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Wolf Dec 2018
The mentally sick are powerless
They said
But I see through those lies
My powers are only for me
I can find loneliness
While I'm drowning in a crowd
I can feel crushing misery
During times of great joy
I can constantly slice my paper skin
Without anyone batting an eye
I can fight my internal battles alone
Barely surviving myself
Still trying, though
Aren't my powers wonderful?
meg Nov 2018
I don’t believe in magic,
but sometimes I feel as if
I’m floating on this cloud
of the make believe,
that floats around
and picks up people like me,
that just want to believe in something.

I don’t think there is any
specific reason for existence.
Maybe its coincidence
or some celestial power,
but I like to believe it’s some kind of magic.
Something that just hides in the shadows
And pushes things at specific times.
Like the rain and the tide.

I like to think that everything is made out of fantasy
and wishes and all magical things.
That my intuition isn’t what tells me to do things,
it’s the something between the sheet of real and make believe
that follows me to ensure my success.

Of course, that’s not true though.
There is nothing in this world except for me and what I am.
Nothing but me and my own fantasy and wishes and magical things.
Nothing but the sparkle in my veins and the dreams in my eyes.

I don’t want to live in a world where I have to make own magic.
In a world where I have to make my own sunlight
and galaxies in my eyes and drown in my own hues of make believe.

I don’t want to live in a world in which
I am the only enchanted thing.
But I guess that’s how everyone feels.
We all live in this twisted fantasy, this dark fairytale.
Maybe with our own fates in mind,
we will try to make our own magic.
i wish we could just have something magical in our lives, but i guess we just have to wait till we make it for ourselves.
hazem al jaber Jul 2018
Power's love ...

do you remember ...
when i told you ...
with all power ...
of my heart ...
that i love you ...
and never to live normaly ...
without you ...

do you still remember ...
how much i said ...
how much love i wrote ...
as a whispers ...
and as a poems ...
about the love ...
which i feel to you ...

O lady ...
just think more ..
about my words ...
and how much i said ...
i love you ....

rethink more ...
sweetheart ...
feel my words ...
and please ...
don't forget ...
my words ...

yes my angel ...
whom i always dream about ...
i still and will keep ...
this power ...
of love ...
only for you ...
and never ever ...
to lost a hope ...
of meeting you soon ...
just to tell you ...
i love you ...
while my eyes ...
into yours ...

hazem al ..
Semicolon May 2018
Am I the demons,
Or the angels in my thoughts?
My scars or my powers?
When they describe me, do they describe me as my strengths, or my weaknesses? Who am I?
Ayanda Apr 2018
now you're a memory, desperately trying to be forgotten. the sad truth is that memories don't just 'fade away'. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get you out of my head and the memories we once shared. God, I loved you so much.
Luna Mar 2018
Once upon a time, light and darkness were born
Two ancient powers, taking form
They possessed every norm
Tipping the world upside down
Till their masters were created
They thought the chaos would be regulated
but fools they were
For the historic battles were never immortal
Hence, giving birth to an abnormality
It defied conformity
Instead of aversion,
A strange pull manifested gravitation...
An enticing realization
Much like a forbidden love,
their kiss hovered between red and mauve.
No sooner than it began, the curse set in.
a big bang and a continuous dilation
banned alienation
An agonizing melancholic segregation
for a Luna, once a creature of delicate darkness
is now a vampire feeding on her lover's light
dainty lights into one big stormy fire
an existence where they keep shattering each other's presence,
and for it to be poetically beautiful,
Is their reality.
Celeste Briefs Dec 2017
Thrice I, with words
Of light, bespoke
This autumn evening
I do invoke
The powers of
The ancient winds,
Song of my soul
This night begins

Thrice I, with dreams
Within my heart,
Reach out to touch
The brightest star
By light of moon,
Our Mother's eye
I do invoke
The ancient Light
Another wicca wonder for my readers, please enjoy and may the ancient Light shine on you all!
Delta Swingline Mar 2017
The truth about being a superhero, is that only certain people know when to call us at exactly the right time. When the world is about to break into chaos and when the cities need us to be there.

