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Senryus about those
capricious creatures that rule
over our lives - our moms.

Studying. My phone
beeps, I look at it - mom says,
- "you've been texting!" Argh!

Mom: "Why is it - that
everything is on the floor?"
Me: thinking... "gravity?"

"SORRY!, how could I
know answering your question
would be talking back??"

My mom can hear me
mumble a mile away but
can't hear me yell "what"?
moms.. they can be lovely - or drive ya crazy - in 10 minute increments
1d · 39
dark shows..
No, I'm not ok.
It's amazing what a
smile can hide.

Monsters aren't under
your bed - they're in your head
And hard to ignore.

No one really knows
you until you show them your
internal, dark side.
sometimes the worlds dark side overwhelms
1d · 52
at the party
A party scene, in
Senryus - from last March, when a
party could happen.

He looked at me
like a treat. “You,” he said,
are looking hot girl!"

“I’m only hot in
in the dazzling reflection
of your lust,” I said.

“Then you’re on
FIRE,” he said as he put
his hands on my hips.

“Your girlfriend’s looking,”
I said, - she and I nodded.
His hands retracted.

He brushed his hair
back over his ears, "some
other time.” he said.

“He was set to Jump
you,” My friend Kim teased, "No,
not really.” I shrugged.

"You disappointed?"
I snorted "yeah right,
His GF was watching."

"OH!," Kim realized,
"You were posing!! You're
STILL a ****** - I KNOW!!”

SHUT UP!!” I laughed,
putting a hand to her lips,
“That’s secret info!”

“Sophomores are
ALWAYS virgins.” Kim said, “Not
Lisa, of course."

We turned, smiled,
and waved at Lisa - she
was dating three guys.

Kim says, “She could give
us both one.” "Leftovers," I
said, “should mean pizza.”
remember PARTIES?? *sigh*
3d · 49
actual poet
This actual poet writes me silly poems.
He's there and I can't explain it.
A lifetime of experience and things lived I only imagine
and this actual, famous, poet writes me silly poems.

I wonder why me??  Why is he wasting time with me?
This sapient, hopelessly encouraging, ego-boosting poet
who writes me silly poems.

It's confusing.
My mind paints countless canvases of doubt,
like our connection is fragile tissue, perishable suds.
Surely one day I will find him bored and gone.
This actual, famous poet that writes me silly poems.
kind, and encouraging voices are rare and you never know who might see your work.
3d · 78
drunk love..
I’m in LOVE - drunk love,
look stupid love - and I
expect a harsh trial.

A hurricane is
due - the sky is coldly-gray,
and the wind is fierce.

Tech issues have school
on hold and walking is a

Then - the blue gray truck
rounds the corner and I’m hit
with Christmas-like joy.

I LOVE shopping,
like a lush loves drink or a
gambler loves risk.

It’s nigh ******.
How can YOU resist it? Please
- tell me your secret??!!

** Amazon trucks are blue gray =]
shopping.. it's a narcotic for prison world
A lot of people hate algebra - they think it isn't useful.

They are SO wrong - here is some practical Algebra:

Chocolate comes from Cocoa,
which grows on a tree,
which is a plant,
therefore:  Chocolate is a salad.

You're welcome.
Algebra can be useful, chocolatey, and delicious    =]
6d · 30
last words
Sometimes I
want to yell "I don't care"
in my mom's face.

When she blithely tries
to measure my sad prison
world to her own youth.

That prehistoric
reality, of phonebooths and
whatever, back then.

But I know those
words would freeze in the air
like a neon sign.

And very probably be
etched on my tombstone
as an epitaph.
a parent can drive you ****-nutty like no one else with lectures.
7d · 249
images in the dark
My father died when I was seven.

Like a girl in a museum
I'm drawn to his pictures.
Those inadequate reproductions,
hypnotize me.

Pictures, what do they have to give?
Coal-blue eyes, a knowing look.
They exist, for me, like Cassandra of troy,
full of endless secrets that can never be told.

