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7d · 27
I can feel you going
But I had not silenced you
It was the demons that I kept roaring from ...
That's how I'd left it.
Even I cannot summon where was it to head
7d · 20
I'm nineteen
Till now,you're the only person,
The only one, I've been kind to whom
Although it's not the same everytime,I accept
But since you're so gentle
Against all the genteel
A prodigal fellow of emotions
And an epitome of acumen
At times ,I feel your grey matter performing
But then you show recovery
Your conscience be sheer and dilated than any's
In a male's body you're an angel struck
Who has bore everything as if of my luck
For every diagnosis that was done
I came up with none and you seemed to take my turns
Let's not be much tragic
As we've decided
7d · 176
Could cry
As used to
Vowing I shall wait forever
Ever and ever
That this pain burgeons
It emerges from behind
Reigning over the lights
I see a devil smirk, half illuminated and flushed with shadow for another the another side
I goad back at it
My anger witnesses no shriek
Who has laid me down
Teethering to a pedestal unknown
My pedestal on any butter slides
I, obstinate, pluck the prompts out
I'm standing even now
This time it's my feet and not your arms
7d · 21
When I was born
It is said that have jingled the most in father's lap in nights, swaddled
Only my mother could feed me the cerelac or else I'd spit
Then I was one ,two and three consecutively
At four,I remember my stubbornness for mother's cooked dishes to be as my tiffin
And scolding elders for not picking me up from school such that I had to return by the school bus
At five,I remember complaining for having being paid less attention to and  everything pivotal to my new born brother
At six,I remember feeling old and yet surging and crying to get back early to home from the school
At seven,I remember getting my brother's shoe laces tied by my class teacher's son on the parent's teacher meeting day
At eight,I remember my mother working hard to get me 97 straight A's
At nine,I remember being averted by the admired people and wondering if I could make through
At ten,I remember loving maths and my class teacher a casual lymph
At eleven,things were turned upside down I had to restart
At twelve,by the end of the territory I had already made the way from aversion to appreciation
At thirteen,I found my leader and my stories found a narrator in me ,I was applauded by the crowd for the first time
At fourteen, my distinction was appraised and embraced
That had my mother's pride inflate
At fifteen, I was embellished on the crowns and my lady rediscovered me
Amid it had happened a trauma that I had,initially, considered with hurray
At sixteen,things begin to slip but my faithful guardian held my back every now and then,my mother
At seventeen,she was behind me through thick and thins
At eighteen,she pulled me from shore to pinnacles ,from hither to thither and shown me a world to belong
At nineteen,here I am my mother's braced armor,a scabbard that she's prepared,alongside the several stories of my ultra smart brother who has taught me honesty at the bays.
Kind of ,
Deleting the posted poems
To maintain a pattern
'is it even like mine asthetic ?'
I have turned my back to you
Posting drafts
Dated :16/05/2029
Bohemian May 14
She could be more lost than anybody as though no akin
She could be more distorted than the moon's skin
She could be more sceptical than what eclipses bring
She could be more pessimistic than March equinox
She could be more cynical than the devils in abyss
She could be more sadistic than Harley Quinn
She could be more ghastly than decapitated heads
She could be more dead than a corpse itself  
But when she rose,
You know ?
She attributed him in nothing
His relics are buried
And I ?
I donot care with delight by my side
Apr 12 · 115
Bohemian Apr 12
My neck feels so anxious
The last time it had laid on a pillow
It felt an utter discomfort
Where on the bed should my hair be placed
For each strand has grown so tall with such a pace
My callus is so pale
Frozen are my palms
Lips fall dead dry ,no, I don't apply any flavoured balm
Eyes behold an anchor upon
I curl up under the sheets
But by the morning I'm fresh and flushed.
Apr 6 · 199
High Voltage
Bohemian Apr 6
You can delve it out,
Without sinking into it.
If it is to be said
It has to be said blatantly.
Mar 31 · 209
Step 1.
Bohemian Mar 31
Committing mistakes ,
Dwelling in it ,afterwards,
Accepting it.
There's a difference ,the expressions might not be too vivid to clarify, rather plain, but most of us have sensed it.
Bohemian Mar 25
Those two could never be made, walk apart
Her serene giggle doesn't elsewhere reside
His humour is just to decorate a crescent moon countenance around
Those two may brawl on days
Yet on others without each other cannot survive
If I believe in love,proclaimed
Watching them ,I feel this is how love's to be made famous to children's eyes
Mar 25 · 48
His vibes
Bohemian Mar 25
Somewhere in a casket,
Random in my ransacked room,never opened.