But this isn’t exactly the job I thought it was going to be. I have devoted myself to being the best I can be for the people of my city, for freedom and justice, and for you. And for the first few months of my job, I was everywhere.

People knew my name, I was in every newspaper, children looked up to me, put me on their lunchboxes, they wanted to be me…

They say heroes aren’t born, they’re made. But I was born! Of  the kindness of my mother, and the bravery of my father to create this image of strength. I am a superhero! I can fly, can you fly? Can you wear this suit? Can you handle the responsibility?

Not all of my city wanted a superhero. Some of them became the villains. And it’s not like I can’t handle a few bad guys, but sometimes, the citizens are my kryptonite.

Sometimes they don’t want me, one day they praise me and the work that I’ve done, the next day, they say they don’t need another hero, I’m just another problem, they say “Leave us the way that you found us: broken. And not needing anybody around to fix it.”

But I’m not perfect either. I can fly, but gravity still brings me back to earth, I can run, but not from my problems, I can carry cars with my two hands. But the weight of the world still sits on my shoulders.

The day they told me to leave the city, I reminded myself that if I harmed any one person, broke my promise to be the sole keeper of freedom and justice for all. That I would hang up my cape and quit.

And I did. I became human again, I am not as strong as you made me out to be. You told me I wasn’t needed. And soon after the villains had returned and they were shouting for me to save them again.

I thought you didn’t want me, stop it, I’m no hero, I’m just a person. Please, my powers only do so much. Do you still need me to save you? I’m just an alien, a science experiment, a mutant, a drawing in a comic book.

I am not your superhero! I can’t do this anymore! It was you who pushed me away, you fear my powers, you fear me. But I didn’t do anything wrong.

Please… Just let me go.  You are the heroes now. Just let me go.
I am just a flawed human.
EtherealOmega Nov 2015
Dear Life,
I know you will never be easy, and I know that perfection is far from your nature, and most of all I know my path with you will be anything but easy, but I know you will be worth it in the end. My Lady, I will walk beside you learning from the paths you choose until the moment my legs give out and you must leave me behind. For you stop for no man. Yet.. I honestly feel sorry for you. You are forced to leave so many good friends behind, but maybe we will meet again.

Dear Death,
You are inevitable yet many run from you. I’m sure you often feel all alone, but, my Lord, need I remind you some run to you with arms wide open saying, “Please.. Take me away from this place.” Does taking an innocent soul from this world before it’s time, no matter how broken, feel any better than solitude..? I won’t run from you, but I also won’t run to you any longer. When our time comes to meet, I will greet you as a good friend, as a lover, as someone I haven’t seen in ages and have been waiting for. I know this meeting will come, but maybe we have met before.

Dear Love,
You span both your siblings: both Life and Death. And you sometimes tie two people together so tightly with your little red cord that even one lifetime, two lifetimes, ten lifetimes later they can still look at one another, being strangers in that moment, and feel a strange tug of comforting familiarity. Yes. Sometimes no matter how loud you shout that they are meant to be they will be deaf to you passing like ships in the night never again to see the one they once called by your name. I’m not sure if we have met before, if I’ve passed by you not recognizing your beautiful eyes, or if our meeting is yet or never to come. But, my Liege, I pray it comes or comes again.

Dear Somebody,
I’ve begun to learn my lessons. I intend to enjoy Life’s company to the fullest, and will wait to commune with Death; I will embrace Love when they come to me without judgement merely opening my arms welcoming Love as if they were always a part of me. As if you.. Whoever you are… Were always a part of me. I’ll say, “Thank you for finding me. You are special beyond belief, and I hope that spark you hold never fades. So please take a seat. Let your wandering feet rest and make yourself at home in my life.” If Love must take their leave, and we become a mere pair in space I’ll remind you one last time that you are and always will be cared for. So please, Dear One, I beg of you don’t do anything rash. Don’t run to Death or from his twin sister Life, but most of all if love doesn’t stay with us. Find someone who Love will stay with, forever. Because that will make both Life and Death seem meaningless. That will make days fade into years, and that, Beautiful One, is what makes our existence worthwhile.
This was made more as a Slam style poem, and as such it is meant to be heard rather then read. However, I thought I would post it anyway since
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