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Daniel Magner Jan 20
A rocky, wavy buffet
served out on the water today.
Waiting on the whales,
but their hiding,
or sleeping,
or swimming away.
In the misty distance waits Diamond Head,
looking out on us,
Take a dive
in the Hawaii ocean.
Daniel Magner 2020
S I N Dec 2019
The wailing of whales
Resounds below the water
The cries of seagulls
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
Dad was a blowhole,
Mom, a plankton feeder
Who never neglected the pod.

The hunters would come
In their little asinine ships,
Looking to stick our
Good sense with sharp points,
Harpooning us into believing
We'd be better off dead and used for fuel.

But Mom would read to us
Stories from books about high water,
And tip those boats right over.

Nothing dared swim in our wake on such nights,
She was queen to the waves,
Who in bows and curtsies,
Became her subjects.

Little did we know this long, arduous journey
Was driven not by kingdom, but by extinction...
Abby M Oct 2019
If the earth had a temple
Surely it would be the ocean
With its stained-glass fish
And its stately silver sands
Its keening choir of whales
And rocking sermon of waves

The world above is not
A foreign paradise
With its broken-glass windows
And its dingy gas-stained streets
Its keening choir of mothers
And angry sermons of men

If the earth had a temple
Our world would be its end.
Donna Aug 2019
I watched dolphins and
whales swim in big ocean
One of my dreams came true

I went on a boat and watched dolphins and whales swim it was amazing one of my dreams come true ❤️ Catching up slowly with you all **
MisfitOfSociety Jul 2019
Swaying to the sails,
As the ocean wind blows in all directions.
Over an ocean of whales.
As they ascend,
You ride them to the sunset,
And set in the sun,
Rising in the morning,
To spread across the ocean.
Like the yoke from an egg,
You hatch into a new life.
The embryo from the sun,
Running down the coastline waves.
To touch every soul down there,
Except for the ones in their caves.
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
When I was on
A cruise
With my parents
Someone screams whale
I look and see I big whale
Swimming up to space
Then an older
“Sometimes big whales
Come up to kiss your boots
Not that you will notice.”
I noticed.
Elena Feb 2019
I told the world to smile,
and her corners barely creased
She said to get her good side,
and then she turned her back to me.
The melting sun was crying
And rolling tears into the sea
The shadow of her body
The whales eerie harmony.
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