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Bohemian Feb 14
Both of those two
That day brawled
Sworn about the tolls
We both shall be boys next life!"
For then they could combat
And he,finally could hit 'she'
Who then be he
Pleased ,said she: I shall reciprocate thee
Laughed at it
Both rolled giggling arms in arms
Or heads on the beseated knees
Helena B Dec 2018
How do I convince you to love me?
I can make you tea and cookies
Or maybe mac and cheese
I can learn a song for you when you're feeling blue
I can kiss your neck and whisper why I want to be with you
I can wash your sheets and make your room neat
I can make your favorite snack
And if I do these things for you
Will you love me back?
K Balachandran Jul 2018
Lizard’s tail twitch,twist
Poor bug’s wings reciprocate;
The deal is done quick!
Ana Sophia Jul 2018
they say you should
stick around the ones
that care for you
and put you first,
but what if you don't have
any of those?
what if you love too deeply
but not a single soul
seems to feel the same about you?
amber Jul 2018
I rip myself apart,
piece by piece.
I place bits of my heart,
into your hands.

you step on me.
burying my body,
beneath soil.
no mercy,
in your eyes.

you were never aware,
of all that manifested,
beneath my shell,
deep within my heart.
so why would you mind,
tearing it apart?
Helena B May 2018
It's a beautiful thing
To fall in love with someone
And for them to reciprocate
This is all I want
Taiwo Olufemi Apr 2018
Show it to me I plead
Reciprocate is all I need
My Heart is as soft as silk
My Love is as true as truth
In adversity, it may tilt
But I assure you, it will never break
Even if it requires making a tryst
At the expense of the most fiddly feast
That's mine to me
What about yours to you
Your Love will make mine stronger
Your Heart will make mine softer
My Love alone is not enough
Your Love to me is all I want
Show it to me I plead
Reciprocate is all I need
lib Nov 2017
your eyes
focused on me
until i look back at you
you shyly turn away
and i’m left to wonder
whether i’m crazy
or you feel the same way
for the record, i’m probably crazy
J Valle Aug 2016
For those fortunate hearts
Who ignore the feeling
And for those unfortunate ones
Who impose the feeling
You'll know.

It is like forgetting the lyrics
Of your favourite song.
It is like having a cough
That just won't give up.
It is like every punch in the face
You've ever had and will ever have.
It is like forgetting something
Right when you were about to say it.
It is like not being to draw
What seemed perfectly in your mind.
It is like the feeling you get
When you are strucked by the wind.
It is like spilling something
In your favourite shirt.
It is like a deep ache
You can't locate.
It is like loosing the last piece
Of a 1000 pieces puzzle.
It feels like falling
From somewhere without a top and bottom.

If you love someone who won't love you back.
You'll know.
It feels like everything you can think of.
Except for being loved back.
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