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the powers that be
that’s what you’ve always called them
and i just worry
Ylzm Sep 2020
no magical incantation
but wordless agony

bitter and disconsolate
thunderously piercing
in all heavens
and hell;

angels cry
stopping their ears
quaking in terror
on their knees
unbearably compelled
beseeching all powers
to heed—

heavens and earth
onlylovepoetry Mar 2017


The quality of Qualities.

But, man oh man,
Am I qualified?

the movie theater goes dark,
the trailers, the advertisements,
the silencing warnings, the advisements,
the darkening final and lastly,

"be sure to keep an eye on your valuables."

she turns to me and says,

"I've got my eye on you."

I cannot tell you the name of the movie
or what it was about,
as powerful shaky camera dizziness overcame.

But I can tell you about,
the special powers of women.

for it is one reason,

the reason

he writes only love poetry.
If the only birds allowed to sing
Were the birds that sang the best
I’d find our woods a gloomy place
For I’d miss the songs of the rest

If all the plants across the world
Were those of most vibrant red
I’d ache for the varied colors
Which we now enjoy instead

And so it is with people too
We each have our inner light
My light may not be brightest
But still it dispels the night

My talents, gifts, and powers
Bring increased life to all I know
I’ll always let my light shine forth
So prosperity to all will flow
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Many years ago I heard the phrase, “If the only birds in the forests that sang in the forest were the ones that sang best, the forests would be very quiet.”  That one saying has really helped me to enjoy singing, and I sing every day!  I'm not the best, but I can still sing and it brings happiness to my life.  As I was pondering about that, I thought, “I could write a poem about that”
God's Oracle Dec 2019
The ever consuming defying darkness that envelops my inner mind I know I found a reason to be guided by the Light
Desperation blindness the shades portrayed by an omnious shade of black
I begin to realize am beginning to lose sight
Slowly my consiousness slipping and yet I try to fight
The feelings of impending horror masquerading in the Night
Diabolic Phantoms and the foul creatures that consume Life
A myraid shrouded in myself...image
The Dark Imminent Forces that shape my formless soul for I am still a Celestial Body A part of the Powers of Heaven & Hell inside my Shrine...
I am slowly becoming a Beast an Accursed Temple slowly being consumed by Hollows Of Sloth Wrath Pride Insolence Vanity and Treachery
I have learned to communicate with this Deviants and Spirits and Fallen Angellic Servants that sense and feed of my channeling ports of light & dark energy many occult practices I have performed in my past... for I have a relationship with the Lord Of Hosts but also able to manifest and perform the most primordial evil in it's truest form...I have 2000 Entities working for me with me within and outside me...for they where created thru my will and enslaved by my spiritual might and power of my ability to transfer, communicate, act, manipulate, transfigurate and absorb aura, energy and light and dark alike...Beyond that veil of dreams there is a enormous spiritual realm that I have explored I have stepped and walked among God's presense and I am also allowed and able to walk among the demonic for I fear neither for I have the balance of each spirit. Ashetak, Ahxer,Alleauous...

Invictum Septum Divinus Algori Forte Irto La Terra
Arteum Sorte Sanctus Deamonus
Ele Dominus Infinitus Capernum ciellis
Temptatium Ode Exertus Creatos
Orde Di A Diaboli Eternum
Ferfeitum Shakath Ambreoise!!!

13th Oracle Of God.

The day shall turn to night and in that
Day even the righteous shall hide from thy Maker.
The Forces I attest to command and be under control of for they use me daily and I use them daily...the way am made to accept my radical calling as a Oracle and Master Of Light & Dark Entities alike.
Philosophers and sages too
Enjoy the focused powers
And the mystic natural beauty
Of the early morning hours

I greet the sunrise with a smile
Each day this precious wonder
Displays for all, both small and great
For those who rise from slumber

The quiet of the peaceful morn
Engages all my senses
Provides me light and clarity
To cut through life’s pretenses

The morning hours bring inner joy
Rhythm matching Mother earth
True wealth imbues into my flesh
When I witness each day’s birth
This is Prosperity Poem 49 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here (copy and paste the link). You can sign up for free weekly delivery of poems at Prosperity Poems (.com)

I've always loved being up in the morning hours. The calm and focus and perspective allow me to enjoy more of the day. I also appreciate the connection with nature by watching the sky slowly lighten into a beautiful sunrise.

Sages, saints, and philosophers the world over have praised the benefits of the morning hours. Read the poem below and gain the benefits of matching the rhythm of earth and sun.

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Relax, begin to Imagine you are in the proximity
to immerse yourself into a precious moment.
It is that needed time you have brought into being, and is intrinsic
to experience composure, equanimity.
Smooth - melodic - ambient music with simple cause,
low and soft will, in its incipiency invalidate
trending previous troublesome thoughts,
silkily, sauntering, lingeringly pauses,
to softly embrace your audible senses
with silence which conveys complete assurance,
that the here and now is yours, no-one elses,
ataraxia created by you, for your true inner self,
It continues; envelops remaining unsettled interruption
embraces the heart, and encourages serenity,
all the remaining negative, solicitous intellection
are temporarily, tipped out of your consciousness,
you are experiencing them leave, then transcended
with blissful tranquillity for your indulgence.
You are asleep with your eyes open, it feels so benefic,
the mind is calm and clear no longer confused.
Melodious sound continues to provide atmospheric
momentum to this sensibility folding into the soul.
Joyfully you are enduring moments of pure inner solitude and
wrapped in perfect peace, consciousness uncommitted.
There is no expectation of time, not at all
just the psyche drifting, changing shape, density, profundity.
You feel wonderfully restituted, calmed; uplifted.
You sense it, knowing, this absence of tension you sought,
this, your perfect you, is transient and will slowly begin to regress, reluctantly,
relinquishing this blissfully serene, conditioned emotional stillness, to be restored.

Then you turn the telly on!     All gone.

Michael C Crowder        March 5th 2019
the power of clearing one's mind, so reality erases the experiences
Wolf Dec 2018
The mentally sick are powerless
They said
But I see through those lies
My powers are only for me
I can find loneliness
While I'm drowning in a crowd
I can feel crushing misery
During times of great joy
I can constantly slice my paper skin
Without anyone batting an eye
I can fight my internal battles alone
Barely surviving myself
Still trying, though
Aren't my powers wonderful?
meg Nov 2018
I don’t believe in magic,
but sometimes I feel as if
I’m floating on this cloud
of the make believe,
that floats around
and picks up people like me,
that just want to believe in something.

I don’t think there is any
specific reason for existence.
Maybe its coincidence
or some celestial power,
but I like to believe it’s some kind of magic.
Something that just hides in the shadows
And pushes things at specific times.
Like the rain and the tide.

I like to think that everything is made out of fantasy
and wishes and all magical things.
That my intuition isn’t what tells me to do things,
it’s the something between the sheet of real and make believe
that follows me to ensure my success.

Of course, that’s not true though.
There is nothing in this world except for me and what I am.
Nothing but me and my own fantasy and wishes and magical things.
Nothing but the sparkle in my veins and the dreams in my eyes.

I don’t want to live in a world where I have to make own magic.
In a world where I have to make my own sunlight
and galaxies in my eyes and drown in my own hues of make believe.

I don’t want to live in a world in which
I am the only enchanted thing.
But I guess that’s how everyone feels.
We all live in this twisted fantasy, this dark fairytale.
Maybe with our own fates in mind,
we will try to make our own magic.
i wish we could just have something magical in our lives, but i guess we just have to wait till we make it for ourselves.
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