live it as it is and try
       to not be animal a little bit
       anyway try a little bit not to
       be animal help the cause to be
       a little bit and be other than
       animal for a moment
Definitely a group effort we are
       and then we're gone but the
       fragrance of our thoughts lingers on
       perceived in passing by sentientness


People invading and killing
Stealing countries
And microwaves
Bad, bad, shouts the TV
And Mr. America
Off to war goes Johnny

"People Everywhere"

People everywhere
Every when
Forming their desires
Into action
In the world

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