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imtooawake May 2019
I wonder...
where it will get us in the end
by it, I mean our love
When the day like this comes, I am unable to think straight
the worst case scenarios pop out everywhere
resembling flowers during Spring time or golden leaves when the Autumn strikes
they are everywhere
they work as a reminder for me... not to give my mind, body and soul
All of my targeted ads remember
that we wanted to go to Iceland
in winter
to see the Aurora Borealis,

and they bombard me relentlessly
as if marketing in memories.

This instance is not unique.

It seems
no matter how many buttons I push
in attempts to subdue
these bright incursions,

I can't mute you completely.
Azizah Feb 2019
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these words are automatically copied in the news i recently copied from a website talking about climate change. i found this interesting as this gave me a new light on online media platform cause they also needed money and we still "buy" the advertisement as we read the news eventhough we find it irritating. this too shaped the economy aspects of journalism in this era.
IncholPoem Jan 2019
Maximum  number  of  mass
citizens  are  busy
in    cheerful   cherry  days  
of  Japan.

South  Korean  dogs  are
taking  the  sherry  flowers
flowing  smell.

Minimum  people
are  keeping
smart  places
in  week  long
govt  run
gadget  hygienic  
Haylin Dec 2018
Social media companies
Swear it's you they want to please
They badly want for you to see
That they value privacy
And that there are several strictures
On who can see your posts and pictures.

You think your profile is secure
You're satisfied until you hear
That they sell your information
To advertising corporations.

Every post that you've spent time on
pictures, videos you had your eye on
They save it all for using later
And say "It's ONLY metadata!"

They as good as have a list
Of content that you can't resist
And knowing full well what you like
With custom ads they duly strike!
They desperately want you to keep scrolling
So they can see the money roll in.
And their ethics will be forfeited
So advertisers can be profited.
OC Aug 2018
Our wonderful ad
features full frontal nudes
of chin chiseled, eye pleasing,
ab sculptured dudes.
Our ad shows designs,
simply put: haute couture
You can find all that’s fine intertwined in brochures
that assure,
our ad is a true work of art!
Epic music composed to impose on the heart.
Cheeky infants that dance
in suggestive red glow.
Gargantuan ****
filmed up close and
S -- L -- O -- W -- M -- O
Our ad?
Well, by god! It’s a wonderful show!
Cinematic façade that will strike all with awe!
With a well-crafted subtext encoded within
Severed limbs all around!
Shattered windows!
Kung-fu that exceeds speeds of sound!
Monumental achievement!
Our ad will start soon!
But before, just a word from our sponsor

Stay tuned…
Had so much fun with this one
Zero Nine Oct 2017
Another 5 second ad
So harmless,

Another 5 second ad
I can't ****
- ing skip!

Not that I've not the time
-- I do!

because we've
figured how
to fit
the least
necessary ****

What is typical is shown
What is me is mostly unknown
I don't want to be the ghost in your eyes
before I've lived, before I'm dead
sometimes it's easier than others to feel like a product.
Brent Kincaid Oct 2015
There are ladies on the internet
Who are offering me joy.
They say they can transform me
To a man instead of a boy.
Another guy has promised me
A massive ***** size.
I’m not sure I am comfortable
To that talk from a guy.

Another woman from Nigeria
Said her husband has died
With a bank account chock full
Of Krugerands inside.
All they want from me they say
Is a check for one grand
And they will put half of the gold
Into my greedy hand.

Now, that and the ***** ladies
They say live near my place
Are part of what the internet
Pushes daily into my face.
But I have become smarter now
And I fully understand
That buxom comely lass is really
A fifty five year-old man.

Bill Gates will not be sending me
A lifetime Disney Park pass.
And there are no fifty dollar diamonds,
They are all made of glass.
There is no secret bank account
In Nigeria, I truly feel.
But that pill that makes my ***** grow?
Now that, I am sure, is real.
Francie Lynch Aug 2015
Do I believe
There's been a breakthrough
With some significant findings
Through time-released research:
Using study groups,
Control rats,
And free range monkeys?
The announcement's delivered
By a team of thesbians,
And once I was convinced,
I took a decisive step
To get the Japanese water filter.
I almost felt philanthropic
Knowing third world countries
Benefit from my purchase.
I was, I think,
Deceived by a soporific placebo.
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