A snowy, ice slickened, twilight-blue
rush hour parade - hundreds of grimy cars
rushing, rushing... somewhere.

Why do  the details I can't remember haunt me so?
A flash of light, the tearing of metal
like the screaming of dogs in a devouring
dance of energy.

The nuclear family detonating
with death inches away.

Everyone was asking, "What do you remember?"
"I don't know."  7 year old me said.

The family man leaving a gravestone like a calling card.

Sometimes, just before I fall asleep,
memories of him - which I hold dear -
come to me like the ghosts of departed friends.
Image after image in the embracing dark.

Why is it the further away you get, the more I need you?

Those images and that voice are strangely silent
in the morning as I'm, once again, awakened
to a world I'd rather reassemble.
it is what it is
Sep 16 · 100
in concert...
Anais Vionet Sep 16
Pay Shylock his pound
of flesh, give Richard his horse,
let Juliet love anew.

Let go of the ghost -
Shakespeare’s doomed heroes
- pronounce them all dead.

Fight no more battles,
release strings so puppets
finish their dance.

Dismiss the actors,
set horses to pasture,
lower the curtains.

villainy, once banished,
has taken new stages.

Human suffering,
in concert - you won't miss it
- it comes to you.
We recognize villains on stage - why not so in life?
Sep 15 · 187
Anais Vionet Sep 15
Some Senryus about
Bestfriends - the kindred spirits
we're lucky to know.

Boys are "whatever,"
but bestfriends are forever.
That's the way it is.

We tell our secret
fantasies - that we exchange
in sworn secrecy.

Bestfriends: the girls you
only stay mad at briefly - 'cause
you've news for them!

A bestfriend would push
you into your crush and yell
"get some!" then run.
bestfriends, teen, kindred spirits
Sep 14 · 114
I search in dreams
Anais Vionet Sep 14
I pray to that dead
criminal Jesus - to set
us right - restore us.

We’re a mess - like
spilled salt - remember the  
fresh air of freedom?

In dreams I search - there
must be a cure lying
around somewhere..

Eyelid shades
open on chiaroscuro
lit, moody mornings.

I keep my head down
I’m doing my fey best, to
let nothing touch me.

** Note: I was raised a Catholic. Jesus wasn't crucified by some accident - he was executed as a criminal - that's just a fact - not an attack on Christianity - I would never attack a religion.. except maybe Scientology... that was a JOKE!!  aarrgghhh!

If poetry is art (I rather think it is) then one purpose is to engage and provoke emotion - I confess that the first stanza is meant to engage the reader.. hhhmmm.. maybe too much? I AM a beginner.
I'm SO tired of this virus-world.
Sep 13 · 66
Anais Vionet Sep 13
By a clear mountain stream an enchantress sat skywriting.
Her bracelets seemed to jangle a melody as her arms moved.
The wind stopped blowing lest the clouds corrupt her work.

The knight, dressed in black, wore a mask and intended damage.
His knife was clenched between his teeth, as he moved noiselessly closer - breathing shallowly for stealth.

The birds suddenly stopped chirping. “Go home boy,” the enchantress whispered.
The knight blinked and froze but the enchantress did not look around.
She pulled a half-penny from a pouch, kissed it, and lobbed it into the stream.

The knight went from certain to vague - he sheathed his knife and wiped his lips.
Come, drink.” the minx motioned to the stream.
As he sipped water from his cupped hands the beautiful woman
said, “Your love will bear you two strong sons if you’re home before dark.”
The knight wiped his hands on his trousers - nodded - and ran for his horse.
The enchantress smiled to herself as she finished her unearthly poem.
a free form fantasy poem
Sep 12 · 115
in seine
Anais Vionet Sep 12
The Seine river banks,
with their lack of guardrails, freaked
me out in fourth grade:

"Avez-vous entendu?!!"
My best friend rushed to ask it.
"Did you hear?! (the news)"

A woman drowned!!
She gushed - the horror tale
punch line delivered.

