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Styles Jan 23
Days seem like hours while I am with you;
               without you hours seem like days.
                           I'd travel anywhere in time;
                                 to spend time with you.
Styles Jan 22
We made love
through poetry
our lips touched
and our bodies moved fluently
as your words poured over me;
Styles Dec 2018
As you lay there
short hair deep eyes
wide hips parted thighs
*** on my breath
with hunger in your eyes
your fingers dig in
as my tongue glides
Your toes curl up
As my tongue slides
the warmth of my whisper
warms your insides
contact drunk off our vibes
rolling my tongue over your prize
gliding my lips against your thighs
three fingers slips one finger slides
the taste of your flavor is divine
filling your mouth with mine
the small of your back inclines
the sensations divine
goosebumps form a trail
my fingers follow the lines
K Sep 2018
I have walked this street so many times, in heels, in sneakers, at day, at night, when it's beginning to rain, when the sun is shining, when the moon is out. Same destinations, different stories every time. We cry while we sing "I will survive", we run across this very street with feet that didn't feel like feet. The sign was alive! And suddenly we were too. A stranger lit their cigarettes, I saw the french guy from my class but ended meeting another french guy, one I wasn't expecting. Kissing didn't feel like kissing, dancing felt way more than dancing. I suddenly felt like dancing with you, and I don't dance with anybody.

Also j'ai parlé un petit peu de français avec toi.
Styles Aug 2018
Feed me your mouth,
   so I can satisfy my desires
      with the taste of our destiny.
      I long for the rush,
      from our lips, when they touch.
    symbols of each other,
signaling one another,
   our body language,
  speaking to,

Lost in forever,
the moment consumed,
by passion
Aliza Manalac Aug 2018
With these hands,
I intertwine yours with mine,
our hands fit perfectly like we're made just for each other,
my vocal chords that lets us stay in contact,
I speak nothing but the truth,
the capacity my brain can absorb,
I won't forget the little details about you,
this one beating heart,
it pumps and butterflies take over as long as we’re together.
Styles Aug 2018
Warming up; broad strokes, slow.
Weaving in; zig zags, back and fore.
Quick flicks; **** and sip. Wanting more.
Long circles; slide, gently touching below.
Come hither; and it's off you go.
Wet drawers; when it rains it pours.
Foreplaying; got us both on all fours.
Knees weak; can't take it anymore.
My lips; tugging yours.
Amazing sensation; curling your toes.
Lapping tongue; series of sips.
Guiding hand; full of tips.
Bodies part: tongue, fingers, nose, lips
Raising tides; lifting your hips.
Quality time; best spent like this.
Shannon Aug 2018
When I first met you I lived by
What do you have to lose.
6 months later who knew that the clumsy punch spilling boy with sparkling eyes would have captured my eyes and now; my heart.
6 months down the track and you’re the first person I wanna tell all my good stories too.
And the bad.
6 months of knowing you, and I know your favourite colours and how you take your coffee and the reasons why you rub your thumb when you’re nervous.
6 months of talking to you and I know how you smell when you come out of the shower, I know when you just need a hug and I know when I don’t say I love you back it hurts you just a little bit.
6 months of you and I know your poetry gives you a piece of sanity.
6 months and I know how you look with stage makeup and I know the face you make when you’re losing yourself in the moment.
6 months and you accept my past and all that comes with it, 6 months and you’ve seen me cry and held me through it, 6 months and your dedication has been unfaltering.
My boy;
You are what I have looked for my whole life.
You are what people spent their whole lives looking for,
And seldom find.
You are everything I could have wished for.
You’re my lover
My tiger
My favourite  
My everything,
You are everything to me.
What do I have to lose
has led me to you
and now you here you are
and you are absolutely
to me.
KAE Jun 2018
I found God
I found him in a lover
With his warm arms when he hugs me
And those sweet words that come out of his mouth
When I spend time with him
Specially when we are alone
Side by side
I feel like home
And he transmits me peace
Shannon May 2018
You make me feel
and want to be
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