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Styles Mar 25
For in each touch, a story's told,
In each tease, our secrets unfold.
Please me with your every kiss,
And in your arms, eternal bliss.
Styles Mar 25
Every time we kiss,
                    your lips,
                    leave me,
                    and my soul,
                   wanting more.
Styles Mar 25
We smoked ****,
      you lite it,
      we smoked,
      we vibed,
      you let me come inside.
      Now, the love we made,
      will last us a lifetime.
Styles Mar 16
I devour,
  each moment,
  we encounter,
each other.

        Every second
        of every minute,
        and every minute,
        of every hour.
Styles Mar 11
The look in her eyes told me everything,
but they were all answers I didn't want.
The truth hurts more when you can feel it,
Lost but never forgotten, even more when they mean it.
Styles Mar 8
You are my lover of the night, as you set my mind amaze.

Craving the juices of your fruit, and how flavor tastes.
Styles Mar 8
I want to be
inside your mind
entwined in your thoughts,
consuming your wants
living out your fantasies
bound by our
****** chemistry
our destination
is ecstasy
Styles Mar 8
Moments turn to memories,,
time passes quickly.

My flesh, still needy.

The look in your eyes,
they are in need of me.

Eager thoughts entice and ****** me.

Wanting you to tease and encase me.

So effortlessly you embrace me.
Your body, I'm craving,
your folds, my haven.

Give your *** to me,
feed my need,
with all your greed,
while you feed,
my essence,
your taste,
I’m addicted,
to our embrace,
your place,
our space.
Styles Mar 6
I was the ink
on her pristine page
I wrote in a language
only her heart could
Styles Mar 6
She was the paper, and I was the pen
My words poured over her like black ink.
each word evokes, emotions with each stroke of my pen I wrote
poems only her heart can comprehend
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