I have your silhouettes stored,
Those which I presume a man would never behold.

I imagine your shoulders broad,
Splendid as a bridge across my glee,over which my eyes could be driven.

While I could be soaked in your chest,
For you be so taller.

Your skin being tight and thick,
Such as it already feels to be bugging in.

Your kurta being loose weighed down,
Revealing the sweated collar bones,and much of the rest.

Your complexion could melt upon me,
Wallowing under the sheets.

Your caustics could potentially outshine mine,
Up to the brink, your douchebaggery could shine.

You may sing anything, Ghazals or even hums,
Your baritone could lull me to sleep,with the heft and flatness of it,with some added tunes.

Our towns could be kilometers apart,or the residents even for light years,
Might be the same for our creeds.

Your breath could be a bower,
To the desert of mine.

Your eyes being shrunk crescent moon,
With the lashes too dense,but sight like an arrow piercing.

Your poetry could define,
And for being poet from you I wouldn't envy.

Your resilience could be better than mine,
And your adamant nature,suffice to repeat an act a million times,to achieve the desired.

Unlike me an ergophile,
You could draw a better parallel line.

You were allowed to smoke,
For it, I have an affinity untold.

Your profession be any,
Your passion be vehement,I promise then, to find you in graphite and mullar and heard in Mozart's.

Your hands masculine,with the veins bulged,
And circlets and totem wrapped,red and orange around.

Skies be your preferred roof
Under the rainy sky,the sharing of petrichor shall feel sanctified.

Your gales be a crescendo
Of delight.

Your age could be more to mine,
But things could be divine.
| Preferred but do not care |
Mar 25 · 154
Bohemian Mar 25
With all the delights that this day has pumped in me,
I shall exhale,evaluating.
Nothing frights me though,
Yet at times my humility easily goes.

A fearless vagabond that I have turned into,
Even the merciless,to look into my eyes, does not dare.
I am in no haste,
Even my trots have the power to leap and make a thud such that everybody fall off their steps.

Your stares that I descry,
No more make a difference to me.
For I am immune and have no envy,fear,agitations,trepidations or gluttonous desires.
It is no shame,those sights be such a common thing and all the same.

I have no back story and none coming forth,shortly or in this life,
I don't hestitate to yell what many of you cannot spell.
For all the stabs faced,
Birthed a scabbard and a sword in one frame.

The truth could be my lingua franca,
Forlorn be the brethren of my creed.
Repressed and silenced are my alarms of seize fire over the border,
Mollifying and tranquilizing be a part of my duty.

To stand the repercussion of my sins counts in my atonement,
For it is never an evanesce,too late.
I fear no **** or purgatory,
For I have witnessed worse in some eyes.

Victimization is a poor retreat,
To harangue them and present self with an ode is no feat.
Patience is my dagger to time,
And threatening each other we walk rakishly hand in hand.

To trail back,
Is not for me that fatal.
I emancipate the baited,
And buster am I of existing parasites.

Liberty is my boundary,
I would dare not to annihilate a choice.
But I do not condone either,
For I hate to feel withered and there is no way I may let go.

