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People   saying
my  girlfriend's
address ?

Before     asking
to    sky,  sea,
the  engineers  of
a  newly   constructed  
People  are
saying  my
girlfriends  address.

Some  saying -She   is  in

Some  saying-
She  is  married
to  another
reputed  person.

Some  saying-
She  is  working
with her
  previous  job.

People  are
  saying  my
old  girlfriend's
address  ?
she is my world
she makes me smile
every time I see her
I can't think of life without her
she is my angel when I go thru ****
she is my light when I only see the dark
she is all I ever wanted
she is my love!
I love my baby girl
luna Apr 2018
no tengas miedo mi amor
despójate de todo eso que te lastima y mírame a los ojos
pone tus manos en mi cintura así yo me siento libre de poner las mías en tu cuello
mírame a los ojos
conecta conmigo y olvida
olvida todo lo que alguna vez te atormento
y sentí
sentime a mi
estoy acá con vos
para mimarte
y para decirte que pase lo que pase
yo voy a estar acá
con mis manos en tu cuello
y ojalá
vos siempre tengas las tuyas en mi cintura
“I won’t have ***** living in my house”
As if that’s all you’ve said to offend me
Unlucky for you I have a great memory
I have a mental transcript of everything you’ve said to me
17 years of tyranny
Where do I begin?
All the way back to kindergarten
The special ed teacher said she thinks I have dyslexia
You said it’s an excuse for being ******
That was the first crime of many
You’ve called me worthless, ****, and unwanted plenty
But actions speak louder than words
You’ve thrown your empty bottles of gloom across the living room
Crime after crime I’ve cleaned it up everytime
3 kids and I’m the only one, whose been “lucky” enough seen your gun
In april of twenty fourteen you burnt my brothers funeral card
Your fist has never hit me quite that hard

My body is a canvas you painted black and blue
Step back at look at your masterpiece, in her rubber-banded shoes
Every day I become more and more like you
If I ever have a daughter dear lord is she *******

Who gives a **** if I’m relatively ***
17 years you’ve lived with me everyday
Also, why ***** plural?
Am I gonna start an army or some ****?
Am I contagious?
I am plenty religious
I could count your sins
You say it hurts your shins to kneel at church so you keep sitting
And ******* on the person that I am
Making him perform this scam
At family parties pretending to be mine
Because my love is a crime
Are you out of your mind?

Its fine, I’m not going to cut my hair
This cross belongs around my neck
You need a reality check
Its 2018!
I am allowed to be seen without a man holding my hand
And protecting me from offensive words
This is defence served 110 pounds
I fell asleep to the sound of a car backfire
‘Call the therapist, this is dire’
Jesus, Mary, do everything you can
There’s a chance she wont be marrying a man
When life doesn’t go as planned just do more drugs
Hit and yell I’ll put in earplugs
But I’m going to push and I’m going to shove
Until you let me fall in love
Hidden Glace Mar 2018
How do you tell someone you like them?
(Not to add more confusion....)
But when you know them, and you see them happy
(I know, I know, don't steal their happiness)
But... You feel like they need to know, because it's not fair
(Polygamy at it's finest, it'd work if you work for it)
But that's not something anyone wants
(But i wish I could experience everything, with all of you)
'Sides... It's not like you can love more than one person like that.
(Especially when-)
Especially when...

