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Izze Jan 2020

they blew in that wind and they were always my own special symphony, everchanging, reminding me that the world is never the same world twice and that beauty was always with me when i was with you.

the wind blows so cold now.

all i hear is a cacophony of sounds so ugly and melancholy that they sound like the way my heart broke when you called me that day. the chimes i hear now sound like when dad dropped mom's favorite glass and we spent the whole night looking for the glittery sharps on the kitchen floor.

you threw your watercolor into the fire, sure. but you threw me in there, too. you threw every memory we made , every song we sang, everything i ever made for you or gave to you or did for you in that fire.

and i hate you for it.
TS Nov 2019
The wind plays a symphony that only the silent can hear.
Close your eyes, put your mind at peace, and open you heart to the sound.
Let the breeze fill your lungs and lift you higher.
Hear the rustle of the leaves high above and the gusts whistling a tune.
Windchimes add percussion while the hum of the earth beneath your feet casts a steady beating of your heart.
Breathe in, breathe out becomes the harmony.
And the wind roars the melody.
You are the conductor, the one in control.
You guide the song through its journey and take a victorious bow.
And when you stand and look out again and wonder why it has to go,
Remember that there will always been another symphony storm

Bohemian Mar 2019
A hammock in your balcony hovering,
Windchimes tinkling
Rain outside
The word submerges there
Oblivious,you turn.
Well,a hammock is a swing for elders ;)
Eli Feb 2019
Wind chimes backward are like heaven in my
We cannot escape the past
So you and i will never last
"I love you" and lies were a blast
But even love, too, has it's final dance
ym ni nevaeh ekil era drawkcab semihc dniW
Death by Decoy Apr 2016
Gentle winds had blown
A wind chime tinkling a song
For ears that can hear
I once had a wind chime given to me by my grandma. I loved it so much.
RazanSidErani May 2015
If not now then when.
The agitation is clear as day.
I clear my throat and say,

"Someday on that special bright blue moon,
Someday when I'm done fooling around,
And finally fall for someone to swoon for"

"Once upon a time in oblivion,
From the blood rimmed wine glasses,
to the sounds of clinking in the air.
To the fireworks in my heart."
© RazanRinaldi

— The End —