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i aint afraid of nothing
   but myself
myself is all there is

i can see me sometimes clearly
   but mostly
cloud of doubt

called the ghosts of heaven
   to fill me
with all blessings

sometimes see the the devil
   in a fog
of make believe

myself is all there is
i see the elephant
   in the room
they are so beautiful
   why would i want
to get rid of them
Mark Wanless Jul 26
i ate barbecue
over and over again
for sixty six years
Mark Wanless Jul 17
i sit in my apartment
alone and unconsciously
think of processies that happen
Mark Wanless Jul 14
i like illusion
of coffee...i know death is
mirage... peace is dream
born from projection fear
Mark Wanless Jul 11
this poet is built
on a barn of human ****
one of many ways
Mark Wanless Jul 11
the door opens
   the sun shines through
the small child
   walks out to do

her chores of morn
   feed the chickens
and hungry rabbits
   water the dogs

back to enjoy
   warm breakfast
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