One of them is your girlfriend
One of them has a girlfriend
I guess now is as good a time as any to mention that I'm bi-curious... There's this awesome guy I like (I think?) and I just want him to know how I feel...
Anyone got thoughts?
Donna Bella Nov 2017
Is it weird I thought the world was mines?
I said I was karma I controlled what happened to people who did my wrong and I made sure of that
The people I loved so dearly betrayed me so I gave them what they gave me, but instead of just a scar from the stab they gave me I gave them a jagger and twisted it inside them, I didn’t just give them a scar but I scarred their mind enternally I made their situation worst
But you know what’s wrong?
I’m not a god so do I regret what I’ve done
Yes at times but a lesson learned is better than doing it again
Vengeance WAS mines
Jamie Sep 2017
My heart is a powder keg
Rigged with so much tnt that I'm afraid
Each war beat might be my last
Because inside, my walls are cracking
On the stairwell to my brain there are cobwebs
Dusted with the dew of my despair
In the caverns and cellars of my heart
There are walls built so high and so strong that no one could ever hope to scale them
Behind those walls there are locks on every door, but the locks are rusted over now with the hatred that my last love has shown me and the walls have cracks in them and cobwebs hang from their corners
And the only thing they guard now is an empty room
As each breath rattles in my ribcage I am reminded of you, of the mortality we desperately cling to like the fabricated
Illusion of love
And as your touch drips from my fingertips and your name wails at my lips
I want you to know that it was you
It was always you
How am I supposed to move on
When every move I make moves me one more move closer to the edge
When every step, everything I see
The raindrops falling from the sky and the
Thunder howling in the clouds enacting the
rage I cannot allow myself to feel
The sunrise in the morning
The ******* buttons on my phone
And the ******* shirt on my back
Remind me of you
And I don't go around with a neon sign
Proclaiming warning labels
Like grocery store recipts
Keeping track of how many times
Ive been broken and repaired with tacky second rate stitches
and the stories of my past don't have a happily ever after
Learn me slowly
Be patient with my pages
And I'm trying not to write another ****** poem about heartbreak but clearly that's not working so well
Because lately that's all I can write about
And there's only about a million ways I can say
Corine Rose Sep 2017
You & I,
Awkward friends at first.
Looking back,
You & I have grown beautifully.
I am proud of you.
I miss you.

Mi chica, mi mejor amiga.
Todas de nuestras vidas,
Hemos separadas.

I am forever proud of you.
I forever miss you.
I see pictures, and you have not changed.
Mira a tu pelo, eso es la chica que yo sé.

My old friend,
I miss you; I'm so ******* proud of you.
Ójala que el amor entre nosotros no haya cambiado.
Mi angelita,
You have and continue to inspire me.
I am the only Spanish-speaker in my family. And she is the reason why I can speak this beautiful language.
Terry Collett Jul 2017
Ye best come in
Mrs Scot said
through gritted teeth
Hannah's gain tae
th' shop fur me
she added.

She closed the door
after me and nodded
with her head
for me to follow her.

Sit in thaur
an' dornt tooch anythin'
she said.

I sat down
and didn't
touch a thing.

The room
was junked up
with things.

A photo in a frame
on the mantel shelf
showed a man
in a kilt
and a Tam o' Shanter.

I assumed
it was her father
he looked out at me
and I could imagine him saying
whit ur ye daein' haur
ye Englander?

A fire blazed
in the fireplace.

The curtains were parted
on to a dull day.

Mrs Scot put her head
in the doorway.

Ah suppose
ye want a bevvy?
she said.

A tea please
I said
one sugar.

She looked at me
then went out
the door.

I felt chilled
and alone
like one left out
on a dark moor.
Terry Collett May 2017
I cycled to the farmhouse
where Milka lived.

After resting my cycle
by the fence
I walked
to the front door
and knocked.

Her mother
opened the door.

She smiled
and welcomed me in.

She said Milka
was in the bath
and offered me
a cup of tea.

I sat at the kitchen table
and watched
as she walked around
preparing the teapot
and arranging three cups
and saucers.

I studied her
the way she moved
her hips
and how warm
she seemed.

She turned
and asked me
how I was.

I said I was fine
taking in
her ample *******
and the colourful
apron she wore.

She turned again
and I breathed in the air
the smell of bread
and the logs burning
on the Aga
and her motherly
milky smell.

I wondered how long
Milka would be
and how she looked
in the bath
with nothing on
wishing I could go up
and wash her
back and front.

Her mother put
the cup and saucer
in front of me
and sat down opposite
and offered me biscuits
from an open tin.

I smiled at her
and she talked
about Milka
her eyes on me
large and liquidy
like small seas.

I pictured myself
a few weeks before
in front of Milka
on my knees.
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