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dog  dog breath  dog ****
smells like security now
in days of our need
right now i am me
me i truly want to be
why don't i do it
i am rich now
see dog squirrel and rabbit
huddled together
Mark Wanless Nov 20
saw was if fi not ton
a soldier a child a serpent mild
**** lik crap parc fell lef it ti
a man will grow and be
Mark Wanless Nov 20
fell to earth a day ago
bounced back up on purpose
no job is to bad
i am retired
Mark Wanless Nov 20
i am not orbit
i am wildman
Mark Wanless Nov 20
i walked the shores
of Agenon
for thirty years and more

it was not there

lived a long life
of hardship
on the slave ships of Stife

it was for naught

fell in love a
hundred times
never forgot one

i weep at the loss

sat on a mountain
wind blowing
through me

it was pleasant

perfection is a quest of fools
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