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saffronne Dec 2022
i wish
i could give you the earth,
because you mean so much more
than it to me.
at night,
skin-to-skin we lay
our souls unite,
we were meant to be

i was falling asleep
when i heard you say
“are you awake?
i love you.”
paralysed by comfort,
but still half-awake
i replied in my mind
“i love you too”
wrote this one a couple months ago, only just now remembered i had a hello poetry account tho, so hey yall im back! does anyone even use this site anymore? lol
Styles Apr 2022
Touch me
Like you
Can’t live
Styles Feb 2022
We touch each other souls
With each kiss
Our bodies emit
Something so deep,
Only flesh can feel it
Locked into the moment of tension
Legs spreading wider with intention
The warmth of their closeness sets that on fire
etwined. In each others eyes, lost in desire
Celestial Jan 2022
My hope is high, my expectations low.
I want our feelings to grow.
To miss you when you are gone.
Then talk till dawn.

I feel ablaze,
I need your gaze.
Your eyes on me, keeping a connection.
While we think of every direction.

It points anywhere, our future.
What a beautiful picture.
Do you see it too?
Don't let it be another peggy-sue.

For me, it will never end.
Why would I give up my best friend?
All I want is to give you everything.
"I love you" everyday I'll sing.

What a day it will be.
When we promise to see.
I wipe sweat off my brow,
I'll wait for now.
A new day dawned
Jenni Renealynne Oct 2021
People say surround yourself with happiness, that’s why every place I spend my time at, I have everything you.
Mykarocknrollin Jun 2021
in this time
in every line
in this and every moment
inside this short poem
i hope you know this is for long
in sad times
in happy times
in all the nights
in each coming days
in all the seasons
i will fight
in tears
in joys
in all my hi's
in all my hello's
is you
inside my heart
i am thinking of you
i know you too
i really like you
i never think
i feel and i need you
i will say it
i am in love
in you
Ghostverses Feb 2021
I see blood on the walls.
Tears falling down like rain.
Everyday I think about you even when its part of pain.
3, 2, 1..
I hate you.
I never wanna see you.
You know what, I wish I never met you!
1, 2, 3..
I love you.
I miss you.
Can't wait to see you!
3, 2, 1..
It's happening again isn't it?
I wonder if he loves me?
Will he break my heart?
1, 2, 3
Oh god, not again..
I'm not good enough
I will never love again.
I just realized how lonely i've been all my life. This **** kinda *****. Can't even get a bf irl is sad.. Ah, i hate my love life.
hxzin Jan 2021
read for me
run your hands through my hair
take me anywhere
just call me yours

Kat Schaefer Jan 2021
You’re a cup of black coffee
Bringer of comfort, reminder of home
But like my teeth, you have stained me
Beyond human repair
And the love that you now show
Only deepens the memory
Of who I was
Before I was yellow
hxzin Jan 2021
i despise the idea that love is blind
because all it took for me dear
was one glance
and i knew

have a cheeky draft ;) based on a surreal but true story 0.0 its the psychic intuition i guess~
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