writing something in this moment
new to me  and you
no suprise for the typer,
no surprissse for th reeeerder


Mike Adam

i get it now

the drop the drip the one singular
inexhaustible populate


Patterns patterns everywhere
       but a drift of think
No shape the future but a wave
       self and soul to make


the violent fight of the dragons
makes aware on this new holy day
a glorious thing that knows
its way to the sun and moon
ocean smells and earth damp


Do we hear      or witness
Sound      see
Or witness      light

Feel a lovers      blush
Caress      or witness
Conjoined hearts

waka waka

Going home no more for home there is none
But the cosmos revolving to a chord
Pre-conscious source of all adhering carbon
Based gray folded spheres and toes the same
Naked reality coagulated        ???s
Which are the dreams and logics belched from the ego
Which thinks it is the        ??? of all        ???s
But now we know better don't we?

belch fart
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