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I apologize profusely for my offensive tweet. I know that my words caused real harm, and for the next two weeks I will be spending quiet time in reflection, meditation, and  healing yoga at my Colorado ranch. I am also donating $100,000 to Black Marxists Anonymous.

I humbly ask forgiveness for the insensitive remarks that I made on my friend’s 1985 middle school yearbook page when I was 13. I know that my words caused real harm. There is no excuse for my poor judgment, and although my supporters mean well by pointing out that I was an adolescent, I do not agree that I should not be held to the same standards as a contemporary adult. I have spent time with my pastor examining my deep sinful nature.

I regret my costume at the Met Gala. I know that cultural appropriation causes real harm, and for a white woman to wear a dress adorned with feathers is an insult to Native Americans. I have auctioned off all of my turquoise jewelry and donated the proceeds to a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee studying ways to improve BIPOC representation on the Met Gala planning committee. I have engaged a Native shaman to guide me to a path of understanding via guided Ayahuasca use.  

I take full responsibility for standing next to Ned, my former best friend, in the photograph that has recently emerged of us at a friend’s wedding last year. Ned’s inexcusable remark on Tuesday that “All lives matter” is deeply offensive to me and today I join the diverse community that is boycotting his performances. I am ashamed that I ever called this person my friend.  

I regret ever working with J.K. Rowling. She is a transphobic hatemonger who deserves our scorn and contempt. I realize that she will continue to espouse her bigoted views, because her fans do not care, Harry Potter lives forever, and she’s a billionaire who probably lives in a castle. But I will continue to post my outrage on my Facebook page so that…anyway, Rowling *****!
Charlie Rose Dec 2020
I grew up on heroes old and new
Thinking there was no wrong they could do
But get rid of rose glasses and they're the worst
And I woke up to a clergy that turned. out to be cursed
Now I can't trust people I see
On the internet or TV
Because half of my childhood celebrities
Turned out to be pedos, grifters, and Nazis

Some times you have to let your heroes die
Give a wave and a nod goodbye
Send them off with a ******* up
And hope next time you have better luck

Can't trust the storytellers that made your fantasies
They want you and queers like you deceased
Can't play pretend in a superheroes game
When all the directors fund your personal bane
I wouldn't trust the beliefs that raised me
Because I've grown old enough to peek and see
That its foundations are corrupted by empire
One more genocide and I'll set the **** pulpit on fire

Some times you have to let your heroes die
Give a wave and a nod goodbye
Push them away from who you see
And rethink all those memories

I once trusted some political heads
Thinking they had good interests in their stead
But red or blue they all bomb and starve and censor
Now I have to try to get my own beliefs and center
I blindly trusted the medical process
Until I saw prejudice and the reproducibility crisis
I blindly followed the worship of success and riches
Until I saw the dead that world left in the ditches

Some times you have to let your heroes die
Give a wave and a nod goodbye
Shoot them yourself if that's what you need
Because how else can you move on and succeed

History was taught to me in one way
Every account matching up to the day
But I looked back and saw a library
Of stories the classroom never did see
The people who raised me said they were saints
And that's the picture their friends all paint
But get home at night and you'll find out
What the kids don't know to talk about

Some times you have to let your heroes die
Give a wave and a nod goodbye
Never look back for a second glance
Don't give the ******* another chance

Some times you have to let your heroes die
Give a wave and a nod goodbye
Because if power corrupts and they're infested
Don't reminisce long enough to get invested

Some times you have to let your heroes die
Give a wave and a nod goodbye
Throw down your celebrities and your idols
Be your own hero and disregard titles
Celestial Nov 2020
The light bright and lime,
It was there but dull.
You found the chime,
And found your own light full.

Shining brightest among the best,
In spirit, I must confess.
Known far and wide,
To be welcomed with pride.

Telling stories, memories,
To pass, what I call, inspiration.
Tales to bring back humanities,
In times of such separations.

Keep singing your heartfelt songs,
And giving love deserved.
Hope will bring those bonds,
Your time is being well served.
A new friend
J Mathew Jun 2020
Loyalty and Honesty
Are such old fashion qualities.
Now Hatred and Envy
Are real celebrities and followed by paparazzi.

These celebrities have made us blind,
Destroying this world that was just fine.
They were first created in our mind
And flows down to our heart via our spine .

Now the devil is laughing and saying lol,
We have prioritized these qualities above all.
We do not understand that we are all equal
We have stoop down so low to find everyone's faults.

Many are teaching about goodness
But practising in our daily life is the hardest.
Injustice, bloodshed is what we witness,
But have no power to stand against evil's greatness.

No power doesn't mean we are weak
It means we are allowing the devil to play hide and seek.
Right in our minds, hearts and cheek
We have becomes fans of the worst freak.

                                            J. Mathew
I'm writing this with my experience from my life that I have to face everyday......P. S Don't mind me if I'm being rude here
Norbert Tasev Mar 2020
Here I had to see the flowering of painted fake smiles. On the altar of false deceitful preaching, word-magic, word-karate, deceived by faith, virgins can still sit down: the once-brutal veins escaped the guilty condemnation of squandering. Yawning, wrenching darkness yawns in the heart of a wounded Golgotha, and no one knows for a long time who is hesitant, stumbling behind you, friend or foe!

Our living skin, afraid of the warmth of our home, could no longer move back to the other, happier self. Getting through the pit field of logically constructed and then authentically played lies is increasingly difficult. The world-lost shadows of the survivors should silently call out the secret Morse signs of reality!

In the celeb-haired, greedy-puffed-up era of the rebuilt Atlantis, a handful of unabashed ivory-brained intellectuals, a benevolent but crazy companion of cultured people, feel confined. They also break down the compassion of the teardrop crystals into their tiny crystal grains, if they want to prove the redeeming contemporary culture accessible to everyone.

genuine human empathy tolerance. In the botoxic, collagenized garden of exotic flower beauties, the exact borders of childhood have long been washed away. - The answer to the question sounds echoed at once, like a stupid joke, word magic: yet the game promises a level playing field and its enforced, ultra-chess mat-chess ultimatum. Some people are practicing balance while others are intentionally losing balance!
Carlo C Gomez Feb 2020
Ever since I moved to a different time period, I get the strangest mail.

Letters commissioning Michelangelo
to paint the Sistine Chapel.

Elizabeth Bennet's missive to her aunt
promising pony cart rides at Pemberley.

Long lost IRS tax forms belonging to Abbott and Costello.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Job Application to the Duke of Milan.

Even Grace Bedell's charming correspondence to Abraham Lincoln, suggesting he grow a beard.

I should have known something was up once I discovered Karl Malone was my mailman.
One of these letter writers is fictional. Know which one?
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