My eyes were wide with
shock and fear - the monster takes
another victim!

The dark Seine river
slithered, like a green snake
- feet from my front door.

There was no railing
- a misstep would drop you some
12 feet, to your cold death.

No parent could save
you - a terrifying thought for
a nine year old girl.

Walking to school, my
brother would sneak up, nudging
me near left-bank death.

I would scream, amid
cat calls and boyish laughter,
despite our au pair.

My best friend, Chloe, shared
my caution, if not my fear,
and loved to tease me.

That rapid river
loomed large in my dreams - as fears
can - for many years.

Last year we were in
Paris and I still couldn't go
near the riverbank  =]
Some childhood fears stay vividly with us.
Sep 11 · 305
strong attractions
Anais Vionet Sep 11
A crush is someone
you're strongly attracted to
- they just don't know it.

He doesn't know you: check.
you like him: check, he does nothing:
check, you fall for him.

I lie in bed and
envision scenarios where
my crush grins at me.

It's so weird that
we can almost stalk someone
and they have no idea.

I'm trying to get hair
out of my mouth and I find
my crush is watching.
A crush is someone who may never know you long for them
Sep 10 · 92
the green witch
Anais Vionet Sep 10
My mom, with the green
witch's casual, sour malice,  
can verbally ****.

But she is easily
deceived by disguise
- my body is a mask.

My submission is
but a costume - my calm
the offered lie.

I detest my own
pale, small, adolescent
answers - my weakness.
OK, we had a fight - we made up - but before that... poetry!  =]
Sep 9 · 88
Breakup Senryus
Anais Vionet Sep 9
The question arises - in high school - "how do I break up with...."
So, as a public service - may I present:

Handy break-up Senryus.
Pick one to quickly, cut that old
relationship cord

I'm sorry, What'd you say?
I can't hear you confused look
- we’re breaking up.

You’re the guy that
every school girl seems to want...
- today's their lucky day.

It's time we took
our relationship to the
previous level.

I still cherish the
initial misconceptions
I had about you.
The question arises - in high school - "how do I break up with...."
Sep 8 · 160
Anais Vionet Sep 8
What I want is someone to love,
and for someone to somehow love me.
Not right now and not tomorrow...
but some day - eventually.
I’m still a child, those mysteries are vague,
but I pray it will happen - breathlessly.
Breathless at thoughts ill-defined
Sep 7 · 115
Anais Vionet Sep 7
These are some
Senryu poems about friendships.
Who knows us better?

Friends are family
by invitation - accepted
gifts to each other.

We don't care what
your specific gender is
we're calling you dude.

I love to hang out
with people who make me forget
to check on my phone.

We all have a friend  
who thinks of everything
in a ***** way.
friends are the BEST
Anais Vionet Sep 6
Things that you would love
to say to your crush - if you
only had the nerve:

“quick, put your lips on
mine. I’m a spy and it’s
an emergency!”

Hey, I shaved my legs
this morning - they’re so smooth
- here, just feel 'em!

Kiss me if I'm wrong,
but the dinosaurs are still
around, aren’t they?
Some things I'd love to say to MY crush  =]
Sep 5 · 74
Oracle whispers
Anais Vionet Sep 5
Oracle please tell
me, (free of charge) about the
future that will be.

Show me the bright secrets
of love - be a mystic guide
for my bored heart’s relief.

What kisses may be played
on sweet, future nights with no
tentative whispers please.

Help me conquer the
confusing compresence of
desire and unease.
Only oracles can answer questions about future loves
Anais Vionet Sep 4
I swear, my parents act like they were never teens in a pandemic growing up.

I was watching “Perry Mason,” an HBO show set in the 1930s. Perry gets mail out of his mailbox and I think “no GLOVES??” This pandemic has a hold of me.

