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WoeBegone May 28
Is a ray of light
Where ferruginous ducks
A million lullaby,
They sing.

And in the dark of night,
I have discovered
A Fragment
Of peace.

And by the lake I've seen
Memories of future,
And I have seen
As it should've been.
I cannot fault your etiquette,
"Fate had you by the heel".
I state that Europe has committed to democracy;
Achilles might personify this at present
given the silence in Rome, Madrid, and Paris.
I hope our solidarity endures afterward, for
another great recession is coming, and thereafter
another counter-culture will rise from the discontent
and be fated to excess.
Palace of Nations
Sara Brummer Jun 2018
Daybreak: a sleeve of wind’s voice,
Gentle ululations, then a smear of gold

There’s a shuddering of sequined water
Reflecting ice-veined crags still frozen
In distress.

A living lens snaps the moment
All the way to its vanishing point.
Then, long, slow sepals, slippery
As syllables of a foreign language,
Transmute to a giant bloom,
A silk-red reflection falling upward,
Tumbling over pink-sheep clouds
Interrupting the stillness
Of this blue-grey universe.
Waking up to the city sounds,
I now realize it changed,
That feeling of small town you gave,
With the modern touch I felt.

Sweet, small village,
You had your way to sweeten my stay,
Your corners, the hills, the bench,
Write a story in my head.
I'll visit some day.
To re-live my stay.

I'll close my eyes to feel what I felt.
Sweet feeling is all I can say.
Geneva, please never change.

— The End —