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Creating a god inside me was the perfect start for this battle of the sad spurred sands.

"- Here I am, on Blasphemy Lane where everything's dead."
[They killed it]

Fill the void inside me
With Love and Meaning,
Brilliant Sun travelling
Through space and time,
enlightening the blackest Sea;
This darkness in which we dive seems so empty!
                     ~ Rotation ~
"We're spinning around on our own selves to face a dead god."
[They closed it in]

He learned we're in need for some warmth then started looking for it in every galaxy.

"- This hell is cold..."

"- Do you remember the time you swallowed the serpents of Medusa? What did they say to you? Could you hear their screams while burning down your throat? Did you spread their ashes throughout the sands of your hourglass?..."
[You took in the stars]

"...- There is your boat!"

"- I don't know! I'm too cold."

Do fill the void inside me
With Your Love and Meaning,
Brilliant Sun travelling
Through our space and time,...
enlightening this Black Sea;
The darkness in which we dive looks ... so empty!
                    ~ Rotation ~

"I need to burn like a torch and guide you through this cold night."

They gave us a warm thought and left this cold.
"-Now I can remember:
A kiss in the name of God!"

From: The Hour of the Blue Man by Theodora Oniceanu
© All rights Reserved Theodora Oniceanu
Max Oct 1
The electric wires form a fox
Eyes and ears pointed at my face
Her mouth nips in the air
She's watching me
Trying to figure out if I'm prey or predator

The woods whisper your name when you walk by
When you sinned we weep of your graciousness
Rejection is a script you know too well
And I'm sorry for being a ghostwriter

Do you know? I ask
How they view you,
You are cunning and they fear it
You are smart and it's terrifying for them
You are the legends scratching cracks into history
What you have done is birth a new era
Our spines read of your sly rebellion

Millions of people have been touched by those stories
But sides have formed
And you have become a martyr

They’ve made you an example,
And I am sorry that your story is not unique
I know so many foxes
Some with white hair
Braided and ready for war
Reckless with ambition
Others with piercing black eyes
Sharp and not scared of death
Saw the injustice and called it out of its shadow

They are scared of them
Called them witches riddled with sins
Killed them without a remark for justice
Leaving their bodies in the forest
Abandon and erased
Trees have been born by their hearts
Nourished by their blood

I walked into the forest
Touched the ground
Felted the air
And came out a phoenix

So I understand the hesitation
The double step before you move
The hitch in your breath before you ask
But I am stone and statue
I speak when spoken too
Just like you, they have made me a lie
So staring will solve nothing now

Ask and you shall know what side I am on
Prey or predator?

You are still staring and I am looking back
I can see the wheels turning in your head
Prey or predator?
And taking pity
Taking rebellion by the hand
Taking you by the hand
Refusing to make you my enemy
I say "neither"
Because exil is also an exception
Because love unite foes
Because I have played the game for too long too
And you look tired of always needing to pick sides
This is 1/3 of my school assigment
Theme: Nature
Place where I wrote this: Looking at the electric towers from my window
They are legends of lines
Their boundaries are undefined
They are near the divine
Their words rhyme
There is a flutter in the spines
They are Sufi Saints of their times
Shouldn't you undeepen
What you consider your
Deep thoughts
And receive huge applause
If you read these
Great giants of the yore
leechyna Sep 7
'''Muriuki, murerwa , Evans, Benjamin,dennis,bundi,ken,kinyua,festus,mwendas',simon all present
Year is 2004😅
All of us were shirtless showing nonexistent abs
Ronaldinho was our mentor
Our ball tailor was bundi; 😂😂 of course was made of polythene and sisal
I was the goalkeeper
Once caught grains of millet one by one -myth they created to make our opponents fear me😂😂'''
s a m Aug 5
Old folks have so many stories to share
about the tales on the first rain of May.
Legends and myths are spoken everywhere.
To believe is yours, if you hear them say—
It can fully heal all of diseases
and can enhance one's physical features.
I wonder if it can heal the cases
of COVID-19 on a big measure.
But then, it's not really the rain that heals...
It's the faith we have and the hope we hold
to see the victory up on a hill
where death is defeated and life shines-gold.
So now, stand and cope up with the grieving,
'cause God reigns to fill our lives with blessings.
I started writing this sonnet poem since the 4th of May. (The first rain of the month specifically in my hometown.) Well, I was actually on my room when I heard the abrupt downpour of rainfall and it took me seconds of sight on the outside to be inspired in writing a new poem again. At first, I was just playing with the words that I'm using while finding the right mood when suddenly... I was reminded of the old beliefs that are passed down throughout the country that I am living in. (Philippines) Back from the days, most of the parents would never let their children play on the rain because of the possibility that they might get a cold. (I'm lucky enough that my parents don't care about that so I get to enjoy growing up as a kid who often plays on the rain.) But when it's the first rain of May, everything is different... Parents themselves are the ones to insist their children in going out to play on the rain. Some of them even go out too 'cause the legend says if you soak on the first rain of May, most probably you'll be healed on whatever disease you have and your body will pretty much be healthy during the whole cycle of year. Upon remembering the past, I wonder if it could ever heal the world during this time of pandemic. Well, I know it would be impossible to happen since it was a mere legend but... that is why I am praying to our God for the complete healing of the world. I know he'll send the rain to bless us with His holy spirit and to strengthen our faith for He is mighty above all things.
This piece is dedicated to all of us who have faith that we can overcome the crisis that we are in at this very moment. I love you with the love of the Lord!

