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As we sailed the fast river of Rhône
the steady sun bleached it a sparkling gold
like the treasures of Caesar’s kingdom

A curtain of fawn-silken tackle, shaded
back the fervidly garish star scatter,
and cooling flower-scented airs tickled
the senses like touching down-soft silk

"zhuang hong zhuang sheng" (Chinese)
“Put on airs’ - Peter and I are Gatsby gilded.
Why not dress - on luminous forenoons?

Pick a heart, any heart and ***** it, sharply,
with the sight of a handsome man.
I yet breathless, breathe

What weapon is sharper than libido?

I defend myself, with fashion’s sartorial sparkle.
Frankly, I was hoping for something passively ******,
you know, foment a false perception - dazzle
with fancy outwork to tip the cosmic balance

Men will witness what they believe
song for this:
Desperately Trying by Club des Belugas, Anna Luca

From Merriam Webster’s “Word of the day’ list: Foment: to grow or develop
wes parham Feb 2023
When the hate  she expressed
Was in honesty’s name,
When she doubled down on lies,
Her excuse was the same.
I was there with my finger,
On the pulse and the blame,
But I am not cruel,
And she is not your shame.

That night you tried more,
Smoking, late, on the bed,
And the things you had done,
Were just as she’d said,
When the ashtray came down,
It was inches from your head.
When Fall came and went,
You two were still wed.

You were not promised wealth,
Not one measure of fame,
You said life wasn’t fair,
Because you see it as a game.
Now, the last time we’d speak,
You’d be cursing my name,
I am not cruel.
You will never be the same.
Free associative word story, speaker is peripheral to a relationship that is fiery and also overtly abusive but would rather not be involved, take sides or tender advice one way or another.
Ron Sparks Nov 2022
smoke, with a hint
of leather - succulent
spice from the cigar teases my
C Mahood Jun 2018
As the ivy meets the water on the ancient crumbled wall,
So the water laps and kisses through the beauty of it all.
On the Rhine by the bridges where the flags drape from the lips.
And we float down the river with the water to our hips.

Couples watch as we pass, deep in awe and lost in love,
As the ducks pass in the water and the swans fly above.
Then the sun sets in Basel on a warming Swiss eve,
And I weep for the morning, for tomorrow we must leave.
I wrote this tonight as my wife and I enjoyed our final. Evening in Switzerland. We leave for Germany tomorrow and are driving and exploring through the black forest and North. We decided to stay an extra day in Basel, Switzerland. It was worth it. A beautiful, relaxed, love-filled city. Bursting with an extreme complementary mix of medieval history and a hopefull, youthful and modern outlook.

This was written as I sat with my feel in the river with the sounds of water, laughter, clinking wineglass & world Cup football from every tiny bar along the waters edge.
Lynn May 2018
I want to go to Switzerland.
I want to see the snow and I want to hold you under the covers.
I want to gaze into the fireplace and be warm.
I want to taste your sweet lips as we watch our favorite movies.
I want to giggle with you and see your adorable face.
I want to travel with you to Switzerland.
I want to be yours.

Zoe R Codd Sep 2014
I am not experienced.
I have not seen all of the world-
Other than the romance of Paris,
The ancient cobblestone of Bruges,
The rejuvenating air in Lausanne-
And I have only seen a handful of vast plains
In America-
Those which only made me want
It is not that I am dissatisfied with this
It is just so hard to be in this place,
The one I know so well,
When there is a whole world
To explore-
To implore-
To love and admire
With wide eyes,
And a racing mind.
Waking up to the city sounds,
I now realize it changed,
That feeling of small town you gave,
With the modern touch I felt.

Sweet, small village,
You had your way to sweeten my stay,
Your corners, the hills, the bench,
Write a story in my head.
I'll visit some day.
To re-live my stay.

I'll close my eyes to feel what I felt.
Sweet feeling is all I can say.
Geneva, please never change.

— The End —