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stillhuman Mar 2021
No paths are bound
no roads are taken
the future's only
what we make it
You don't have to follow someone else's path. It's your life, not theirs. Make your life an art.
Write between the lime juice lines,
And basil blood,
On the cutting board
To the rhythm of cooks' kitchen knives,

Write between the wet mop tendril trails,
On the reused restaurant floor,
As you carried to clean
A mistake some rich man made,

Write to the beat of the press,
Punching out the steel form,
In accordance with the curriculum,

Write in the silent moments,
Chewing homemade sandwiches
Through the cigarette smoked sunrise

Write between stun grenade blasts
After cleaning tear gas attacks

Write in between ****** boot prints,
The shape of the state seal
Congealed to the street.
Artem Mars Sep 2020
We hexed the moon
We burned downtown
We killed Carlos
We started a plague
We started riots
We almost started a 3rd war
We protested and got shot
We killed our year
We said it would be better
We lied and broke it
We tried and failed it
And now I'm sick of resentment
But we can improve it
It's been quite a while since I wrote something but I'm back for a bit :)
H A Vitatoe Sep 2020
New York
New York
How I
would of
loved you

New York
New York
You've turned
So blue

New York
New York
I may never
see you

New York
New York
What else
can we do

New York
New York
You've seen
Too much

New York
New York
Chaos has
filled your

New York
New York
your future
in loom

New York
New York
Don't be
so gloom

New York
New York
I pray
that you

New York
New York
Those will
Your tomb
H A Vitatoe Sep 2020
I can’t sleep
in my bed.
for the dead.

Get Out!
Get Out!
As they scream
for me.

Get Out!
Get Out!
& Join
the streets.

Get Out!
Get Out!
As I
come out
Too see.

Get Out!
Get Out!
Are those
at  me.

Get Out!
Get Out!
At me.

Get Out!
Get Out!
they scream
I eat.

Get Out!
Get Out!
Come & kneel
at our

Get Out!
Get Out!
Those people
on me.

Get Out!
Get Out!
Death threats
too me.

Get Out!
Get Out!
As they scream

Get Out!
Get Out!
and me.

Get Out!
Get Out!
Too claim
bring  peace.

Get Out!
Get Out!
From History
we'll read.

Get Out!
Get Out!
the streets.
2 in 1 poem
William Edwards Jul 2020
Frustration I can understand,
Devastation I cannot bear,
King saw the promised land,
In the dream that we all share.
Tear that falls or persevere,
Across the land of ‘opportunity’,
Where do we go from here?
Chaos or community?
We sat through hate in Woolies,
Walked past Birmingham’s barks,
Rose a people ravished in slavery,
Yet in this stand tarnish Parks.
Voices are clearer than crackles of fire,
Change must be built peace by peace,
Though I know the situation is dire,
One must show beauty to tame the beast.
We will never see the coming of the lord,
Through the suffocating smoke, of the horde.
Andy Chunn Jul 2020
Many moments recalled in pain
Even as everyone wonders in vain
Martin lay motionless at the Lorraine
Photos pour popular chords of disdain

His was a hallowed history to gain
Innocence into infinity’s drain
Seasons secure will never be slain
Bard Jun 2020
Cook our intelligence
Look at the belligerent
Hate filled hornet nest
Continent of ****** pest
Fumigation of the U S

litigation red tape
when a sticky red fate
gets caught on tape
Oppression communicate
When killers walk out gratis

CIA, FBI, NBC, All of them be
Lying to me, cause the tv told me
this was the nation of the free

**** that we are a nation of slaves
Haven't evolved since yesterdays
Declaration freedom from tyrants
Then drove the natives to tears
Never equal when they see ants

Regicide of a king who had a dream
Martyr the leaders to slow the steam
Now the nation burns its mainstream

ACAB, SRA, BLM, All of them be
Talking to me, cause life told me
That freedom it ain't really free

Data stream use instant transmission
Every one, one team with one mission
Can silence a king how about a nation
All chasing the dream of compassion
Fighting mace and tears with passion

While our president hides in his residence
Plotting with pence on building a fence
And Biden forgets he was the antecedent
Passed in 1997 military gear to the precinct
Two party election, its insanity or compliance

That trump boy works with Geppetto
Puppet and toy to masters he echos
Funny money, president to get dough
String pullers they really made a show
Now the polls they swinging so low

But Biden's another flunky
Dancin to the biddin of ******
Oligarch kings of the country
Sayin dance you ****** donkey
**** the country till it walks funny

Scared of the protest they cant contest
Plants in the crowd to **** interest
Cant fold wont be fooled by insects
Declare a war on our country's best
Commit war crimes in blue vests

I don't know where our future will go
But if we keep movin and never slow
Where we're goin is better than now
Yesterdays wounds will heal I know
This nightmare could end tomorrow

Maybe this was never the land of the free
But it could be if we wanted it to be
If we plant the seed nurture it and see
Keep it safe from greed's insanity
Nurture it with bodies of the bourgeois
Mark Toney Jun 2020
time marches on
reality's fire consumes—
dreams go up in smoke

Dishonest weights, deceptive scales forsake
as chains of injustice rake the flesh
of the preyed-upon bleeding, amid wild
wolves feeding, soft sheep bleating,
protestor's pleading, jurisdictions cheating,
cajoling, wheedling, injustice repeating—
jurisprudence at the confluence
of affluence and influence

~undocumented lies exhumed
     unmitigated truth entombed~

They have their thumb on the scale!  We
have sussed every detail on the field of
debris, some so fiercely taking a knee,
others shot trying to flee!  "I can't breathe,"
"I don't care!"  Why don't they care?
Of what justice is meting beware!
One higher than the highest is watching,
waiting to signal the one riding to conquer
and complete his conquest.  What's the true
future view?  What more can we do
before we become past tense?

tragedies worldwide
flooding my senses daily—
fill my bag of tears

© 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
6/18/2020 - Poetry form: Free verse - © 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
Kanishk Kandoi Jun 2020
All the constant protests
And with world also burning
All i could see how the tables were turning

The police continued brutality
They started using sticks
Also started throwing bricks

The state was in a state of chaos
People had to step up the game
All got included with the ones with fame

Amazing results were shown
The state was progressing at all time
With the decrease in number of crime
A poem about the current state of nations and protests in various parts of the world regarding rights and decrease in crime
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