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Bohemian Mar 9
In your own game
Up on your native stage
How about a contender,naive
Wins o'er you,
CL Fjell Jun 2018
Far over the bright waned moon
Beyond the stars of our galaxy
Outside space
Beyond time
Live the monsters that invade our dreams
Grotesque beings of ungodly creation
Who's eyes bulge with insight from the Beyond
And slender, porous bodies writher with anxiety
Whom loathe our feeble minds
Envious of our unknowing
They rip and tear at the fabric of time
With their clamp-like hands
Slowly, and with persistent vigor
Infringing on our sleepless minds
To drive us to the same insanity they endure
The Horrors from beyond Time
Fear-mongering ghouls of sweat-filled nights
One day will occupy us all
I'm noob ok
CL Fjell May 2018
Which-a way is the loo?
I can't seem to find my hand...
Oh! there it is, inside my shoe!
My head is all muddl'd, perhaps I should try to stand.

The room is a kaleidoscope-
Where did the floor run off to?
I'm standing on the ceiling, at least I hope.
My head is still muddl'd, perhaps I should try something new

Walk! I'll walk. Where...
Where to walk?.. Ahhh, I know.
The loo! No, I need another beer.
My head is ******* muddl'd, perhaps I should try not being so hollow

Now I stare at the ceiling,
World is spinning with eyes cross'd.
That beer has left a distasteful feeling
Of mistakes made with friends lost.

Blanket of worries
Stain'd with three bottles of memory
Means I can't forget all the stories;
I'm an *******, in summary.

I forgot about the loo, and I never got up.
There's only enough burning water to fill this cup.
The last glass, for I hate how I've watched my mind fall.
My head is tired and muddl'd, perhaps I will finally end it all.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Off to battle again.

Another day, another battle, another day to amuse one’s self.
Looking out into the shadowy forest, in search of an acquaintance.
Wolf howls signal the return of the Princes and all is well.
The war has been won and the undead soldiers have been demolished.

Moonlight hovers over the home of the Elves
And inside the forest I find myself,
Hunting the hunter; under darkened skies.
A wolf dives at me and I open fire.

The arrow strikes its head and it falls down dead in the snow.
Its companions will be here somewhere, so I will be ready to fire again.
An elf appears from the mist, so I lower my bow;
It’s good to see you again, old friend.

He tells me of a quest to the undead hordes lair
And after shopping for provisions,
We head off with our band of merry friends.
The healer is annoying, but he will be needed when we get there;
So we allow him his flaws and his errors are not mentioned.

Once more into the darkness; we head into war
And all around us, the skeletons fall.
We grow stronger with age, before, during and after.
At the end of the day, we are new to this no more.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I wish my bed led to yours
thru quilted catacombs.
Until I see you remove your drawers,
I will be the Eternal Noob.
But I do not have to see you in the nood
to be Eternally Yours.
Someday maybe                         |                gnitiaw fo derit worg ll'I
As I wonder about of you            |         ?yhw wonk t'nod i sselpleh oS
Hear my heart that say...          |                 ...enola lla ereh m'I taht
Of our sweet memories             |                 yawa spils tsuj ti tsaf oS
That is here to stay,                   |             ,emit ni eud nettogrof tuB
Of my love to you, Forever        |     og tel ot esoohc uoy evol ruo fo
It's been sitting in draft for years, so as the memories that comes with it.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)
Macktheknife Jun 2017
The person you have called is unable to answer at the- click
That was the third time have called him since 7:00.
I sit the phone down in spite-full elegancey.
Another weekend crucified in the name of romance, I had, despite a nervous feeling in my gut, decided to stay home.
you see he had said he would drop by my place and we would have dinner at 6 and from there we would paint the town,
so like any idiot worth his salt, I believe him and wait.
And wait. And wait. And wait.
8 o’clock roll’s around and i decide to call back, but just as I pick up the phone an image shoots into my brain.
An image of all the ways he’s choosing to ignore my call, my voice and my intimacy.
I decided that its best that I give up on calling him, after all I have enough dignity to know when to give up.
That prior nervous feeling in my gut soon begins to weigh me down, I take a ****, and climb down from my porcine thrown reborn.
some feed back would be nice ya know so i know im not shouting in an empty room
Despite all odds
even if your feet trembles
your hands shaking
your tummy aches

remember all you have to do
is believe and in yourself
and make it happen
cause you work hard for it
i am a beginner and i am very sorry if the grammar is wrong
NutellaRox May 2015
The mountain lies in front of us;
Beauitful and breathtaking,
I was hot, but i did not fuss,
And i was looking forward of when we would swim in the lake.

We start the climb,
I see a water bottle stand,
That costs a dime.
i go off the track to get the water, then i sit on the dry land.

We continue up the rocky trail.
I am more tired then ever,
so my legs start to fail.
But i will never stop, never;

As the view is exhilarating.
I see my  town from far away,
So breathtaking.
I then see a flock of blue jays.

After the hike, my desire for a nap is deep.
I sludge to my room.
I start to sleep.
as i nap, the experience of hiking looms.
This is my first poem. Please be nice <3
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