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Akshita Ray Jul 21
I listen to the moon
The moon tells me a story
I memorize each detail

I try to hide
In between the sheets of a notebook
The moon continues to shed
It’s light on my nook

Now, it’s half past twelve
I have forgotten all my learnings
I ask the moon to kindly
Narrate to me a story

Some fable to remember
To fall asleep peacefully with
The moon shows no mercy
The stars offer no support

I hide in the aftermath
Of the monstrosity of
The demons
Of my own making

The moon never tells
A lie
I have never been more

I can’t describe
In words
Or numbers
Or colors

There’s just smoke
Tears on my denim
My notebook
And the moonlight
Eva Jun 11
You wrote about me
As if I were some kind of beautiful tragedy
And it makes me wonder
Who and what I was to you.
Whoever, whatever woman you wrote about before
She's not any of those fables anymore.
You no longer know the intricacies
The beauty of my pain
The pain I once confused
As love and adoration for you.
You'll never find another woman,
You'll never find another spirit,
You'll never find another entity
To reach you when you hide yourself,
To touch you outside of the physical world,
To mend you when you are a jigsaw puzzle of a man.
Not even the woman of your tales
Can do all that I can.
This was written with an "ex" of mine in mind.
Greg Jones Jun 2018
I saw it, I saw it,
Please trust me, it’s coming soon.
Forgive me, don’t ignore this, I mean it
Pay attention pay attention now.

Don’t dismiss me, I promise, I mean it,
Hell comes tonight.

I know I...I’ve said this all before
I’m a liar, but I’m not lying.
I know I...I know I’m a joker.
I’m not joking….it’s coming for your

Children, your loved ones, you hear me?
You’ll burn tonight.
You welcome your extinction, keep faking,
You’re all gonna die.

I know I...I made it up before,
This is different, I feel it coming.
I cannot...Can’t fight the change anymore.
It’s a poison, it’s overwhelming.
Fever sweats, the growing hunger for meat.
It’s the moonlight, the transformation…

So ready your shotguns, I wonder
Will anyone survive?
Don’t beg me for mercy, should’ve listened
When I cried wolf….
Jenny Gordon Jan 2018 more ways than you realize.


Come, wherefore dredge up Tolkien's silly tale,
With that girabbit hard in tow, as hence
The Scriptures count off Ehud and how thence
He judged ya, Isr'el, killing in betrayl
That fat, fat king ole Eglon to avail,
Me seeing lost visions of the shire for sense,
And Mister Bliss' adventures rising whence
I canna say why, to trip 'long as bail?!
From movies of far distant climes in tour,
With savage ninjas, or the sixties too
And student riots, loss, *** as it were
Their capping triumph of that mixt-up view,
Have I a minute to drift off, all's poor--
Yet why see fables when I half hear You?

01Jan18b know?
Pedro Batista Jun 2017
My eyes feel heavy and weak
Headaches fill my daily physique
Uncertain of what the cause, I try to sleep
But all my life sleeping has never been sleek

I imagine myself in world's, my fantasies
Stories of great honor and mystery
Fables contained in my head
Waiting to finally be read

But I'm too lazy to get the pen
And write all this from inside my head
I can feel this world's within me
But I can't expel them so easily

Maybe it's fear that keeps them inside
Retained forever in a state of mind
Fear of defeat and failure
It would take a toll on the self esteem of a savior

But maybe one day I will be able to comply
Make a pact with this dreaded state of mind
Tell the world about all my Fables
And maybe someone will be able to savor them
i'm terrible with titles :x
Awesome Annie Mar 2016
Tucked within the mountain of Promise, just past the forest of Truth. Runs a stream that glistens of dreams, and grants eternal youth.

Fairy's dance among the flowers, and sing a song of grace. Always adding into fable, another fortunate travelers face.

The stream glistens in the sun, and it's allure will steal your breath. One drop that passes through your lips, will save your soul from death.

Some will spend forever looking, desperate to stop youth from fading. Endlessly searching for this fountain, they waste life away crusading.

Be careful what you wish for, it's the warning the wind will softly tell. I'm forever blessed in beauty, but ****** for eternity between heaven and hell.
Julie Grenness Feb 2016
What are our millennium fables?
Women keep giving each other labels,
No harmony for our ecology,
An alliance should be our synergy,
No accountability for the economy,
No wise leaders to steer us to unity,
Century's getting older, folks!
Any teamwork to cast off these yokes?
Symbiosis should aim at harmony,
Let's pray for millennium synergy!
Feedback welcome.
Harmony Nov 2015
Today is the day
A bright sunny day
But a day in Autumn
Yes, a day in November
Perhaps a bad omen
In fables and movies
I was told since childhood
It is the day that demons
let lose from Hadies

Today is the day
the day that I fear
'cause twas told a bad sign
to be dealing with
the ill-reputed combination of
Thirteen and Friday

Today is the day
That I will
Live to prove that
All such tales are made up
To make human die of fear
A fear that would cover up
The strength and resilience
From within to Look
At one's glorious inner SELF
Seeing that glory
Demon has no choice
But to retreat to Hades

Today is the day
A bright sunny day
But a day in Autumn
Yes, a day in November
Inspired by Today's date November Friday the 13th 2015
Hannah Jane Call Nov 2015
Trying to write a fable
really questions who you are.

How can I write a story based on morals
That I have not yet mastered myself?

What to write.
Be honest.
Wear your seatbelt.
Elbows off the table.
Honor your parents, watch your sister carefully,
practice piano for an hour a day, go to church every sunday.

Morals are really just should's.

You should take the garbage out.
You should always obey your elders.
You should only speak when spoken to.
You should.

Oh, should I now?

It is the deeper stuff in life
that defies our understanding
and can turn the coldest of days
into a fable day.

Morals and shoulds.
Do's and don't's.

Tell me, what are your morals?
Are they questionable?
Are they repostable?

And most importantly......
are they realistic?

Write me a fable.
Mystifying Chaos Jul 2015
She wrote stories about
All her previous flames,
Except for one.
She cherished his memories too much
To share them with the world.
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