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Sophia Sep 4
Loved you once,
Love you still,
Always have,
Always will
For my bf <3
Bec Jul 23
The first time I said the words
"I love you",
was not the first time I told you I loved you.
The very first time
was when you had come home from work.
I didn't hear from you
for a couple of hours.
Not entirely unusual, but you know me,
I'm a worrier.
You finally texted me and after a brief exchange of words,
you asked me to call you.
Of course I did without hesitation; calling you had become
my favorite part of every day.
You told me you had been crying.
Really crying.
I remember the feeling in my stomach,
the immediate urge to run to where
you were,
to wage a war against whatever it was
that had caused you that much pain.
To hold you.
Verbally, I've never been good with words.
I wanted to say so much.
I could have said it then.
After a drawn out pause, I told you
"I want to take care of you".
Maybe you knew,
maybe you didn't.
I think my heart knew before I did
that I loved you.
But I meant it then, more than anything.
Still do.
Sierra Jun 15
I lay awake at night,
allowing men who never deserved me to take up my headspace,
allowing myself to fill with poison.

they handed me the pills,
but i still decided to take them.
why do I allow toxic men to control my thoughts?
side bed
side by side
i like you beside me
you like me on you
isn't it
we play
we stay
we laugh
we stare
we kiss
we hug
i open my eyes
i close my eyes
i see your face
i feel your neck
so warm
so cool
i know you feel my heart
i know you feel how cold i am
you offer to warmth me
you hug me
you clingy to me
you and me
on loop

just let things flow
just let things grow
just let feelings show
don't mind if it's slow
it will surely glow
it will
it will
be big and small
it is never our call
just let it fall
you'll be
we'll be

who are ready
are we
are you
do i
do you
i can't even think of any
i just think
i just blink
and there you go
and there you throw
something good
something in my mood
brace ourselves
embrace our hearts
just savor it
just put it all in
timeless present

you play quite well
hey handsome
that rings a bell
looks like home
i think i fell
can you play some more
i am not sure
if i can carry on
on and on
but with you
i can just try again
just to gain
some love
some affection
not sure if you are shy
but just let me know
i can wait
just don't be late
play for me
play for us
hope it will turn out
that way
that this may lead
to a good ship
a nice relationship
i can't seem to wish
how i wanted it to be you
those songs
are playing
inside my head
my mind
my heart
i hope it's you
i hope it's me
for you
got cold hands
sitting here
got my heart stop
thinking clear
the moments
all those memories
brought back what i can see
but dreadfully giving me chills
will this be worth it
will this be good time
to wait
to love
to shower you
my care
my affection
give me
back to me

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