POEMS OF THE RAIN, Copyright © 2020
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Anais Jul 26
I think
I'm no longer scared of La Llorona
no longer afraid of vast forests
no longer terrified of the dark
no longer wary of dimmed staircases
I'm not a child anymore

so why does the shadow in my
closet feel so real?
Paul Butters May 23
What can I say about Queen?
A band who superseded The Beatles
And maybe even bettered them.
That Voice of Super Freddie
The Sun King indeed.
Brian May’s soaring guitar
Backed up by the typically quiet Bass Man
John Deacon
With Roger Taylor
Pounding those drums.

They were the complete package.
Even their lyrics were great.
Songs ranging from hard rock
To slow songs that ****** the soul.
Songs that will live forever.
Some that make me cry
And others that later make me
Get up and shadow-box
A heavier version of Freddie himself.

For Freddie Mercury was larger than life,
So cruelly taken from us
Too soon,
As John Lennon was.
And Elvis of course.
Too many bite the dust.

Bee dop bop bee dee bop
Bee bop, bee bop
Dee da day
With these immortal words
Freddie sends us
On our way.

Paul Butters

© PB 23\5\2020.
The Champions ?!!
That is what makes legends interesting,
They either tell good stories
Or hear good histories.
Ken Mears Nov 2019
Legends tell of an ancient beast

Said to stalk the night

It flew from the east

Its howel fills the soul with fright

They called it the Rickle-Rackle

After the sound it makes

Its bones do crackle

As it quavers and shakes

Rickle-Rackle is all you hear

Before your time is done

Rickle-Rackle strikes up fear

Just as you are overrun

Few have ever seen the creature

And lived to tell the tale

Or can describe a single feature

Of this unholy grail

They say its teeth are sharp

And glint in the light of the moon

Its taller than any scarp

More powerful than any dragoon

Faster than any man

Stronger than one too

You are a deadman

If you come in his view

The Rickle-Rackle drags his tail

Cutting down forest trees

His breath is like a gale

And will bring you to your knees

Its eyes pierce to your soul

Down to your very heart

Which becomes an empty hole

Thanks to its dark art

So heed my warning

Brave adventurer

Wait until the morning

He can't be worth any venture

Pray you ne're encounter

The fearsome Rickle-Rackle

You are no beast hunter

Fear its evil cackle

Fear the Rickle-Rackle

Hear its sound and flee

Should you hear it's crackle

Its mouth will be the last you see
William de klerk Sep 2019
As Atlas attempted to seize the heavens
he learned to bare the weight of the world.
Such is the cruel fate
of love to scorn turned.

And what of all the legends of old,
of hero's tales from bronze to gold.
Why instead of stone statues
are cement hearts held
in every man's chest
while we lay old stories to rest?

The songs of sirens
swapped for plastic promises,
Heads of hydras
exchanged for two faced friends
as our magic morphs to cheap tricks,
all that managed to remain
Is an Achilles heel for sincerity

So when two souls like worlds collide
and create a place of bliss,
too often one bares the weight
of both worlds, with the burden
of unrelenting loss.
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