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CupcakesArePink Sep 2020
its hard to believe when they tell me that i will be missed
if it were, random days would be full of conversations

you have grown weary of my constant "hello"s
and you have proven that my point correct

the loneliness has welcomed me back
laughing at my ambition of attaining companionship

no one misses me
that's a bunch of horse ****.
i feel alone. the end.
Patterson Nov 2019
To all the ones I've loved before:
Your lives were as road signs
swimming into view for but a moment.
-I have yet
to lose a love
to distance or quarrel.
And not once
have I misplaced my heart.

God forbid that one day I wake
to find that I have begun to un-love.
Selfishness, lust, vengance,
these I have not known
Only the sweetness of your eyes
your face
your nearness.

I have yet to lose my love
to any other
but to time.

To all the ones I've loved before:
Your lives were far too short
-and while you've crashed through my door
-though you were but a small part of my life...
I am glad, for a time
I was your whole world.
If you build a wall,
I’ll build a door,
I’ll knock until it opens,
And hope it never closes.
Moth Sep 2019
hug all your friends
and keep them close by
cause when times are hard
on them you will rely
A Jan 2019
Lifeblood (Poem 1)

They called me the sun. I used to rain my light down upon them like it was my lifeblood, torn from my veins and arteries for them, for them, for them. They took it and hid it away, my blood, using it for their own gain. Some might have screamed Praise the sun! but for naught, as their brethren took and took and took and I was left a withering husk of my former glory, no longer golden, clouds on my once-fair brow. There was no glory in dying alone, without a battlefield or comrades. And for what? They complained, complained, pushing their hate towards me, for it was too dry, too hot, too much, too much, too much. How would I know? They wished for me on rainy days, hated me on the sunny. I was never balanced, I was always giving and taking too much.

To A Moonlit Dream I Can't Recall (Poem 2)

I dreamt in slow waves, shining so bright that the dark was chased away from the fair sheep I tended. My brother was off with his own, dusty with his own exhaustion when the day broke over and bled into the night. He was never much for talking, but when I spied on him, hidden in dark groves, he was alight, fiery with his own happiness and pride, until the sheep began to complain and the clouds crept in to watch. Wolves, were they, but I paid them no mind, for my sheep ran where they could not follow, to gossamer hills filled with hopes they could never express elsewhere. When my fingers ran in ribbons through their wool, the fair strands separating and splitting, dewdrops on a window pane, I sheared them, weaving tapestries of what they created within the confines of themselves.  

When my brother came wandering in one day, his arms ****** with his own life, splashing golden on the tiles, I could do nothing. We were our own shepherds, we could not take each other's flock. The day could not replace the night, as I could not replace my brother. I could do nothing to assist him, could not ease his pain. He would have to continue bloodletting, to give his sheep his blood until he was drained. My teardrops were on the fire until the night spread in thick tendrils on the floor.
These are a pair of prose poems I wrote for a prompt on Write the World. As I like darker takes on mythological characters, the two here are Helios and Selene, the Sun and Moon in Greek mythology.
Breon Dec 2018
Passion-flicker pyre,
Pipe the heat around us.
Brace your shoulder's burdens,
Burned to smithy sparkings.
White-gray flakes of winter,
Wilting tinder's children
Scraped together, given
Gimlet stares and scattered,
Dusty little leavings.
Lean against another
Passing bottle-poison,
Poise and cold forgotten.
With a little winking,
Wish the glass a fullness.
Call the bottle closer,
Clothed in sunset glimmer.
Remembering a pleasant interlude: sharing drinks, a fire, and winter with dear friends. Maybe something more, but things get fuzzy there.
A black boy came upon me
running with the wind
He rushed passed me
With one blue and one yellow balloon
Bouncing excitedly behind him
Like some faithful pet companions
His laughter in both sight and sound
Spread all over his face and around
The bright bouncing balloons pulled
Hard against the strings
And he laughed and laughed...
A child can bring joy in the smallest way, so free
This house has been empty for over a week
No companion on my side
I won't break, switch sides
And replace him like it was nothing
Pets are not novelty items
You hear me?
They're something we hold so dear
I've trajected so many tears
Since the day of his passing
My heart on a trespassing
Level of loneliness and bereavement
This is a crowning achievement
For those wanting me to be down
Yet I can't fully be upset
His wishes were met
He no longer has to fret
He got to be at peace
And no matter how much that makes my notebook papers crease
It's a fantastic release
For a poor, sentimental soul like me.
Mystic904 Oct 2017
They were warriors!
They were conquerers!

Their innocence was their power
Faith in the unseen was their tower
They were stiff and brave
Facing those dangers grave
Fierce, bold, 60 in strength
Through the arab's length
Against 60 000, wasn't fair competition
Victory, Almighty's will is final decision

Nothing but death could undo them
Mountains would shiver before them
Loud majestic slogans filled with sheer belief
Their cruel battle wounds would bear relief

Extreme loyalty to the mercy of the world
The firm faith had their paths all pearled
All merciful and kind
Brotherhood had them bind

Closest of all to their master
Clenched tightly to the rope
Revived the prestigious chatter
Struck the hearts, rays of hope

Courageous, brave and bold
One enough to stun the enemy lines
Today, sword's in Umer's hold
Leave them drying, bottles of wines

When became, came with eyes the shame
Free heartedly gave away dinars in tons
For aware were they of secrets of the game
Amazed others with their attributes and stunts

Father of quotes, vast oceans of knowledge
Came to personal revenge, fell the spear
Spent sweat n blood for Truth's
Dark halls crippled, when slogans they'd hear
Spreaded love, devotion, examples of loyalty
No one is superior, turned to ashes royalty
Left others impressed by their decorum
Transformed the world for good in totality

_F.A Teeri
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