I am relentless,
I would not mind if you address me as a bovine.
I am cathartic and hysterical,most of all a contributor here,
An energy straight from plasma,unsimplified.
Mar 21 · 176
Bohemian Mar 21
Was about to turn off the lights to cry.
Global warming has caused drought inside
One side of it,
That I can say wickedly,
I'm lovin' it
I'm livin' it !
Mar 21 · 169
Take an Escape Pod
Bohemian Mar 21
Run errand like you never have
You wouldn't be chased,I promise
But where would you escape to ?
It's just the time that may pace you.
A very common note.
Bohemian Mar 21
I could hate my acquaintance
And love the unacquainted
Isn't this idea too tainted ?
Mar 18 · 86
An Alchemy that Burns
Bohemian Mar 18
Her pixie dust that I envy
His hands were coated with it during daylights,erstwhile
Dust that turned red
Under the full moon nights
He might have undone her woven stitches
Loosen the twines and strands
One by one
With his learned needle-less hands
She seems to radiate the rainbows
That he steals and his face glows
We watch him baptized
In a cult under the shrine
While his shadow casts a merciless bovine
Enticed by the fragile
His facade thrives
Sinisters shriek
On one and another's atrocity
Eerie evaded by his enshrouded arms
Hugged in delight
Those violent eyes
Glimpse venereal walk,preying,on road side
In this city many have died.
|Suffering with feelings ,such is the helplessness at times.
I am afraid more than I envy her,I am frightened for her|
I wish not to discover her residual feelings unseen dumped into a pit,is your kindness just preying since the people adjacent to you seem to fade away gradually. :'(
Why deceive ?
Mar 13 · 234
Don't fall forward,sire.
Bohemian Mar 13
Ever,if we meet under the canopy of coincident
Your collars shall be on the verge
To be plucked out by me
With the 'good-girl nails' plunged into your flesh
I promise,
I'll get the red in you,out,oozed
Soon will turn you Sapphire blue
Neither your counters
Nor roughness would chase that of mine
Now then you shall be Kisna's pigment
I shall embellish a Peacock's feather on your unkempt hair design
Your hair that you've nurtured in masculine style
Torn apart and your face wet in wild wine splashed back to conscious mind
A smile for witnessing you mad at me
But anyway vengeance was mine.
Bohemian Mar 12
By the flank passing by,
I saw a clan,
With a master child,
He flew the kite higher and high,
Running errand,
With his head unpliant,
His nose at apex,
As if the zenith,
Egging were his pals.
He fell not,
Just was his kite that flew away.
I wonder how different are we,
We who don't stray,
And have no time,
I never learnt how to fly,
Or to give a kite one flight.
Based on certain days
Bohemian Mar 11
°                °       ☽     °   °              °
      °   °          °     

