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Dakota May 26
Me looking at you, you looking back.
Almost like a reflection back as when you move I move too.
In the water or in the bathroom you follow me.

Calling me to you where I cannot go.
And you try to follow me yet you leave when I do.
    I come back, so do you.

Whatever can I do?
Are you looking at me or am I looking at you?
    Looking back I think I understand.

Your hand matches mine.
You are the most devine.
    Your eyes are mine.

You see me and I see you.
We wave at each other perfectly in harmony.
    Empty space surrounding.

In the dark of night, the light of day.
You look like me in every way.
Almost like you are me.
    That is impossible to be.

Am I you or am I me?
Looking at you catching up the slack.

    Me looking at you, you looking back.
One of my first works so be nice.
Mark Toney Jul 2020

         Where will you be
       twenty twenty
          I've got news for
       you aplenty

Leave me alone let
  me pilot my drone
                             let me fire my missiles
                                            in a no fly zone
        I don't need your permission
      to release ammunition
    You might as well leave if
   you're looking for contrition

Rifle Rifle—wait for it wait for it
   Trifle Trifle—everything's legit
      Eyeful Eyeful—never can forget
  Look out!  I strike without warning
Splash!  Try again tomorrow morning

         Liar Liar
       tongues on fire
         can't put out the
       forest fire

Leave me alone let
  me pilot my drone
                             let me drop my ordnance
                                            in a no fly zone
        I don't need your permission
      to release ammunition
    Get in my crosshairs
  You'll be headed to perdition

Rifle Rifle—wait for it wait for it
   Trifle Trifle—everything's legit
      Eyeful Eyeful—never can forget
  Look out!  I strike without warning
Splash!  Try again tomorrow morning

Leave me alone let
  me pilot my drone
                             let me fire my missiles
                                           in a no fly zone
       Here's the facts hard cold
     if I may be so bold
   if you really want to win
you'll have to wait till I get old

         One step forwards
       two steps backwards
         Once released you
       can't take back words

© 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
7/11/2020 - Poetry form: Rhyme - © 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
Bhawna Nov 2019
He says I should stop being kiddish...
What he doesn't know is
That I love this innocence of us

He says go for it ...
Either say or make him do it
N I m here waiting for exact time

He says u both r noob
Well he is right
Maybe that's what makes us stupid enough
to know each other

He says get mature
Take desicions
N I m just pondering
Not to get hurt
Thanks rags u always advice me good ...this one is for u geeky guy I know u ll find alot of mistakes in this too
Bohemian Mar 2019
In your own game
Up on your native stage
How about a contender,naive
Wins o'er you,
CL Fjell Jun 2018
Far over the bright waned moon
Beyond the stars of our galaxy
Outside space
Beyond time
Live the monsters that invade our dreams
Grotesque beings of ungodly creation
Who's eyes bulge with insight from the Beyond
And slender, porous bodies writher with anxiety
Whom loathe our feeble minds
Envious of our unknowing
They rip and tear at the fabric of time
With their clamp-like hands
Slowly, and with persistent vigor
Infringing on our sleepless minds
To drive us to the same insanity they endure
The Horrors from beyond Time
Fear-mongering ghouls of sweat-filled nights
One day will occupy us all
I'm noob ok
CL Fjell May 2018
Which-a way is the loo?
I can't seem to find my hand...
Oh! there it is, inside my shoe!
My head is all muddl'd, perhaps I should try to stand.

The room is a kaleidoscope-
Where did the floor run off to?
I'm standing on the ceiling, at least I hope.
My head is still muddl'd, perhaps I should try something new

Walk! I'll walk. Where...
Where to walk?.. Ahhh, I know.
The loo! No, I need another beer.
My head is ******* muddl'd, perhaps I should try not being so hollow

Now I stare at the ceiling,
World is spinning with eyes cross'd.
That beer has left a distasteful feeling
Of mistakes made with friends lost.

Blanket of worries
Stain'd with three bottles of memory
Means I can't forget all the stories;
I'm an *******, in summary.

I forgot about the loo, and I never got up.
There's only enough burning water to fill this cup.
The last glass, for I hate how I've watched my mind fall.
My head is tired and muddl'd, perhaps I will finally end it all.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Off to battle again.

Another day, another battle, another day to amuse one’s self.
Looking out into the shadowy forest, in search of an acquaintance.
Wolf howls signal the return of the Princes and all is well.
The war has been won and the undead soldiers have been demolished.

Moonlight hovers over the home of the Elves
And inside the forest I find myself,
Hunting the hunter; under darkened skies.
A wolf dives at me and I open fire.

The arrow strikes its head and it falls down dead in the snow.
Its companions will be here somewhere, so I will be ready to fire again.
An elf appears from the mist, so I lower my bow;
It’s good to see you again, old friend.

He tells me of a quest to the undead hordes lair
And after shopping for provisions,
We head off with our band of merry friends.
The healer is annoying, but he will be needed when we get there;
So we allow him his flaws and his errors are not mentioned.

Once more into the darkness; we head into war
And all around us, the skeletons fall.
We grow stronger with age, before, during and after.
At the end of the day, we are new to this no more.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I wish my bed led to yours
thru quilted catacombs.
Until I see you remove your drawers,
I will be the Eternal Noob.
But I do not have to see you in the nood
to be Eternally Yours.
Someday maybe                         |                gnitiaw fo derit worg ll'I
As I wonder about of you            |         ?yhw wonk t'nod i sselpleh oS
Hear my heart that say...          |                 ...enola lla ereh m'I taht
Of our sweet memories             |                 yawa spils tsuj ti tsaf oS
That is here to stay,                   |             ,emit ni eud nettogrof tuB
Of my love to you, Forever        |     og tel ot esoohc uoy evol ruo fo
It's been sitting in draft for years, so as the memories that comes with it.
(Origin date)
03/28/2011 8:15-AM

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)
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