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Outside Words Nov 2018
Munching, crunching on a bone,
The trolls of Langwood growl and moan.

Through feral mutterings and drivel,
They gulp and choke down last night's grizzle.

In their cave on rocky mountains high,
Their scaly skin cracks from air so dry.

Once human men poisoned by greed,
Transformed into ogres for their misdeeds.

They prayed on people of modest means,
Until our good sorceress intervened.

She protects our land and keeps us safe,
From warlords and bankers filled with hate.

Condemned to live long foul lives,
The trolls of Langwood miss their wives.

For they now resemble their truer selves,
Forever denied the beauty of men and elves.

© Outside Words
Rhianecdote Apr 2015
And now we're losing interest

Cause we took on things at our own expense

Watch the Dollars burn or go to Bankers

As we all lose our ****** Sense!
yep, I still don't understand why we  compensate incompetent and to be honest ******* wreckless wankers!
Bankers bonuses my ****!
The apathy is strong man
Shaded Lamp Aug 2014
They walk aloof among us
Three percent of the population
They reluctantly dine with us
Quietly, stifling their frustration
They don't look back as you pass
They don't want your conversation
Empathy is just an alien concept
They focus only on self preservation

But here's where it gets strange

We worship them with huge salaries
We beg them to lead us the way
We ignore their blatant deceptiveness
We hand them our hard earned pay
If they say bail out the banksters
Or send your kids to a dubious war
We offer them our kids and cash
Knowing that they will ask for more

Stranger still

Our history has been sculpted by them
We raise bronze statues proudly in their honor
Through our plain idleness and cowardice
They can reduce this planet to a nuclear goner

"How did this madness occur?" We question
Why do psychos run banks and governments
Checking world history offers a suggestion
To why we (the population) are slaves for rent

We are simply afraid of those
That successfully navigate life
With reckless irresponsibility
Unchallenged by others strife
It is those destructive characters
We plead to take political risks
In return for obedience and cash
To buy more power and obelisks
I do like an obelisk, but rewarding  those lacking any moral compass  because they can perpetuate the continued *******  of  the many by the few seems like the lunatics are indeed running the asylum. Or am I mad?

— The End —