Yes i Will

Don't know what your thinking any more
How come i see you in my bedroom yesterday
   at night
This mind is but a figment of the
   never more
The car drives by the camera
I was not here until so timeless
Why do i think i own the universe
Saw you in my bedroom twice again
   last night
You were not there i know a ghost in
   darkest light
If i could touch you one more time i would
   my love
The ecstasy the fantasy is but a dream
   my love    
My future is a bookmark on this page
   of life
Never been to heaven hell just seems
   so wrong
Called you by your name last night in bed
A life of happiness is just a life
   of strife
Knew eternity a time ago
   yes i did
Give it up for one more day with you
   yes i will
What Day Was This

Burnt the bridges
   can't go back
      on purpose
Just a forward step
   into a fog of life
      on purpose
Can't predict the future
   pay your bills on time
      unless life lets you
Go to work yesterday
   just like today again
      if life lets you
We stand tall and strong
   till the mindless mallet falls
      as is always
Cry till the tears stop
   the mindless comfort comes
      as is always
Time tolls it's bell
   a rhythm in our mind
      what else is there
To look into the past
   just reflections in our mind
      what else is there

Went to the store
   bought this life of small
Called out your name
   in my dreams you are gone
      i will miss you
Haiku 13

what i saw a long
   time ago, was truly new
in this short small life
Stormy Sea

if on a dark and stormy sea
   washed with cold and spray
i see a lighthouse calling me
   i will gladly turn away
want the travail of the wind
   want the cold and spray
harbour is an earthly place
   no place for me to be
Mark Wanless May 14
Not Here

came across a thought yesterday
   that said i was not here
saw it    don't believe it    no sir no
   i wonder what is real
the nations are a figment
   of thought in mind alone
yet here i live in a country
   imagining it my home
called a god to witness
   what i thought was truly true
no answer came but clear clear thought
   it's only me and you
   it's only me and you
saw a spirit yesterday
   forty years ago
was he heaven   was he hell
   maybe you will know
this time i am a breathin
   was this the only one
remember me from long ago
   mother   daughter   son
called a lake a river
   called the darkness light
been to hell and back again
   we are the only ones
   we are the only ones
Mark Wanless May 12
My Sweet Love

don't know where i'm going
but a dream in your mind
hold me tight tonight oh baby
i'm flying hold me tight

called you out into the midnight
you came oh baby know it's right
sleeping hear in cold cold midnight

wrapped in warm of love
wrapped in warm of love

hear me now i've talked forever
ever ever speaking loud
hear the voice inside your head love
you are the one and kind

love love love love
love love love love
It's a dull dark morning
not a bit like May
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