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Varsha K Dec 2019
Dear democracy,
Are you really there?
Fighters fought for freedom
Now the youth, for their share.

You taught us to be free,
You taught us to put our opinion
But lately you seem like a mere word,
To be used by only a politician.
I live in India, and the recent protests are making me sick. Are we humans or just vote banks?
Anais Nov 2019
The twinkling stone
is what becomes most
desired~ A diamond,
a ring, a promise for

Rare a love that does not
encompass fears of solitude,
Oh, the drills of society!
How it drills and drills
and drills into us.
How it perfects us and makes
us unflawed~ us, women,
how thankful we should
be for a life in the selfless
Fear not, moments of
contained frenzy,
are left unheard~
For we live, trapped,
in an inescapable
Sarah Sep 2018
My sweet boy
I recall your first step
First word
Your Smiles and cries
The excitement in which you viewed a fly
Such a precious little thing you were
And now you're dead
Laid on a pavement, shot in the head
Eyes wide open, staring at the sky
Perhaps for one last time, you're searching for that fly.
Red Brush Jun 2018
Mourners of truth, now hashtag your pain.
Retweet and like, righteous fury appease.
Protests are trending, do not apathy feign.
Fight and resist, till the next Marvel release.
Sethnicity Mar 2018
Those who choose to dig deeper
must be willing to accept the dirt as truth
and the mess as proof
The only resolve is sharing tha loot
with those who seek not to be aloof  
those who can recycle  
improve reuse
Otherwise your pursuit becomes futile and vanity in roots
That holds you trapped in a place that never bore fruit.

Like a Pirate
Tied to a ship
who's sunken into
frozen winter drifts
Yelling at everyone who passes by
Uneffected Bitter Colder Less Productive
An Ivory Tusk Burned in private on public telivision
What is gained in the retelling and redistribution of historic ills should always be measured by the need and desire to cultivate future enrichment and wisdom from the source not fashioned into a rusted sword to beheld in anger and revenge...
That is to say the value in revitalizing history is never found in giving it teeth but giving it light and understanding.
avalon Aug 2017
small protests,
a child's fist
in the air,
a comma
out of, place
a quiet and
easy to

do these refusals fall into the void?
                                                                ­                               (does it mind?)
Scott Hamsun Jan 2017
You say you want change,
You even go to protests, you say,
But as I look at your body of work ,
All you have to say is,
"I wasn't the one who broke those windows",
You don't do anything, you just yell among other yells,
Get over yourself, you aren't anybody,
Do something, don't say something,
Mr. nobody from nowhere,
The martyrs blood is worth so much more that the screamers spit,
Or even the writers ink,
You don't know art,
You don't act,
You just assume your overheard opinion is worth enough for us to listen.
Maia Vasconez Dec 2016
This was predictable. The revolt was inevitable. Try to suppress a mob who all want one thing. The masses can riot. Anger's not quiet. We are all qualified to rebel. Revolution is beneficial, an uprising essential. Resist the urge to follow the leader. A dictator is not in your favor. The disgraced, it is their turn. Object the men who prefer the violent. A tyrant does not stay silent, neither do we. It is appropriate to howl and claw at a system that does one wrong. Injustice is where turmoil stems from.
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