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Mark Wanless Oct 12
why are there so many lawyers
in hell, the priests
have to have someone to talk to
  Oct 12 Mark Wanless
Keith Wilson
The sky is very dark
It's going to rain today
Blustery sharp wind
Mark Wanless Oct 4
Oh My God
you hid the truth
in common words
Mark Wanless Oct 3
on soft clouds i walk away
so many days we were lovers

feel time pass now with my heartbeat
as we wander far apart

kissed by angels when i'm sleeping
or is your sweet soul touching mine

this vaunted world is just a nonsense
without your memory in my mind

in dark night dear past the moonbeams
i will ever see our favourite star

but in this moment my spirit aching
i'm slowly marching off to war
Mark Wanless Sep 26
dark is not faster
than light it is
everywhere always


the dark is
negated by light
always forever
Mark Wanless Sep 17
the song will tell the count of bones sleeping
what call to arms doth break the peace again
there is no cause but willful thought holding
blade to human throat but for blind swollen
greed calls to all and is heard by many
loudly no place other than ego bliss
i speak amid the stars in my own way
not vaulted source of truth but comely kiss
that whispers out to total mind you me
crawling spec on battlefield woeful sees
world of blood and yearns soft to speak of free
Mark Wanless Sep 16
to free the lobotomized
masses of the world
i must free the
lobotomized me
deep true
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