If you feel free
Being wicked even,that you've turned
The acceptance may begin to vindicate the sins.
Bohemian Mar 11
Boulder be the sights,revealing
How could thou conceal it with thy veil of words,sealing?
Mar 11 · 175
The submerging worlds II
Bohemian Mar 11
Amid that rain
Enchanting the moment are kept a pair of cup with tea
Alongside nice 'weather forecast' hailing
For it says not a prolonged raining
And you've plans for the evening
A novel by,maybe re-reading Pride and Prejudice
Read with a fragmented focus of your screening
Thought about it at night,part one,slightly lacked a few things.
Mar 10 · 239
The submerging worlds
Bohemian Mar 10
A hammock in your balcony hovering,
Windchimes tinkling
Rain outside
The word submerges there
Oblivious,you turn.
Well,a hammock is a swing for elders ;)
Bohemian Mar 9
They stare lewd at you as if you stand *****,
Yet with their words how restrained they are to be polite.
Mar 9 · 181
Check Mate
Bohemian Mar 9
In your own game
Up on your native stage
How about a contender,naive
Wins o'er you,
Mar 6 · 225
Bohemian Mar 6
The equation between us
If ever were coercioned to exist
It shall be shared with a binary operation
That says 'not equals to'
Mar 3 · 281
The born liar
Bohemian Mar 3
Amidst the market,
Shall I sell my lies ?
For it be seen expensive,
And afront stand many prodigals
Just as did I
Oh ,no!
I shall rather seek an online site !
Just as you ,
Maybe Facebook or any other for hi-byes
Satire on you. The same person who counts the beads of rossary for you shall pick at your minuses too
Mar 1 · 60
Bohemian Mar 1
What of the stories,what of you,what of the words or what of my dew
Lies and lies 
Strangled the fliers 
Witnessed it, he has admirers 
Sweetness and tartness ignored 
Mulberry swallowed but in the heart it sored
What would the 'dead lips' pen
When it had not the truth,son
Curses though slip off
Feelings be never any drawf 
For to hate 
Once there should have been love's bait tight
How dangling and dwindling 
No shore was he ever kindling 
Hours and hours 
It takes no par 
Touch not that knight 
He has swords defending with might 
How barren is he and
Knows not any scabbard
Those wands of enigma 
That suits not the noble hands off stigma
Suitors of temper 
Shooters of blood towels much damper 
Is it your blood ? 
Shut-up for god's sake 
Let's arrange him a slumber
Feb 28 · 222
Title ?
Bohemian Feb 28
Would now the grudge,
ever smudge ?
What kind of kohl has smeared the eyes ?
Blindfolded now,who once was wise.
Which of its version,
Is wiser in person ?
The world has you into dilution,
Or has eradicated the illusions ?
Why do you all look alike,pallor,
all deficiet in any valour?
Feb 27 · 76
No,right ?
Bohemian Feb 27
Just to look innocent would you sacrifice yourself in the hands of those minds malicious ?
Feb 27 · 168
Under your Roof
Bohemian Feb 27
Just to breathe your exhaled,
Makes me respirate with twice the pace .
Should I torch my lungs ?
In the offence of this illicit way .
To be under your roof ,
Supposed to have suffocated me !
Feb 26 · 96
Bohemian Feb 26
There's a little yearn and
To ramble upon those wet meadows
Breathe the mist in air,merged
With the leaves rustling on the trees about the edges
Where street lights stammer to lighten intercept
When from the neighbourhood visits the melody of someone's flute
Dwelled into the night
For awaken till this hour of it
Feb 24 · 221
Bohemian Feb 24
Under you pockets deep,
Has dwindled your wishes' screech.
Watch out,
Let me get you a mirth very meek.
Feb 21 · 343
PewDiePie !
Bohemian Feb 21
"My fellow bros ,my fellow brethren,my fellow comrade,
The time has come for us to fight back. No more will we become oppressed by main stream media,no more will I take this online abuse and hatred,no more will I say ,'I am sorry ,I messed up,okay ?' ,and you know why ? I'm number one ! I am number one !
No more lame boxing matches
I challenge t-series into a saber battle like real men,I'm throwing my glove at you t-series,fight me,IRL to the death. No more boxing glove and helmets,I am talking about to the death here."
"If they won't accept my sword challenge ..
Then the only thing we can do is :fight fire with fight."
"Smash subscribe ,smash subscribe"
"What we gonna do ?"
Smash subscribe
Given above are the subtitles from the video:
Feb 19 · 170
Are You Older to Me ?
Bohemian Feb 19
Eight steps away,he stood,
Amidst the smoke, he smoked.
His veins popped Green,
Over his wheat like skin.
I place the hand beneath my chin,
Metaphorizing his apparent age to mine.
Remember those delighted little girls,
Tossed,tickled and furled.
Their young adult neighbours,
Perquisitely whom the dolls favour.
The gaze that they give at them,
From beneath with heads up and a long stare...
Those cigarettes make me rhapsody
Feb 18 · 110
Fearing Freedom
Bohemian Feb 18
Before the day when my mind flickers
Before the night when fear grabs my wrist
Before the moment of emancipation

When I lose my sanity,
To the courageous fear beneath the beds of my heart.
When the flood comes in dark,
And the moon ditches without leaving a mark.
I sink and sink.

The way I feel possessed,
The way mad I am,
The way I know not about my constancy.

