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It's like a jungle sometimes
It makes me wonder how I keep from goin' under
Broken glass everywhere
People ******' on the stairs, you know they just don't care
I can't take the smell, can't take the noise
Got no money to move out, I guess I got no choice
Rats in the front room, roaches in the back
Junkies in the alley with a baseball bat
I tried to get away but I couldn't get far
'Cause a man with a tow truck repossessed my car
Don't push me 'cause I'm close to the edge
I'm trying not to lose my head
It's like a jungle sometimes
It makes me wonder how I keep from goin' under
Standin' on the front stoop hangin' out the window
Watchin' all the cars go by, roarin' as the breezes blow
Crazy lady, livin' in a bag
Eatin' outta garbage pails, used to be a *** hag…
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message
ibkreator Jun 12
There is no master
but your own conscience
Follow not
Go where you know you are going
Think on purpose  feel on purpose  
Do not seek to dilute your inspiration for attention
You want a love not asking
A world you create by your mind
not a world created for you by others minds
abecedarian Jan 2015
Masters of the Universe,
tender me thy resignation,
if but for
a day,
a millennia,
no matter how measured,
any being,
you, purported supreme
or otherwise,
are tired in ways
hard to comprehend

tender me
thy responsibilities and dilemmas,
have studied your resignations,
solutions that provide no resolution...

I can do better.


not obligated by parenthood,
rules of randomness superimposed,
all I got is human kindness
the eyesight that
colors kindness,
tolerates no injustice,
milky white light,
no longer recognize

"there for the grace of God
go you and I"

have no name,
but if you need one for me,
call me
Logan Robertson Apr 2019
Tiger Wood's wins the Masters today
Another green jacket comes his way
Finally, his image stands large at the doorway
For it's been a knock and a hiatus of his cache
As the years after 2008 suffered from his play
No major championships one can say
Only gossip headlines, mugshots, and injuries in gray
Where once a phenom in his twenties on display
Such greatness and legend his star headway
His mid-thirties saw some of his luster fall  in dismay
With mostly self-injury to his ego in disarray
It was hard watching a once proud man's fall and decay
Especially one that held his world at bay
With his swagger, swoosh, and shine turning to clay
And like a good drama of accents and descents convey
With the wait and weight on his shoulders belay
He turned the storybook pages of dismay today
The pressure of his swing, swing, and putt on display
And how he uncorked his demons is a pure bouquet
After 43 years of his years, he took the fairway
Running, running, today after his prey
It was great seeing his game not get away

Logan Robertson

Along with other patrons at a McDonald's I watched the Master's this morning. I had a Big Breakfast but was in for a bigger surprise. Coffee never tasted so good. So, too, were the tears. It is days like today that you live for, and give thanks to, namely rooting for a hero and a comeback. Thank you, Tiger. To give you a perspective of how big today was-take note that of
Wood's 80 tour wins  71 came prior to 2010. In 2016, 2017 he was out with an injury. In 2013 he did well. Yet there was so much missing from his song, one his life being together (especially his relationship problems with women and caddies), that I was happy to see him sing today.
Sasha Scarr Jan 2019
Not to die, but to reclaim life?
That's punk rock as ****!

What about your loved ones?
NO! What about YOU?
What do you do for YOU?

You can beat this, but what if you don't want to?
It gets better, but what if that doesn't concern you?

You never asked to be conceived, and born, they can't respect your autonomy.
I'd **** myself before any man, any judgement or any disease.

I never decided how or when I would be born, but someday, I WILL decide how I die.

Suicide is punk rock, because you ARE your own god.
Star BG Dec 2018
Inside poem
lies great wisdom
from the poet elders of past.
The ones who utter in Shakespearian tongues.
They become waves of verse
dancing in readers moon shaped eyes.
Insights rain upon minds to enlarge cells.
Landscaped with grass green tickles reader steps in breath.

Phases rustle as if self is tree and each word is leaf.
Fireworks of stanzas caresses eyes in beauteous splendor,
to launch a dream
And as their bodies of text echo
through doorway of past where time matters little
own voice whispers with gratitude and awe.

Reverence to applaud grand poem
scribed by master at candlelight
For their creative gifts do wrap my visions
into reality.
Just thinking about the old poets thus poem was born
Araoluwa Jacob Aug 2018
A clean black page with lines and a margin is the most encouraging thing you can see to help explore part of the world's knowledge. Giving you the freedom to express your words not through speaking , but through writing. Even though people won't understand how you feel, the paper will. it has no choice. It will submit to you. The paper will take it as an opportunity, "So many could have written on me, but you did." A great privilege to embody and share someone's pain. You brought to life with the words you wrote on it. Each single letter formulated into words that led to sentences and developed a meaning. a pencil, A paper And it's master. They will do great things to people. Add knowledge, or corrupt the mind. Its up to the master. However, those three will change lives.
Arcassin B May 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

The heavens could not see the poverty stricters.
The Heavens could not see the one percenters.
The heavens could not see the astral projectors.
A man has to be what he is and go through this ******* with
geo storm weather,
where does your purpose come from?
Do you have a future goal on what you wanna be , something that you elevate from?
easy to be ridiculed for the passion of ignorance,
the negative wins thats why the world preferenced,
especially in race,
I love every race just as much as you do, If its hate in your mind,
then you can do you,
A man has to be what he is,
a God fearing man with more or less to give,
even all the weight he can lift,
There's not enough men in this world to make a woman feel like she
needed to live,
but must never ever ever forsake our gift , curious  to know
and wondering if,
wondering if,
  The heavens could not see the poverty stricters.
The Heavens could not see the one percenters.
The heavens could not see the astral projectors.
A man has to be what he is , better get it together.
Mark Wanless Nov 2017
"The Promise"

I will not know it
       till i see it
Is such a vital promise !
Does the fool follow a dream?
Are the Masters master magicians
       of pain, hopes and delusions?
If so what i will see
       is their cruel lying hypocrisy
And i will **** them
And scatter their hollow empty
And books of trickery
       far and wide
And their death
       shall be our gain
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