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zahra Mar 9
as a children we were taught
that boys were not supposed to "pretty"
they were supposed to be handsome,
manly as well as tough,
and a bit rough around the edges

as a children we were taught
that boys were not supposed to be "pretty"
but as you looked at me
glossy lips stained the color of cherries
and laughed as a child would

the sparkle in your eyes had never faded
a smile playing at your lips, you asked
"but i am pretty, aren't i?"
The day Helen opened her heart to me I never looked  back before that day because life began the day
Helen opened her
and she welcomed me In
before that day I had
no memory of anything or at least didn't want to have any
The very first I time ever I made love to her all
my previous life, memories just got washed away whilst riding a pure wave of pleasure
From that day on all, I thought of was Helen
I lived her breathed
her she was my life and all that was In It and from that day forth Helen would always be so beautiful to me
Pleasant memories of Helen special moment always to be cherished and remembered
she was my life and all that was In It
wide, wide from your eyes
my heart gets calmer
my brain becomes safer

after a time
little or long
my heart converts to be wild

the shatter gets to my mind
the quetion is asked at time
why are her eyes wide?

remind and talk
i say and look
your eyes took

my mind at wide
love gets heart busy and mind been faulll of thoughts
clever Jan 27
you're ******.
i'm *******.
we got nothing left to lose.
but tonight it was better than ever before.
The most beautiful
The virgins swam in the rivers
They took off all their clothes
I saw all the world coming with wild eyes
The clouds come from every space
The birds come from east and west
They were in hurry to see the most
Beautiful creatures on the earth
They were from great t distances
They were disappeared not to disturb the girls
I  disappeared behind the plants
My clothes wear as plant's color green
I moved my eyes towards them
I was sad because of my poverty.
I saw the branches bowing to drink
They might hear that they cured the sick
The sun went away from light and smart
It said I will go away as their beauty
Will change my light to dark
I thought that water moved to touch
To see their bodies to see the beauty
The birds sing happy songs
They were whispering not to make them run
If I had bottles, I would gather the run
And sold them with high as they cured
They touched the beauty
That is enough in a say
the beautiful creatures make the all-world feel good
Erin Jul 2018
You took what you wanted
And gave nothing back
I shouldn't still love you
But I still want you back
Bryce Jun 2018
Good morning miss,
how do you do?
I have something very special today to offer you!
Oh, wouldn't you like to know what it is?
I know you're busy, ma'am-- it won't be but a bit

Thank you, ma'am.

Now, take a gander at this--
We live in a very advanced age,
With much to do that cannot be missed!
With television and telephones and magneato-static tape,
We can easily forget-- get lost-- frequently lose our place!

But with this brand new...
You'll find your worries quickly erased!

..Well yes ma'am, if you'll let me finish.

Now see, its easy!
All it takes is a tune
a look, a whistle, even a fingertap'll do
This magic machine
listens to your needs!

It's small, and light,
and shatters quite
So you'll want to have it on hand.
For safekeeping!

It listens to you,
like no man would do
And ensures you are the best you can be!
Once you pay the price,
you won't need think twice--
Yes ma'am!
all the knowledge you could want in the world, to a T!

How does it do it?
Well you really needn't ask
It works through the mutual human task!
Every man, woman, and child comes together to contribute
It does not discriminate, you do not pay tribute
No ma'am no, this machine seeks no gold
Just you, is what it wants. It simply wants you.

You'll take it? That's great! I'll get you in next shipment
they're sourced from a faraway place, but it won't take but an instant!
With boats and planes and automobiles,
We'll get it to you
We'll make sure of that, words true.

We're excited for this!
You won't believe what you've missed!
And very quickly you'll find the world just doesn't do
without constant supervision from the...

Now if you'll excuse me, miss--
you have a nice night.
at my winter
hot coals
my pocket
when she laughed

we take
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