6:30am  I’m finishing my shower - wrapping my hair in a towel.
Mom: from my room “I have something for you!”
Me: “OK.” (I’m curious)
I step out of the shower, wrap on a towel, and my mom steps up and gives me a flu shot without so much as a “by your leave.”  Dr. Surprise strikes again.
My arm hurts  =/

Writing a paper, on my computer, in class - I try to use the perfect word but I spell it so badly the spell checker gives up and in effect, says “I got nothin’.” I switch words.

Telling a girl to calm down is like trying to put a cat in a tub.
My parents think every guy I talk to is my boyfriend.
If I’m texting and smiling my parents think I have a boyfriend.
I say, I don’t know” when I don’t care.

For ALL of its downsides virtual school is better because:
  My two BFF and I have a facetime call going ALL school day so
    we can say snarky things about everyone..
  I can listen to music on my headphones during classes.
  I have multiple screens so I can web-surf during classes.
  I don’t have to wear shoes or a skirt!
  I can put a video up so it looks like I’m paying attention.
  I can snack/take a bathroom break whenever I want to.
  I don’t have to carry a backpack or make locker stops.
  I can be late or leave early and blame it on “tech issues”.
such is teen life 2020
Sep 3 · 99
romance rambling
Anais Vionet Sep 3
The conversation
takes an crushy turn - so my
brain starts making quips.

My experience is
that my amorous impulses
are unreliable.

With my friends, my flawed,
carnivalesque attempts
at romance are legend.

Unless I'm starved
for embarrassment's grief
which I seldom am.

I will dodge, slither,
obfuscate and stall attempts
at intimacy.

What if I’m the
Kind of girl that guys can’t
just fall in love with?
romance - in the age of pandemic - can we restrict the field any more??
Sep 2 · 50
quiet thoughts
Anais Vionet Sep 2
It’s in quiet
moments of thought that we create
our identities.
reflections on who we want, or don't want, to be shape us.
Sep 1 · 219
submitting to the lash
Anais Vionet Sep 1
In 7th grade we took
some personality tests
- they were intriguing.

I’m a hustler
- the very opposite of a

I take on future
projects early, impatient
to sandpaper issues.

It’s calming to
know why I stress - it helps me
navigate my fears.

While my friends are panicked
that SAT testing time is here
- I took them last year.

It’s easier
to submit to the lash if
we know what drives it.
maybe science can tell us something of ourselves?
Aug 31 · 62
steady moments
Anais Vionet Aug 31
I dread those moments
when infatuation begins
to be commitment.

When a wanting to
be together turns into
an obligation.

whoa, I can’t be
“your”  girl - I’m not looking
to belong to you.

What commands my heart
- who knows? But it can't be
kept - pressed like a rose.

Is a girl ******
if she won’t commit to
a relationship?
Why do people always want commitment?
Aug 30 · 55
disappointed angel
Anais Vionet Aug 30
I’ve disappointed heaven
and I can tell you why -
I angered a silver angel
who came down from the sky.

She said, “I'm just a messenger
sent to share the word.”

I stood stone-still and waited
and this is what I heard:

“The coming Judgement will fulfil
- the rightful verdict of the Lord.”

“OK…” I answered, shyly -
in an effort to prompt for more.

But the seraphim started fading away
as if the message finished her chore..

I said, “Wait! I need a message I understand
- you have to give me more.”

The angel's face turned angry
and her tone became unkind -
she flipped her hair like a mean
girl and muttered “NEVERMIND”.

So if you’re messaged by an angel,
I hope you fare better than me
- I couldn’t decipher the message
- and she flew off angrily.
"Angels" have tried to help me but I far too frequently miss the point.
Aug 29 · 59
orphic spells
Anais Vionet Aug 29
Ex lovebirds of
the tamest passion can turn
so predatory.

Passive aggressive
schoolboys who mock whistle at
ex-girlfriends for spite.

Who scatter book bag
contents in mock accidents
for supposed revenge.

