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Man Nov 9
I see a brother in every man,
But some men's egos need to be pet,
If sir suits him.
But what is there
More greater a term of endearment,
Besides father,
Than that which I utter
And wholeheartedly, in earnest, offer?
Man Nov 3
Each emination,
Hot as an inferno.
The breath I let escape
Burns before it boils,
Serpent, tongue coil.
The way you worked me;
Nailed the coffin, spread the soil.
Man Oct 30
Don't die on a hill
You are really only familiar with,
By name.

All the same,
Life is our own to live.

If you choose to lead it
With half-thought ideas;
You have only yourself to blame.
Man Oct 25
Dull ruts and periodic lulls, cast
Iron wrought.
A life of sea salt;
Choking on ocean foam, walking
On rusty bones
Sifting through ashes.
It's all growing old
Man Oct 23
Call me an animal,
Don't stand between me
And a fresh cut of meat

Hard to believe, we're the same mammal
In a stand-off, with one who bleeds
But not like me

Of that same air
Our lungs take in, we both breathe in
Scents of a different breed

**** your homogenies
Don't need a lecture on my biology
And you can keep your philosophy
If it comes from a book riddled with prophecy

Wicked kind of dichotomy.
In a country that pushes for peace
But funds war,
Who is it for?

Not the ones fighting
Not the ones dying
Riding them ponies and calling'em stallions
Man Oct 22
Eyes of anthracite, ignite-
Fuel for my waning spirit
Food for my hungry soul.

Her rays mirrored sunlight,
And I, a humble acolyte:

Happily dirtying myself to worship coal.

The decades of pressure
Stifling in leisure, tiny slivers of pleasure.
Harsh force of demand.

Idle gem, form of a diamond:
Unaware of her own worth.

How often, is ignorance our ruin
And ourselves, our own undoing.
To eat our own words:

How it hurts
Man Sep 13
the currents shift to polarity
stars aligned, planets aligned
event horizon, singularity.
vision stretched to infinity
what it means to see me
wihte room, empty spaces
black sea fibonacci
randomized perfection
crystalline & unstratified
limitless, free direction
open palms, third eye
to truly live, and happily die
beneath the ground, above the sky
this union of the soul
to the peace found inside
of the cosmic energy that flows-
eddying currents,
the tides that wash away
the woes of life
Man Sep 11
Inclement Weather

When will the rain stop?
Downpour, tiny drops
At least my tears get lost

Out on the pavement
Stood in a puddle
Drowning in still water

When will the storm end?
I can wear a happy face
But I can't pretend

When will this end?
Man Aug 29
Who the ****, and why.
The owner of the eye
Can answer my question,
Whoever it is that's watching;
Stop wasting your time
Man Aug 15
Silently, I wade through a dead sea
Forgoing the attempts, forlorn-
At regaining what I once believed:
To be real, to be deceived
The gambit run, when
Hearts are burning.

The faults of our stars,
Are that they linger
So far away.

And the crux of our minds,
Their aptitude for replay
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