Mark Wanless Jan 10

"What Is?"

truth, is a pacifier,
comforting and calming.

truth, is something
to hang on to, giving
a false sense of control.

truth, is an individual
and temporary construct,
of murky human thought.

Truth, is known
only to God,
if God exists.

Mark Wanless Jan 10

"We Do Not"

I think we do not think
On life's realities
We wish only pleasantries
The aspects uplifting our views
Are acknowledged only
What we wish was not but is
Is buried deeply
Rots and festers
And we feign contentment
While we ooze

Mark Wanless Jan 9

" A Dream "

a dream a float a wonderful
next arrives again
expel the moment dangerous
a mindless thought to tell

no time is but a powerful
lament of ken
the wasteland is a bogerous
adamant fell

adamant fell adamant fell
no thought has ever been
beyond the movement of a man
nor memories to tell

Mark Wanless Jan 9

"Wish I Could Go There"

Siren screaming warning
fading away     i'm happy
to be alive but the thorns
hurt sometimes like fire ants
in Florida with Palmetto bugs
just really big cockroaches in
Hawaii they are pets and even bigger
like the native gals be gentle baby
doll one eighty five going up
and up to the stars the dreams
of children touch god come from god
are god triune stabbing this that is
in the butt to cause movement
is conscious something or other
soft green leaves with sharp edges
flying liquid rock globs on the mountain
black black black ocean deep
wish i could go there in my mind
but for real they play for money
and we pay and pay and pay and wonder
who's the boss believe it or not
no one is is to scary for some
to accept and i'm writing expository but
where are the images well i'm on my way
to find out hope i get there i know
i'm going to enjoy the journey
free i i i i i

Mark Wanless Jan 9

"Wake Up"

to wake up the joining
bear it for however long
stress    contraction    rest
to bear it into

Mark Wanless Jan 8

"The Empty Universe"

The empty universe gapes
We tremble and rush
To fill the egoless void
Art the glorious wonderful incredible
Creator of mind

Mark Wanless Jan 8

"The Drop Suffuses"

The drop suffuses throughout eternity
Ever wider the vibrant touch
Reborn each place and time forever

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