As witchcraft conjured
by the nonbelligerent
to silence the bully

I summon some sweet,
musical, lascivious
words as orphic spells

In self-effacing
defense to tame the awful
beast with ***** magic.
the down-side of romance
Aug 28 · 104
Anais Vionet Aug 28
force, punish, burden,
insistent coercion, and threat,
compulsion, tension.

Stressful stranglehold,
urge, force per unit area,
fuss, influence, duress.
have you ever felt that you were under a tremendous amount of pressure?
Aug 27 · 65
bye boredom
Anais Vionet Aug 27

If I don’t have
a hair-band on my wrist I
feel out of control.

When I was a kid
I thought teens were the coolest
people in the world.

Now I know that teens
are the tiredest, most stressed
people in the world.

How fun would it be
if ceiling fans could support
our weight - bye boredom.
teen thoughts
Anais Vionet Aug 26
I'm one of you - the tribe of the lonely - forgetting ourselves in monotony.
Our shelter world is a shifted reflection of reality - we are frozen in time.
I wait, set aside, like a marble girl carved by the chisel’s kiss
but I'm real and full of desires that are ready to be used again.
I'm eager to engage should we escape this fist-like viral grip.
I want to live a life - I want memories to name.
I'm seemingly safe - but the cost is paradise.
the virus defines this year
Aug 26 · 61
Anais Vionet Aug 26
Let me introduce
David Dennison - wealthy,
*****-minded man.

Credit card in hand
and his pornographic plans,
for *** on demand.

Little girls attract
him - his daughter's body
teases and distracts him.

Of course Jeff Epstein
knew the way of it - the pay
& get away with it.

David’s lawyers
smoothed the way - and he’s the
President today.

*David Dennison is Donald Trump's alias in non-disclosure agreements with prostitutes
Let's elect the stupidest, most immoral man we can find.
Aug 25 · 53
Remember summer
Anais Vionet Aug 25
Remember summer,
as fun’s residue fades.
Well, try anyway.

Now we live prudent,
virtually schooled lives - it's
all a million laughs.

Humidity clings,
grasping, like an ex-lovers
unwanted embrace.

Get your bikini,
hit the pool, frolic - drown school
worries in cool play
summer is really over - I suppose it had to happen - but VIRTUAL SCHOOL AGAIN?? PPLLEEAASSEE!
Aug 24 · 54
Republican Magic..
Anais Vionet Aug 24
I’m excited - the
republican convention!
I love magic shows.

They will reveal, with
sorcerous skills a new Trump
- bighearted, and selfless.

The man we all know,
the emotionally crippled
horror, will wear disguise.

Who will be deceived?
The children in cages will cheer,
the virus dead will smile.

Our Nazis will march,
ghosts of veterans will wail,  
What a fine party.
The devil will dance in a magic show for the ages
Aug 24 · 91
the grass path
Anais Vionet Aug 24
(a story in Senryus)

Dew gently pools on
the rich green Bermuda blades
of suburban lawns.

Walking across grass
soaks your shoes like a splashing
child in a puddle.

Your passage diagrammed,
by wet, green tracks that trace your
path like ****** snow.

Proof you were here, real,
a charming gift watched through chaste
glass - that made me cry.
isolation *sigh*
Aug 23 · 181
the shadows
Anais Vionet Aug 23
(3 Senryu verses)

The morning sun dawns
electric white on another
day of lost promise.

The invitation
received, jump up! Respond like
a paid performer.

The crisp, sharp shadows
hide a murderous magic
called loneliness.
Isolation isn't helped by virtual school - if anything, it's highlighted.
Aug 22 · 43
unwise advances
Anais Vionet Aug 22
(these are senryus)

Distrusted compliments
- screech like fingernails across
a schoolroom chalkboard.

No marked card - dealt from
the bottom of the deck - will
ever unlock my heart.

