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Marissa Jan 7
swaying to the rhythm of the bass
I dance the cup back up to my lips again
I close my eyes and knock the rest of the drink back
feeling the familiar burn
I smile
letting the substance run into my bloodstream
again and again and again
each round makes the world a bit brighter
the music sound better
my body more numb
my feelings more happy
so I drink and I drink
until I’m on my back
and the world is spinning
my mind is empty
free from any thought
I am at peace
floating, like a ghost
just trying to get through the night
trying to regain control
I don't know why I went to the party
Probably to distract myself
Chase the pretty lights
Numb the emotions with drinking
I needed to get away
However, that did not work out well
She was there
Our song played and she gazed at me for a second
Then she turned away and danced with her new lover
I pushed through the crowd and went outside
Tears rapidly pouring, the dark sky letting down heavy rain
Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye
Some one was standing next to me.
We shall make
A recourse to the gun,
If for election we run
Devoid of ideas,
Sell which we can,
We could hardly win
The heart of a single fan.

Also labelled
And narrow nationalists"
They can
Put on us a ban
So that sinks on us
The Sun.

Climbing into
A political ivory tower
Is not for us,
Let us beat
The drum of war
To garner
And to monger to power.
recalcitrant, retrogressive, detractors,mongers,war
Andrew Hartnett Dec 2018
We clanked our wine glasses together
Suits for the occasion
And I tried to remember the names
Especially the ones who’s faces I recognize
One man in particular looks older than I remember, with a haircut far too young
Talking all about
The deal of the last year
Maybe a Christmas bonus this year
So he can go home to his wife
“Look honey we can buy another car”
And maybe this time she won’t sleep
With the neighbor
I shake his hand hard because the poor old b*stard needs something
And maybes its this extravagant event
guys like me shaking his hand firm enough
That he knows he’s important somewhere
And we are all impressed by his hard work and loyalty
thomas Nov 2018
i’ve been to a few parties now.
each one of them intoxicating,
in a few different ways.

my premonition of these events
was correct: they were filled
with people who were running.

each person, however happy,
had the entire ocean pooled
in the rims of their eyes.

their hair blew with invisible
gusts of wind, drawing tears
from the seas in those sockets.

they ran from it. drowning
themselves in drink, pushing
forward helplessly.

but fighting it is hopeless,
sinking in the ocean, just like
we were designed to do.
fall, into your blue.
Izzy Aghahowa Nov 2018
sad, sad life
they always say to me
i don't go out to parties
or scream aloud my worries

i don't talk in and out of echoes and walls
that stand still and look tall
just to tell you
they can have your trust

sad, sad life
they always say to me
i can't stand loud spaces
or the loneliness that is loudness
in excess

i can't fix my ***** holes with short-term ****
or strangers on the move
that only harp on my crutch

sad, sad life
they always say to me
i don't like the wind that the world carries
when i feel like i'm begging on its knees

my sad, sad life
words, words, words
they heal a thousand wounds
but can never seem to heal
the shallow hearts that create them

i count the days
until someone sees
that my sad, sad life
is happiness to me
Taoist Monk Oct 2018
I may seem crazy saying this,
but haven't I always been?
Sometimes laughing at everything
keeps the tears from being seen.

When you're in a lonely, crowded room
with people who love to chatter.
And conspire and gossip about anything,
like you're not there, you don't matter.

Bring out your smile, and dazzle them
with an un-containable mirth.
With your sunny disposition,
entertain them without remission
and show them your pitiful worth.

And when all is said and done
And you're all out of "fun"
Get your noose out of the closet

And then shock recognition
And threaten damnation
Then kick out your chair of salvation
I might just get some flack because of this.

“We of the craft are all crazy. Some are affected by gaiety, others by melancholy, but all are more or less touched.”

Lord Byron
Salmabanu Hatim Sep 2018
My mum said,"Son time you had a wife."
I said,"What's the hurry,let me first enjoy life."
But, she started looking for one,
My panic button was switched on,
I didn't want a desi wife like my mother,
Or simple middle class wives like the ones of my brothers,
Who treated their husbands as
Their masters, their Lords.
I wanted an ultra modern wife,
Trendy, ****, lovely and an equal partner in my life.
So I went against my family and married one,
I thought I had won.
I was head over heels in love,
She was my beautiful dove,
For several months life was paradise,
I felt nice,
***, theatres and parties.
Then the honeymoon  was over,
Of that I had surmised never,
I was tired eating out,
In cooking she was nought,
The house was a mess,
She cared less,
She was never at home,
And when she came she was drunk some.
Everything was not well,
My life had become ****,
I ended up at mum's for dinner,
I realised  dad and my brothers were in fact winners,
Loved and cared by their wives,
So much happiness in their lives.
With me my wife didn't want to stay,
So she ran away,
After my divorce I married again,
My heavenly life began,
My desi wife, mum's choice,
Lovely, homely and poised,
I, her Lord and she my Lady
Our married life very steady.
Desi wife is an Indian woman who is sincere,honest hard-working and also lovely.
Shadow Dragon Aug 2018
It's a classy thing,
throwing a party.
Meeting people,
social drinking
and for god sake
don't forget the chatter!

Glasses clinging,
as shadows in the garden
move like hungry cats.
Smoke being puffed
which joins the clouds
and dance in the noses.

People often forget
who they really are,
their values
and their balance.
Their mind
jumping off the edge.

Yet, sometimes
another mind
has a deep blue pool
where you can dive.
The water cools you,
and makes you forget.

The danger of parties;
you no longer think clearly.
But even more dangerous;
if it remains that way.
And you won't know
what is to be true.

Until it hits you.
You were swimming
in a pool full of chlorine.
Giving you cancer all along.
And what you thought
was wrong.
Drunk. That tilt-o-whirl
feeling to like; remember
childhood and spinning
around in circles to get dizzy.

Myopia. All’s fuzzy around
the edges, but softened
reality isn’t any prettier.
Not impressed.

Indelible stamp, maybe, on your mind,
if not on mine. Hateful bonding.
Moldy melted bones where there's nothing sharp
to cut through. Inarticulate shame.
Inauthentically uninhibited. Laughing and waiting.

Blanket smoke, the breath of someone else's life.
Daytime: fools apart,
with no excuse, so...
Nighttime: fools together.
A fish or a bird pretending
to be each other can feel ******.
What of those who won't fly or swim?
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