I know I shall stumble,
I know I may fall,
Amid this,
This which is no revelry.
Feb 18 · 157
22 August
Bohemian Feb 18
Nights when the Sun bereaves
The moon in between the graveyardshifts
He is boundless enlightening her
While her baits are never unleashed
Moon,"A Midas touch,
Burns who touches him as me.
He's the Anno Domini worshipped,
While I'm a mere eclipse.
Perennially furious,
I stare at him."
The moon hoards his strength and perquisites that she gives.
Bohemian Feb 17
The epicentre of my pain ,indeed
Lives kilometres apart ,in plains
While my energy does not coherent to his
He denies as well
I wonder if he needs much of it or lesser a bit
Do I love much fiercer
Forever he jilts
Until the day I would to him
For no more would I resonate
I promise still,
I am going to miss the bond ,saturated
Feb 17 · 288
The Personified Mornings
Bohemian Feb 17
Much than the stars infatuate at nights
Does her dark skin through the lattice of her top
We bereave the nights
Instead we sneak peak under the sun
There ,she achieves utmost pitch in giggles
I trail ,fall and then fail
Bohemian Feb 17
Caught your back
That is the only feature of you could I spec
So fixated were the steps
Such to mitigate out of the meandering voyage
Towards your path to trace you turned
Beyond my suspected alley
Intended to glimpse your face
I swirled ,shifted and turned
All astood for the whole while
Yet escaped you unaware
I,too,moved ahead jollily without doing you an unnecessary 'peak a boo'
Feb 15 · 348
The Unwell Weather
Bohemian Feb 15
Weather isn't too good today
Seems like heaven's in tears
Not because I'm broken
Or it broke along watching me
Once again another being would metaphorize it with her grief
Feb 15 · 128
Bohemian Feb 15
Dost thee care for it which belongest not to you ?
Dost thee care for them who walk on wreckage as thou didst?
Why are the words misconstrued?
Why is the truth hard to you?
Ever that thou sowest
When yieldest the possibility of lowest
Measure thine life's circumference
Since thou revolvest most near the dark
Often it be the most absorbed
How thou mess with a mere sector
Yet the most of it collapsest
Sweating in the smoke to keep going
It requirest lest of a hope
Thee who dost not hear the screams
Cannot hear the sayings
Those qualms pushing to help that which benefits us nothing
To care for those who're going through that which we once nagged about
Those push and pulls could be the way to acumen
Feb 14 · 253
The penultimate laughter
Bohemian Feb 14
Both of those two
That day brawled
Sworn about the tolls
We both shall be boys next life!"
For then they could combat
And he,finally could hit 'she'
Who then be he
Pleased ,said she: I shall reciprocate thee
Laughed at it
Both rolled giggling arms in arms
Or heads on the beseated knees
Feb 14 · 316
Short of Titles
Bohemian Feb 14
If a needle was to be put in my capillaries to forget you
I'd been a walking void.
If each time I thought about you could grow my hair by an inch,
I'd been the Tangle you read about.
If changing wrappers of my skin had not worked,
Could change my skin and bones.
If you were on the moon
I could study turning all upside down to be an astronaut.
Had my heart not recited your name,
My sleeves hadn't been upto this stretch.
If I could have a job of making you happy,
You would been immortal by now
If I were the Leonardo,
I had painted you smiling
Till eternity.
That went unseen ,yet prepared for your birthday ;just as silly as it sounds.
Feb 12 · 235
Pride and wounds
Bohemian Feb 12
Those chests inflated of pride
Sheer a bit more
A bit more as they conceive a wound more
to have another one
To the ranger within,just as an evil within
To each of us
Feb 10 · 265
Cloister Roamers
Bohemian Feb 10
'When nights shall be drunk
And souls be tumbling in revelry
When the comic of roles end
And cold shall be burning
I await to call the utmost illegitimate side of us
As my penchanted pleasure
For you be semisane
Caught half into adulthood and rest you know...
Neither you nor me or they
Be sceptical or carrying the peels of scruples
Bohemian Feb 9
Joy alike to mine residest in the wet smile of that granddad with
whose son every stranger wishest to play with and giggle with
Joy alike to mine residest in the eyes of that goon whom approached thee
with a wish of disappearing his misery
Joy alike to mine residest in those
those sculptures who were freed after the perennial to get broken
Joy alike to mine residest in those drizzles departest who from the cloud,their master for good
A joy,brought to me by thee,unrelatable and unreasonable,
when showest understanding and trust,
there assures though no tyrst,
something that blooms out of broken pieces,
drenched in love
ever and ever
Above all constancies,there's one common and constant to all that which gives happiness,
name it.
Feb 4 · 137
Five year realms
Bohemian Feb 4
Sometimes,she be the cruelest of the cruels,
such be the meadows of her moods by and by the seasons .
When by rain,she's the cornucopia of aromatic love ,the dew touches the hearts .
She forgets but I blame not since she forgets to forgive .
A widow, forever in white who married not ever even
Decades later she goes such
Similar and similar
Feb 2 · 706
Bohemian Feb 2
If my love is to be perverted
I would rather ****** you utmost to the brim
To seek your ***** emotions .
Inducing the tears
You held back for long .
Seldom is how you feel
Salvation be my love/ salvation goes unsure
You lend me it once .

— The End —