Avoid the overt
- sly Valmont, the skittish game
is wise to advances.
I distrust complements - especially from guys - I hate flattery
Aug 21 · 79
dark boredom
Anais Vionet Aug 21
O! This eternal, infernal lockdown
I want to strike out, in ill-natured rebellion,
but all I can do is grip at shapeless hope.

I’m free to dream, of course, and I dream
my fill - I’ve become a dreamaholic.

My omnifarious dreams are deliberate,
whimsical, vengeful, hopeful - they even
tiptoe love's ******, cutting edge but reality
soon returns - stealthy as a parent -
to induce dark, ordered boredom.
I can go anywhere and do anything - in dreams
Aug 20 · 84
Anais Vionet Aug 20
(2 Senryu Poems)

A boy will make you
think he’s in love with you
When he really isn’t.

A girl will make you
think that she doesn't love you
when she really does.
there are lies and there are lies
Aug 19 · 70
immoral hands
Anais Vionet Aug 19
(a Senryu story)

Trump is attacking
TikTok - let him **** goodness,
let him be a ****.

He works for Russia,
is that news? He cages children
- some adults love that.

That fat bag of lust
has put his soiled, immoral
hands up the law's skirts.

Now he attacks youth,
- no, fun itself - in TikTok
- there is no justice.
Trump is attacking TikTok - because it's Chinese and it's clever - but is there anything more slimy and corrupt than Trump himself?
Aug 18 · 84
stolen cheese
Anais Vionet Aug 18
(4 Senryu)

The moon is missing
- void where it should be sitting
- It’s not there in the sky.

I looked behind trees
the clouds were moved by the breeze.
I looked 360 degrees.

The loss of it's
light makes it darker than night
- something's not right.

I feel a spooky
unease - it's hard to believe
that some goon stole the moon!
no moon last night - WHERE IS IT!!
Aug 17 · 61
4 random thoughts..
Anais Vionet Aug 17
(3 Haikus)

Immature - is a
word boring people use to
describe fun people.

I should start a book,
a thick notebook to keep
inappropriate thoughts.

Ever look at friends
and think, "Wow, we're gonna
be some weird adults?"

Sleep is my drug, my
bed is the dealer, my clock
the cops and school the jail.
lets all just relax, ok? No pressure
Aug 16 · 1.9k
borrowed things
Anais Vionet Aug 16
(3 Senryus)

No - don’t kiss me
unless you're planning to
start a new habit.

Don't borrow kisses
unless you can return them
with real interest.

Remember boy-O
it's all fun and games 'til
someone falls in love.
three haikus - about kisses borrowed - not stolen  =]
Aug 15 · 88
worthless wishes
Anais Vionet Aug 15
It’s no use wishing on the moon -
beware that nearly untouchable beauty.
She has a dark side and will desert you
when when the fickle twirling earth spins
night into morning.

It’s no good wishing on the stars:
those illusions are a million years gone.
Stars die like us. They own no magic
and will fade as the morning blossoms
upon the night.

Ancients wished on the treasonous sun,
that fabricator of warmth - not compassion.
Although it brings the new day, it can do little else
wishing accomplishes nothing
Aug 14 · 90
Anais Vionet Aug 14
(a flash fiction piece)

My brother (Brice) left university, 6 months ago, like millions of other students, to shelter from COVID. After years away Mr. Annoying was back in MY world, bickeringly close and way too frequently in my business - like some half-assed adult (he just turned 22).

As school planning recently started though, I awoke one night, unnerved at the thought that he might be leaving. It was a shocking awakening to how much I need him, draw strength from him and shelter in his lee. The heart-wrenching realization of how much I would miss him was breathtaking, like that Disney ride where they suddenly drop you seven stories. I bit off half my fingernails before I finally fell asleep. =/

In the clear light of morning, it's obvious that he’ll leave again at some point and I'm dreading it now that it's flagged my awareness - and I face him with a whole new, creepy appreciation.

Yesterday afternoon...
Brice is on the sectional, with a bowl of pretzels, watching some BORING documentary.
I sneak up behind him and take his drink off the side table.
I plop down next to him - very close, I squeeze next to him, hard, like there’s no other room on the huge sectional. He gives me the side eye.
Me: “What??”
After a few minutes he reaches for his drink to find it missing - he looks around, then at me.
Me: With a mouth full of pretzels, “What??”
He gets up to find his drink (which I put in the kitchen) and that takes about 20 seconds.
While he’s gone, I change the channel to “Miraculous Ladybug”, my favorite cartoon.
When he comes back we wrestle for the remote - it takes him a couple of minutes but he’s too strong and as he begins winning, I yell, “MOM!!, Brice is hurting me!” (which was cruelly ignored).
He finally gets the remote and back to his show - I straighten my hair, out of breath, and wonder how long it will take him to realize the pretzels are missing.
brothers - annoying but loveable
Aug 13 · 96
morning mind
Anais Vionet Aug 13
(3 senryus)

I am enjoying
this dull time - this decayed life
of extinguished hopes

Each sublime sunrise
finds my morning mind childishly
wishing for freedom

If wishes had power
If young tears were a vaccine
If our thoughts mattered
another isolated morning - it's only been 6 months - it seems longer
Aug 12 · 99
cheap childhood
Anais Vionet Aug 12
(stanzas are haikus)

Barron Trump will be
attending virtual school soon
his Mom is careful

Should you send your kids
to dance on the battlefield
careful mothers?

Take you one last look
at faith in your kids eyes
- teach them their real worth.

What is the story
they will tell their kids - if you
push them out the door.

Those small trusting faces.
Cemetery roads are bricked
with silly gambles.
school starts today (for me) - virtual school (lucky me)
Aug 11 · 70
effects of the heart
Anais Vionet Aug 11
(each stanza is a haiku - I think I’m in a Haiku phase)*

I never think of
drinking tea - that's just not
me - but I like it

there are a thousand
things like that which define us
- our many small choices

Are our passions choices?
"Our wild passions instruct us"
- said wise Shakespeare.

I don't choose to
quicken my heart at the sight
of one special boy

so I'm not sure
how that works, the pushes and pulls
of attractions grab

But the effect stills
and taxes the heart like maple
syrup thickened blood
what quickens the heart? I don't think it's a choice.
Aug 10 · 85
Anais Vionet Aug 10
(a series of haikus)

I will not woo
until this virus is cured
or there are vaccines.

I refuse to kick
my brother until there’s
some police reform.

I won't fight with
my mom 'til we focus on
the environment.

I’m going to hold
my breath ‘til the election
- go, go, sleepy Joe!

I won't buy any
makeup until - heck, who wears
makeup anymore??

I’m giving up
pizza... wait, no I’m NOT.
Forget about THAT!

(promises are subject
to cancellation - any time
- without prior notice
promises, like prayers or talismans to an indifferent universe.
Aug 9 · 214
the resistance
Anais Vionet Aug 9
(each stanza is a Haiku)

We, the resistance,
are here, stationed on our couches
armed with our remotes.

Camouflaged in our
faded PowerPuff pajamas
and fuzzy slippers

We are determined.
Yes, we have evaded contact
and forsaken love.

We few, lay down such
as freedom for honest care
for our fellow man.
This is a CrAzY corona virus world we're "living" in - where you fight with your TV remote
Aug 8 · 95
conjugal forms
Anais Vionet Aug 8
(each paragraph of this poem is a Haiku 5–7–5 syllables)

I need to avoid
unimportant distractions
so my parents say

Exhausting yourself
in intimate situations
is dumb at your age

This is a yearly
lecture that I know by heart
- they must think me loose.

Surely you jest...
could you be suggesting a
conjugal visit?

Where do I find the
form needed to apply for that?
Do you have a pen?
I'm getting the same lectures, about boys, even though I'm locked away like Rapunzel - it's CrAzY
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